March 14, 2011

It's Now or Never

Sometimes in life, we take so many things for granted.

Oftentimes, the things we take for granted in favor of trivial wants are the ones that are the most important.

What happened to Japan should be an eye-opener. 
A catalyst for a lot of people to change their ways... their points of view.

When would we realize that most of the things we always needed are already in front of us all this time?

When would we realize that wishing for the whole world does not make any sense unless we have something... or someone to live it for?

Do we realize these things when it's already too late?

For most of us, those that still have the gift of chance...

Hug your parents.

Make up for those times when you've chosen to spend the night partying at your friend's house rather than spend time over dinner with them.

Say "I love you" to them while they can still hear it. While you still can.

Appreciate the simple laughs you have with real friends.

See beyond the superficial and appreciate people for the way they are. 

It doesn't matter if you are hanging out with the coolest group of people in school or if you are on the VIP list of the most happening bars in town. If we genuinely share a moment in our life with another human being, that moment in itself is priceless.

Treasure that moment and look back on it with a smile on your face.

Love your life.

Embrace it fully and passionately.
It is a privilege to be able to wake up everyday and discover the beauty of being able to cry and laugh, to think and reason, to love and to be loved.

To breathe.

We are lucky. Let's not waste that time and carry that what if in our hearts.

It's now or never.



  1. You're so right Noelle... I'm just crying right now reading those beautiful sentences, I love MDM, you're so talented everyone of you.

    Thanks for this Amazing post Noelle, it's simply intelligent and magnificent.

  2. Beautifully expressed words Noelle (:

    I think that this disaster opened up a lot of people's eyes... Including mine.

    God bless you and all people in Japan. :)

  3. Noelle.

    You are wonderful! I now understand that even thought I get bullied in my life, At least I have a life!

    Those people who died are no longer alive. It is a terrible thing that has happened and Noelle, you opened up my eyes to see that I am very lucky. Some children don't even have parents!

    When my mom won't buy me something, should I get mad? No. Because some people can't even afford to feed their families! I should be happy that my family has, let's call it above average money.

    Noelle you are wonderful.

    Northgirl89 on Stardoll

  4. I don`t know why,but I am crying now..
    this is an amazing post

  5. LadyGaGaMcQueen you knock me sick, you are nothing but an ass kisser.

  6. Hey Noelle,
    This post is such an eye opener. The intelligence of how each and every sentence is described and written with genuine kindness.
    I have to say, you are so right. This post is beyond beautiful and I hope that each and every person will get a chance to read something as beautiful as this.
    The message needs to be spread, it's reality and not many people know it.
    What happened in Japan should not only be an eye opener but it should stop people being so superficial.
    The girl in your maths class has an iphone, a friend on Stardoll is Superstar and your not, the most popular girl in your year gets everything she wants, so what?! Monday can't buy you happiness, money can only buy material things. In reality, we don't need any material things, it's the emotive things we need.
    Thank you so much for posting this Noelle!
    Natalie x :)
    Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

  7. This post just made me cry.

  8. That made me fucking cry Noelle. I love you! :).

    You say things from the heart and I hope that you are okay. xoxo

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  10. Everything you said is amazing and true.

    Every day we complain about stupid little things when people around the globe (and maybe even out on your street) are homeless and lost family and friends.

    When you complain about your pants because they are ugly think for a bit. There are thousands of kids who are subjected to working in factories and making pants like yours,working 24/7 and being treated like slaves for less than nothing.


  11. I feel so ready to get out there now and I can't sit still. I have to go to bed but tomorrow I will give it my best shot to begin appreciating everything in life. Thank you Noelle

  12. Such a simple post. Such a powerful message. You are one of the best writers Stardoll has ever known, Noelle. