March 06, 2011

Ask Dei III

Hey guys! Here is the third installment of Ask Dei! Hope you enjoy <3

1. hey dei i got fashion and boy roplme together i like this boy but i have to change my outfitso he could check me out

- To be honest, I don't really understand your question that much. But if you are asking about tips maybe? Then you should try something a little more fitted and flirty for yourself to wear, but not slutty!

2. Thanks once again, hmm, In my opinion Stardoll feels like a type of facebook, just with dolls instead of actual people, do you feel the same? 

- Yeah I see what you mean! I agree. We have photos, types of friends, popular and 'unknown' people. So I can where you get that idea! :D

3. Would you call people who are in the spotlight too much bitches, Sluts, Maybe attention seeking, Or it just happens to them? And who is your favourite famous elite? 

- Depends, like, most people who are popular now have in the past whored themselves out in a sense, but not that many are 'bitches' or 'sluts' to me. Only maybe about 20% of them are.  Favorite? Noelle_page :3


4. Hello, would you say all the 'elites' on sd really are beautiful, talented and popular people in real life? x 

- No. I highly doubt it. I don't believe that elite or popularity on Stardoll relates to the person in real life. For some, its probably true they have it all in real life and Stardoll life. But really, we are all regular people with different situations.

5. How can I become a famous model on stardoll?

- Give your doll some type of unique look mainly. And try at joining modeling agencies! And work on making poses and maybe joining modeling contests too, like Vanity Models, Mel's Models, Sparkling Models, etc. And if you would want help on a look and such, you can always come to me about it. :)


6. well..i'm most of the time stressed!(e.g the way i look,the school,the friends etc) How i can manage it? Its really difficult because i am not able to sleep or eat me! 

- Try making a diary or a journal, maybe a personal blog, since blogs pretty much were virtual diaries in the first place. Sometimes when you're stressed, it just means you are doing too much or that you are not allowing yourself to relax. So give yourself a nice quiet time sometimes. :)


7. Haii,well i'm a bit comfused...i'm a rocker and i have a rock-punk style in stardoll but i have friedns that they r not keen on this i tried to be different-normal style but then my rocker and punk friedns didn't like that style and i keep chang 

- Sorry your question was cut off, but I am guessing you are saying that you want to keep your friends? Well in my opinion, true friends don't care how you dress, it matters how you act. But if it is so important to you to keep both groups, try and merge the style of dress you like with a more 'normal' look.


8. Let's see if you can answer this one without tipping off Stardoll, I expect you can ol' wise one. Is Stardoll Royalty really worth getting frustrated about or are Stardoll just burning huge wholes in the little doll's pockets and getting more money? Evie. 

- Hell no. To be honest, before I had it, I wanted it so bad and was pissed I didn't have it. But when I 'got' it, I was like.. Really, you shouldn't care to have it or not, and its not hard at all either.. so its pretty much a pointless group of members in my opinion.


9. How do i get my blog well known when i am non SS?

- I don't think being Non-Superstar makes it harder unless you want to broadcast. But my thing is first makes sure its worth the read! Like I have said in previous answers, blogging is hard to get in now, so you need to make sure its something new or interesting. Other than that, try to get media sponsors or sister blogs?


10. I get memories from my old school where i ALWAYS got bullied! I can't get them out of my head! I've been dumb sometimes but i can't get rid of those memories! I've tried EVERYTHING? what would you do? 

- Maybe you can try to express the feelings and thoughts from then and wash them away. Maybe try to write down everything that was a bother for you, and burn it! (Safety first!) Or go somewhere peaceful and rip it up! And I suggest to just talk to a friend about it. See what they feel.


11. How can i be an Elite without being a famewhore? 

- Do something new and nothing to do with being a whore?


12. How can i get magazine jobs without being superstar? 

- I don't see why someone is so mean towards Non-Superstars to the point they won't hire them. So just look around for magazines and ask the owners are they hiring. :)


13. I want to be a writer for a blog but i don''t think i can ever win?! Can you give me a few tips? 

- Maybe you need to improve your writing. Try at making something you feel will catch peoples attention more.


14. What would you do to support a friend through depression and anorexia? 

- Just be there for them, tell them its okay, and maybe have more time hanging out and having fun! Maybe even a nice make-over! But it would help to not show them or prevent them from looking at clothes or women that are symbols of the prefect size, the media influence is a very strong negative one on people who are in the battle of their self-esteem.


15. My medoll is a sort of emo/goth style. It is also classy "at times".Do you think that I would be able to get into the modeling world? Doll-Tyty6789 ;) 

- Maybe, I will be honest with you, your me-doll's face is way too common, not really alluring. Maybe a few little changes would help that.


16. Do you think you create creative outfits? 

- I don't know, I guess?


17. Hi Dei , in school I feel hated.I'm not sure why I feel like that its almost just like the 'vibe' I get from people , people clap for others who nearly everyone likes but not for me.Im quiet , but I cant be myself in school.Any advice? -IrishLily09 

- I doubt you are 'hated' you maybe just are an outcast though. That is probably because of the shy factor you have. But that's okay. You shouldn't feel hated! But maybe try to socialize more, maybe ask people in your classes, 'How are you?' from time to time.

18. I have a friend who is seriously drepressed. And if i tell her parents or someone else, they will send her back to the mental hospital which didnt help. What should i do. 

- My guess is you should, with your friend, research the type of depression she has, maybe its not even depression! So its good to see what other specialists say/report. And then look up ways they say to help. 

19. I have a friend who is stalking me, and I can't get her to leave me alone. She flirts with my crush, and I'm her ONLY friend at school. How do I tell her I'm done with the friendship? 

- One day when you are alone, tell her to her face, I am done with this, just be clear and state you can't talk to her anymore. If she can't/won't leave, then either you try and work something out, or just ignore her! Sooner or later she'll get the memo.

20. Do you make graphics ?

- Yeah, but when I feel like it, and I don't think they look that good though. 

21. So I'm from Brazil and I have a strange middle name for people here in England ( My middle name is Jesus) People bully me a lot!!!I would like to know how i can like make my self better??? It's nothing religious its just....... "/ :( 

- Excuse my French, but.. fuck the haters! Screw them if they are so immature to pick on you because of your name! But my suggestion is to feel empowered by it, just act like, 'Yeah, I am Jesus, that means you must bow down!', or something weird like that. But really, just try to avoid the negativity. :)

Dei asks: What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? 

Well thats all for now! Love, Dei <3

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  1. You're good writer. You should write something more relavant and not juz talk about yourself.

  2. This is getting tiring. Post something else Dei

  3. omg soo boring

    Sorry! I have nothing against you Die, but I honestly don't know how you'd expect people to want to read this. Are you, like, a celebrity or something?

    This blog is so narcissistic, it can sometimes make me want to vomit.

  4. I do agree a little with the above comments, your answers kind of only benefit for those who asked them. If I sat and read through them all it would take me quite a while and I wouldn't feel like I got much out of it. Maybe it is a better idea to only post five answers, the most interesting or common ones. Still answer the other ones but do it somewhere else maybe. Just a suggestion :)


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