March 06, 2011

Stardoll, seriously?

As they have chosen to describe themselves, it is this:

"We are committed to Stardoll as an inspiring, safe and creative environment."


No. Really.

It's a joke right?

Well, because these last few months, what i have seen doesn't actually measure up to the "inspiring, safe and creative environment".

I have been religiously watching for any development on Jenna's (emorox4eva) case against Stardoll but it seems like Stardoll did not want to give in.

They have Jenna's hard earned cash anyway... and those are just virtual clothes. So why would they 'effin care?

Just to refresh your memories, Here are the clothes that got stolen from Jenna:


Just in case you didn't notice, all these clothes were sold within 24 hours, which as far as i know, is not possible.

Stardoll made sure that this isn't possible, remember?


...or did they?

As I was browsing through the comments on, i came across these anonymous "whistle-blower" comments.

Jenna was preyed on for giving back

Disgusting ingrates.

This made me want to throw up... more so than though, it scared me. 
Big time. 

I myself do hold competitions here on MDM. 

Will i eventually find myself in Jenna's place?

To the Stardoll Staff, i know you are making the rounds and reading user-created blogs such as this one as you've already taken enough graphic inspiration from MDM and decided to sell them in your own site...

What we're asking for are just the basic things that in the first place, as paying customers, you should have already given to us.

Just in case you still have no idea as your IQs are below sea level, it's called CUSTOMER SERVICE & PROTECTION

It's very obvious that your security system is fucked up enough for 13 year olds to hack through it.

Reality check: That's YOUR fault. NOT OURS.

Our Superstar memberships and Stardollar Top Ups had and have been feeding your employees and their families for years now. 

Maybe it's time for you guys to give us more importance and look at us as valued customers?

We know that Stardoll is about Fame, Fashion and Friends...

but whatever happened to Justice?


and oh.... sorry...

This wouldn't compensate either.




Since Stardoll doesn't have any sort of a solid security system in place, we might just have to protect our accounts ourselves.

Perez posted this on her site and I want to share this with all of you, especially to all the blog owners out there like ourselves.

*click image for larger view*

Some screenshots courtesy of,, and



  1. Hi Noelle.

    Firstly, I would like to say that I truly enjoyed reading this post!

    Secondly, if memory isn't rusty, Stardoll changed the StarBazaar feautures because of numerous users who complained about this 10 items/24 hr limit!

    Lots of love,

  2. This is ridiculous. I can't believe Stardoll is sitting back and letting this happen!

  3. Lisa!!! Can you now sell more than 10 items even if it's not from Stardesign?

  4. Stardoll stole your graphic designs too!

  5. Did Stardoll ask for your permission to use your graphics?

  6. Stardoll just keeps getting shitter and shitter and lacks in customer service for us dolls! :D

  7. You could attually sue stardoll for usin your graphics :)
    Here is more info on the stardoll spring pass:

    Stardoll is cheating us out of our money, we are cheating them out of their money as they are cheating us out of our money

    If we lose everything due to a hacker through a virus stardoll should give everything back if we have a reference code of some sort so then stardoll gets more money as we have a good usable account which we'll use more and spend more money on. I know if I lost my account I would just give up and not start from scratch again

  8. I also found it strange that they released the new facial features just after you released the enhanced portraits of your writers. I forgot to say it before and I think now's the perfect time to say that.

  9. I literally feel sick, and sorry for the poor people who are having to go through this.

    I'm just...
    And Stardoll is just sitting back, watching, letting it all happen?

  10. Gosh, Stardoll is turning into a ghetto..


  11. You better hide ya rares
    Hide ya RC
    And hide ya LE
    'Cause they hackin' errbody out there..

  12. Noelle, you have to be careful on the competitions you are doing. Do not click on anything, maybe ask them to upload pictures or something instead but never click on anything.

    This goes to everyone reading the blog too.

  13. Our Superstar memberships and Stardollar Top Ups had and have been feeding your employees and their families for years now.


    So true!

    $59 for a membership is not exactly cheap!

  14. I totally agree with Noelle, Zoe, Dei and Ysadora.

    Stardoll's changing...for bad. :(

  15. In support of Jenna and every member of Stardoll that has been unfairly hacked, Operation: Stardoll Fightback has been created.

    Members of Stardoll everywhere are sick of being ignored after handing over their hard earned money to Stardoll, so thats why we are here

    Please come support our new project, we are looking for people to write and graphics help.

  16. This post helps a lot.
    Stardoll should really do something about these hacking incidents.

  17. LMAO @ Dei!!!! :D:D

    I want to add a Safety Tips tab to PSG, you should too Noelle! I feel like most people aren't as careful as they could be. Jenna took every precaution and still fell victim, but so many others are just careless or too trusting. Stardoll's dropping the ball security-wise, us bloggers have to pick up their slack!

  18. Stardoll, get your shit together.


    Something else I don't understand; how come it's always Stardoll users who hack other Stardoll users. It makes sense, I guess.

    But there are always suspects.

