March 20, 2011

Blogging tips!

I started blogging quite a few months ago and I had never ever poste
d on blogs before that. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas with everyone and I have come to quite like "blogging". I love seeing the arrivals of new blogs and people who want to share their ponderings too.

I am going to give a few quick tips on how to blog well- just for all you aspiring and rising bloggers out there! *Looks at Next top blogger contestants*

1. Make your voice heard: We are not robots, people make blogs and people write in them. We all have opinions and others want to know what they are. Make them clear and short!

2. Write less: This was one of the most difficult things I first came across when I started blogging, I always wrote way too much to take in. Keep your posts short and simple- although not too short! Give yourself a word limit, say maybe around three or four hundred words at maximum. People will not spend 15 minutes reading a blog post, they will get bored by then.

3. Be informal: This is probably the only time ever in "writing" that you can be informal, talk to your reader as if they are actually in front of you. Blogging is substantially different from writing an essay in english, there is no need to be so analytical or precise. However, avoid use text lingo to often and try not to use shortened word forms. Why? They annoy the hell out of me.

4. Display your info: Whether you choose to put your information in a numbered list like this or in bullet points, longer posts with more content in it should be displayed in a way which is easier on the eye than massive chunks of endless writing. Insert some subheading etc. This will make it easier for the reader to take in and understand.

5. Contextualise the post: You can add images to the post to give the reader something more visual, link like crazy- so other people can see where you got your sources from, include tags etc.

6. Have your own writing style: Try and write in the same style in each post you make, people who have read your previous posts will know what to expect. You should stick to the style if you are comfortable with it and of course if the readers like it.

7. Always edit: I always find myself constantly editing my posts again and again. Be sure to always scan your writing before hitting the publish button. And if you find any error, make sure to correct them. I am always picking up on my typos and punctuation all the time, I just type really fast!

And of course, enjoy what you are doing! Good luck to all of you.


  1. Wow thanks hun!!! The tips werer lovely :).

  2. Really helpful tips thank you.

    I type fast to, so sorry when I make mistakes on stardoll messages, I will be sure to listen to your rules for blogging thank you again...

  3. I know what you mean about YOUR typos I face them every-time we talk on Skype. xD

  4. Fantastic tips and I will be sure to use 'em!

  5. Thanks everyone. Haha Nojo, I know, my typos are crazy, but they make me XD.

  6. I thought you're gonna leave? Just for publicity?


  8. Hey you FUCK HEADS heres my gift to Jenna!

  9. Yeah, weren't you leaving?

  10. Yoursuch a spoiled famewhore brat
    Your pathetic!

  11. @ Anom above me

    Leave her alone!
    I know how it feels to be called a famewore brat ect it's not nice -.-

  12. hi!I love tihs is fantastic!!!=)

  13. Thanks for the tips, they wre really useful and I am going to use them :).


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