March 03, 2011

Usher in Fire and Style: missricopenguin, n1mka4eva and Nojorama

In the world of Stardoll blogging, where everyone is obsessed with appearance and style, setting yourself apart from the rest seems like a real daunting task to do.

There are individuals however that shine through their own inherent beauty and manages to touch a lot of people effortlessly... just like our three new MDM writers.




Three distinct personalities. One common denominator.

They all have got STYLE. 

As part of the tradition, our three new family members have this challenge for our 7 remaining MDM's Next Top Blogger Finalists.

Interesting, huh? 

Goodluck to all the finalists!

To Kylie, Charlotte and Nojo... Welcome Home.


  1. Welcome!
    I look forward to your posts (:

  2. you keep adding more and more people, eventually this blog is just going to crumble into nothingness.

  3. Until that happens... the more the merrier! :P

    Good vibes! :)

  4. At last! Nojo! The pictures are beautiful. Who makes them?

  5. SWEET!!! I Love Charlotte and Nojo!!! Who is that other girl?

  6. Well done Nojo! I'm gonna congratulate your brains out on Skype you slag ;D

    As for the other two; SRSLY AND WHOTF?

    You're writers are great and make me laugh, think and sometimes even get a lil' emotional and then you go and hire these two? I mean I suppose I can give the penguin girl a chance but Charlotte? C'mon.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I love how you only hire Elites.

    I really am not happy with your writer choices :P

  9. I sincerely doubt Charlotte needs another platform to showcase her mental illness. Perez learned her lesson, soon you will too.

  10. Noelle you disgust me, Charlotte is mentally ill and you should leave her to rest and get better.

    You are a fucking knat.

  11. Thank you everybody!! I cannot wait to begin blogging again! :D

    Don't be hard on Noelle guy, I'm sure she didn't have Char on gunpoint and forced her to write for MDM. :L

  12. I'm not sure if Charlotte is still on with this whole thing. You should've waited to contact her until posting this, to be honest. I think she's moved on from this.

  13. As of the last time we've spoken, yes she still wants to write.

    Guys, get a grip. This is Stardoll.

  14. Ooh!
    I especially love Charlotte's graphic. She looks gorgeous.

    Great work again, Noelle!

  15. 3 writers! WOW! I hope they add more glamor to MDM. I look forward to your posts. :)

  16. You are taking advantage of Charlotte, Noelle. She is ill, even if she agreed to this she is honestly in no fit state and you should be ashamed.

    She is going to post, get hate and then get upset because of it and honestly people should blame you, you're giving her an outlet she just should not have right now, she needs professional help not a platform like this to fall from.

    If you cared about her metal health you would have asked her to contribute when is mentally stronger but you just do not seem to care about anything but making your blog a talking point. No matter who you hurt.

  17. @Anon: "She is going to post, get hate and then get upset because of it and honestly people should blame you, you're giving her an outlet she just should not have right now, she needs professional help not a platform like this to fall from." <-----------or it could be the other way around. Right?

    I didn't force her to do anything. Charlotte is not in a straight jacket and she wants to write and she wants to have some outlet.

    If there's people who would need to be ashamed of themselves, those are the ones who harshly tear people down through "anonymous comments" in blogs.

    Charlotte does know the circumstances of her actions... and will be actions for that matter.

    I don't judge (neither should you)... and i'm open for second chances. This is a virtual world. We can be anything we want to be in here.

    For better or worse... We just have to be responsible for it.

    I've asked Charlotte if she still wants to do it and she's still in 100%. I won't decide for herself.


  18. It should be the other way around? She needs a platform to fall from, not professional help? That makes no sense. I agree with Anonymous, I think you're exploiting her for shock value. You're giving her an outlet, sure, so she can perform like a dancing monkey, get a rise out of everyone, make a fool of herself, and ultimately do herself more emotional damage. It's irresponsible.

    People should embrace Anons and realize that they contribute to the conversation, and most of the time they're just saying what everyone else is thinking but won't say to your face.

  19. U take this things too seriously don't you? :)

  20. Says the girl that had a bitch fit over freeduck_'s little Lolita gag. Hell, says the girl who owns this blog, which is practically dedicated to taking things too seriously and having zero sense of humor about yourselves.

  21. Elizabitch just back off! This is Stardoll! You can march in every blog carrying rally boards but who cares about what you think? You're not a psychologist for fuck's sake to decide who's mentally incapable or otherwise.

    Yeah sure embrace the anon comments such as this but a lot of anon comments just makes Stardoll a shitty place to be in.

    Because people don't say shitty things.

  22. She just wrote her first post. Did the world end?

    Just have fun and read things for what they are.

    Do yourself a favor and enjoy life while you're young. :)

  23. Elizabitch. Your name says it all.

    Go out of your house. have fun. there are lighter things to life than bitching around Stardoll blogs about trivial things.


  24. The hypocrisy of anyone on this blog telling someone to "have fun and not take things so seriously" is so glaringly obvious it is shocking to me that you don't see it. Take a look at some of the things you've said and done and then reevaluate your stance. You're shattering the walls of your glass houses ladies.

  25. I am sorry Elizabitch but you are fucking dumb.

    What is your problem?

    The reason why you don't want Charlotte writing here is because she fuckin admitted that she's a nutcase on a blog for a virtual site.

    For all we know, one blogger might be a serial killer and blogging from prison cells but they wouldn't just admit it would they?

    Maybe you're one of them. who knows.

    So quit blabbering because we hate seeing your negative comments here and nobody's forcing you to read this blog. This isn't your fuckin homework kid.

  26. Nope not a serial killer blogging from a prison cell, I'm actually someone who has gone through what Charlotte is going through. So you can excuse me for taking things too seriously and actually having an honest opinion about all of this, but it's hard not to when you've been in her shoes.

  27. That does not give you the right to decide for her still.

    Have you seen the medical cerificates on Charlottes case?

    I guess not.

    So until then, settle down.

  28. I'm not trying to decide for anyone, I just have an opinion. I thought that's what the comments on a blog post were for.

  29. I have read your comments.

    You clearly said that Charlotte isn't fit to write. That isn't "stating your opinion".

    Btw, I am quite appalled to think that you were "disturbed" yourself, you're still saying these kinds of things to Charlotte and deciding she shouldn't write.

    Now that's MY opinion.

  30. People can become crazy but that shouldn't stop them from doing what they want to do.

    As Noelle mentioned, Charlotte already made her first post. and surprisingly, it's good and in fact, been getting a lot of reviews not only on this blog(excluding the haters such as yourself) but from all the other blogs as well.

  31. You're appalled that I was "disturbed"? That makes you sound really ignorant. And it is an opinion, obviously I can't decide for anyone, I have no control.

  32. Exactly. You have no control.

    So stop insulting and calling people names on here.

    Are you done?

  33. No, I'm not. If I think someone's being hypocritical or fake or irresponsible or whatever the case may be, I'm going to continue commenting and saying so. And there's nothing you can do about it.

  34. Bitch, if this is too painful for you, might as well leave.

    You can't change the world.

    or is this all a part of you being a nutcase?

  35. Be kind to yourself and spare your mind the agony.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?