    And because we have no one outside of Dollyworld to point fingers at, we turn within.

    OK, I'll face it. MizzMileyCyrus is in fact a doll that's here and now. as a hacker. The girl's confessed.

    By how come we always have to go all "Salem Witch Trials" about any random piece of gossip?

    I'm NOT saying hacking is a good thing. Quite the opposite. People should have some way to protect their accounts.

    Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She loved Stardoll more than anything else, and she joined the RP cliques. She loved RP-ing.

    But the time came when she grew bored and other fancies caught her attention.

    When she returned to Stardoll, she made another account, as her first was then inactivated.

    In this account, she got swept into the world of SD blogging.

    And she realized how very, very small the fraction of the Stardoll world that was RP-ing was in relationship to the blogging world.

    In the RP-ing world, she wasn't an elite. But she RP-ed well and often, and so, she wasn't a nobody.

    In this new world, she didn't even know where to start.

    I guess the moral of the story is that without bloggers, blogs would die. And without blogs, Stardoll would die.

    So dear Callie; cut the crap.

  19. Noelle, may I just say I completely fucking agree with you. Stardoll deleted my account because I "violated the terms of use". I asked them what I did and they NEVER responded. I'm leaving stardoll unless they give me what I've paid for. I mean fuck, you should get waht you pay for, and I'm NOT getting that . . .

    Patrick xoxo

  20. I've never been so disappointed with Stardoll in my life.. I want to cry or sink into some hole.

    I wish I never joined stardoll.

    What a disappointment this site has become..

  21. Whoa, I really enjoyed reading this post! I was actually sad that it ended :( xD

    On the other hand. You just have to suck it up and move on, Stardoll staff will NEVER do AAAAAANYthing about their security, they need their profit to keep their slow ass minds flowing with 'good' and 'Creative' ideas, and lets not forget, all the FREEE stuff, the campaigns, the I LOVE WHATEVERCOUNTRYINSPIREDBYSOMEDESIGNER day,spring pass, the sales, and lastly the 'I don't give a damn fuck about our paying customers day' wich is every day. Ok maybe we should not just suck it up and move on but the wildest fuck can we do to get them to listen to us?? go to Sweden and LA with GUNS? (Their offices) One thing I know for SURE is secure on the site is that when WE PAY gooooood money, the money goes to Stardoll. The ONLY thing SAFE and SECURE is their paying method. I am seriously disguusted by Stardoll.

  22. Noelle,

    I actually can. I am still having a 2-Stardoller-Sale and few days ago I sold 12 items during a day.

    Lots of love,

  23. Ohhh... that's probably why. A few days ago they lifted the restriction on posting comments as well.

    Stardoll's doing some trial and error on everything.

  24. @Perez: Great idea. I'll do just that. I'll look at what you'll come up with and take some things from there as well.

    I'll put on the code so all the other blog owners can just copy it and paste it on their similar tab... that is if they choose to put up one.

  25. It seems like we are on our own. So might as well make use of the "little community" we've built to protect one another.

  26. Interesting post, how can be pp like that...?

    Those kids don't have any kind of values or respect about other users, they don't care about stealing other's stuff... (stuff paid with REAL money). It's so disturbing... :S

    I'm so afraid about it.. good idea about using the virtual keylog! I'm going to use it since now!

  27. Great post!

    I think Stardoll should shape up. The thing about us feeding their employees is so true and what do we get?


  28. I have been visiting this blog for quite sometime now. I just followed though. :s

    You write really well. I agree with all your points. It is quite scary to think that we are on our own, but well, it is Stardoll's choice to have terrible customer service.

  29. Hello. The true is that I was hacked too.! My friend is hacked too. We should fight for this!

  30. Thanks Noelle for your support. I hadn't even seen those anon comments as I have been too disgusted to even get on for a few days. I figured that was how it happened. There really are some vile "kids" out here. They are thieves and should be locked up in juvi. I'm sure their parents are so proud.

  31. I can just imagine your pain Jenna. :(

    We're with you on this.

  32. well what more can a 12 year old girl on spring vacation be doing other than sitting in front of her computer screen. well anyways i have been hooked on MDM since forever. and i applied and all. i go on everyday. today i was surfing some older posts. this is weeks old but it caught my attention. i completely have to agree. before my birthday (2 1/2 months to be exact.) my mom bought me ss membership. first off i would like to point out: SS membership is pretty darn expensive. here is why.stardoll has thousands of paying members and good publicity so 7 (estimated) dollars from each of us is millions! we should pay 4 not more. also what are we paying for: getting our things stolen and being hacked. NO! there is much more to stardoll than fun and games. there is a really dark side that scares me.
    they call this website safe when in reality we get hacked and stolen from. little kids as young as 7 are hacking. here is a funny little detail: we all go on virtual strikes. log on very little. what do we get: limitations and no respect whatsoever. i know you all are thinking wow this little twelve year old keeps talking. think about it though. what will be left of our accounts is the hacking and bad safety on this site continues.

    sincerely, swimmingbabe19/Ana


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