March 31, 2011

illegal IMMIGRATION in Stardoll?

As defined in the Urban Dictionary:

3:28 PM, Manila time.

It's f*cked up at work today. Again.

Time to make a French Exit unto my virtual world to recharge (nah, this is just a lame excuse for myself to go on Stardoll).

As soon as i hit the Log in button... I'm instantly sucked out into my virtual world. Aaahhh... the magic of the world wide web. :) In just a few seconds, the cover page loaded with the usual stuff.

National Covergirl. 
I thought i saw Isabella (aka IsaMIA) as the National Covergirl for our country a couple of days back so i decided to click on it to make sure when exactly, or if she indeed was.

I was dumbfounded with what i saw.

The last time i checked, the Philippine Flag looks like this:

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I'm sure you would once you see this:

I've heard that you can change your flag to a country with the least number of Stardoll users to get that coveted NCG trophy... BUT WHY WOULD YOU 'EFFIN ACTUALLY DO IT???

How can you bask in fake glory and hold something you know you don't deserve in your hand for everyone to see?

As i pay homage to my country and to my country's flag, I wonder if these virtual illegal immigrants will join me in doing so.

I'm sure they won't.


  1. Wow this is best post ever! I can't believe they would steal that title from people actually from that country it's just mean!

  2. I know of someone who had her country set as Antarctica and she won National Covergirl.

  3. I am very annoyied from this kind of girls, as I am from 'Libya' so many people change their flag to win it .
    No offense but even xxLovexx does that .

  4. I wrote about this on a blog a while back too! I am glad someone else feels the same. My friend Bel from Uruguay stands up for it alot to.

    It is unfair and cruel to those from their own countries. It robs them of a right to win and maybe if they are from Africa or so they don't have rich parents to spend money and so they can not broadcast =[

    It isn't a real win, its like cheating ....

  5. I always say that when friends change their countries for NCG.
    On my thirteenth birthday, I won national CG for my OWN country, England, and it was the best feeling ever because I didn't cheat. Those people actually though I deserved it.
    It's ridiculous and sad, pretending to be something your not for a pixelized trophy.

  6. It isn't entirely their fault that Stardoll is so fucked up to figure out that sooner or later this little brats will find a wait to cheat.

  7. I have never cheated and I'm glad! I have won NCG three times for my country, Norway, I'm proud to say! :D Random fact, I was my country's first ever NCG :D

  8. I'm actually loving how random your posts are. Great job!

  9. I've actually always wanted to try it, just for shits and giggles.

  10. @Mia - Then you are a sick cunt

  11. @xxlovexx - Fuck you too. You realized what you did was wrong after you have already won the NCG trophy.

  12. Ive never tried to win NCG but if I wanted to it would be very simple as Im from New Zealand . But I find it very annoying when New Zealand's NCG's are from bigger countries . It's almost offensive .

  13. I think basing eligibility to win NCG solely on the falg displayed on our profiles is so lame of Stardoll.

    They should have invested more of our hard earned money on filtering candidates for NCG through IP addresses.

  14. Those girls are so funny. They are all cheaters!

  15. I like this post, I totally understand you.

    It's easier to be NCG for a country with a smaller population than it might be for your own. But if I were to run for NCG I would keep my flag as it is, for the UK because it's silly to change it... I am proud of where I come from and I don't want to pretend to come from anywhere else, just for the sake of being NCG.

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  17. I AGREE
    there's nothing good about cheating.
    Participating for your
    own country is one thing but
    cheating is another

  18. and I thought only Mexicans illegally cross borders. ROFL!

  19. I agree put it isn't only in Philipines in Uruguay happens too and in more other countries. Stardoll is going to change the mode for select them.

  20. I am from Usa & it's really hard to win Cg or even Ncg because Usa is one of the biggest countries. I have won Ncg of Portugal & I'm not ashamed of it. Whatever way people want to win a contest, let them. It's not exactly cheating because you change the country.


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