March 31, 2011

Top Blogger Mail!

Hey MDM followers!

This week, we get on with the quest to find that one person who will be able to fill in the spot and bear with the pressure of being the first ever MDM's Next Top Blogger.

The next top blogger challenge has been one of the most controversial topics in the history of Stardoll. So many opinions have already been given, a lot of inputs have already been heard... except for those of our top 5 finalists

Taking Kylie's article, Superstar, Is It Necessary? as an inspiration, here's their chance to give their take on this subject:

Have your posts ready for criticisms on 
by Monday, April 4, 2011 (a day after Noelle Page's birthday!) *wink* know the drill.


PRIZES: 1.) TITLE OF MDM'S NEXT TOP BLOGGER 2.) 14 MONTHS SUPERSTAR CODE (inclusive of 200 Stardollars weekly allowance coming to a total of 2,800 Stardollars 3.) 1000 Stardollars Cash 4.) Permanent Writer Position at Stardoll's first ever Lifestyle Blog,

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