March 19, 2011

Medoll Inspiration

Ugh! School takes all of my time to think and create a post. Good thing I'm a part of MDM where I can write all that I want without even thinking :P

Lately, I've been obsessed with vintage Barbie dolls.

I just love her history, quality and how she reminds me of my childhood.
Barbie became my fashion icon. With her being a doctor, nurse, teacher, model etc. she teaches me how to dream.

however the new Barbie dolls are kinda slutty.... and I hate them.

Anyway, I took the first ever Barbie as an inspiration for my medoll:


(I know some of you may think it's creepy, but I love my new look!)
How about you,
Is your Medoll inspired by something or someone?
tell me in comments and I might create a new post about you.

I'm a Barbie girl


  1. What happened to Barbie?
    If I still like barbie my mum would go mad if I wanted one as they are so slutty now and I'm 13!
    Barbie is based for 3-9 year olds, what happened?

  2. @Kylie I love her too!
    @Coolgirl185 IDK maybe Barbie had been influenced by strippers :(
    I want the old barbie back the ones with floor length, super thick blond hair...

  3. I remember all the barbies and I had they were so much nicer than the new ones, with their big gowns and wavy hair.

    My medoll is just inspired by boho and casual looks really nothing special

  4. @evermore I agree! The old ones are better than the new ones. Their big gowns are amazing!

    Your medoll sounds cool :D

  5. I get my inspiration from 1990's and 2000's. I love those years and I think that they are normal, not like the bitchy/futuristic/weird styles those days.
    I still have Barbie dolls, although I am 13 years old. What can I do? I like them.
    A few days ago I played on (to remind myself of the old days) and I took a test "Vintage Barbie" or something like that and I remembered of the old yet classy Barbies. I love them.

  6. @Nextpingugirl I also love the 90's :D
    I'm 15 and I love barbies too, especially the classy old ones..... they're like the old rare clothes in stardoll :P

  7. Im 20 and i still have my Barbies. =]

    They all live in a big wooden box.. with the clothes and other bits and bobs.
    Most of them aren't that old..because I use to give them drastic hair cuts and then they would have accidents.
    I remember my mum making me throw out one that had her legs cut half off, one hand cut off and her mouth was cut open.. {She was an evil one}

    The Barbie's of today scare me..There are the ones you can buy different heads for, its creepy.

  8. Btw You medoll is really creepy up close but I just checked it out in your suite and its not that bad =]
    It kinda looks like a old fashioned Barbie.

  9. @Moonlight I want to check out all of your barbies in the wooden box... :)

    I also think my medoll looks creepy up close but it's different on my suite :D
    I'm glad someone noticed that too

  10. I am 15 and i stil have all my barbie dolls, they live in a sleepin beauty suitcase... oh i remember i hads so much fun, and as I live in Georgia Barbie was really expensive here so my mum used to buy me barbies every time she went abroad. And then there was this Barbie magazine and I was so happy when one of my barbies was in it... oh i remember those days so well. My cousins and i used to have fairies mermaids or just families ohh... good ol' times. NOwadays teens play computer

  11. @Mako Awwww, I love your story and I also love Sleeping Beauty :D

    We also have a barbie magazine in our country and it's cool.

    You're right: Teens nowadays play computers

  12. I have about 50 barbies and they are all in a box. Even though I'm older now I still play with them with my sister. Sometimes you like to go back to when you were a child. I don't like the barbies that are sold nowadays. They all look the same to me and they always have those ugly slutty clothes.

  13. @Bonjour
    Wow! I want to have 50 barbies and be able to keep them in the box. Once I get one barbie, I always take em away from the box as soon as I get home XD.....

    I also hate the new slutty barbies...

  14. I love Barbie!I still have them,but now my sister (4 years old)is playing with some of them.Sometimes I just play with them.I miss them xD

  15. I'm 14 now and miss my Barbies.

    I used to have quite a few Barbie Dolls, my Mom gave them away to a Children's Home. I was so upset! It's ok with me now, it's not like I'm going to use them and I know someone else is happy now.

    I would still like one of them back, for memories sake. :)


  16. I think she's great! I collect 16 and sew for 16 inch fashion dolls like Moxie Teen or Liv and a doll called Delilah Noir. I know what you mean about the new Barbie. Her outfits are usually either slutty or pepto bismal pink. The old Barbies are very cool.

  17. Of course it is. :) By the one and only- Kurt Cobain. But I try to make my medoll look, let's call it different. 70s,80s,90s everything can be pulled off.

  18. @Liza I know how that feels. My little nephew plays with all my Barbie dolls XD
    @SugarShoez I hope you recall all your barbie memories :) they're precious.
    @GoldenHeart Thanks, I love sewing doll clothes too. I also wanna learn how to reroot a doll's hair :P

  19. Hmm, I used to have those old barbies from the nineties, my mum had bought me them when we came from Cuba to America, they were cute little barbie dolls with the pretty long hair.

    But, I was into cutting their hair into buzzcuts, and biting their arms off, by the way it seemed like a good way to meditate anger...

    Hmm, my medoll right now? It is inspried by famous Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki. Sure, she might not be the best singer, but, she is an all around idol!!

  20. I used to collect Barbie dolls , but those times they were like princesses and they were so sweet, i loved them. x3

    My doll right now is like a pink geisha, as a tribute for Japan.

  21. I used to love barbie, But now she's just another doll that looks like a slut. The old ones were wayy better!!

  22. My first doll wasn't a barbie, but one of those old fashion porcelain dolls. I couldn't play with them much. Even though I'm older. I want to start a barbie collection, especially the dolls of world series. I only have one. You'll be amazed of how many barbie dolls there are now and how different they look. The barbie site also has a collection site.

    If you like more ethnic dolls and vintage, current ones check out, and,
    It's more for the serious collector.


  23. Barbie is based off of a german "sex" toy. Google it.

  24. Barbie for a dildo? That's sick. LOLZ!

  25. No offense to anyone's opinion, but I just LOVE the modern dolls as much as the elegant traditional ones. The fishnets are so cute! But I love the gowns the traditional ones wear


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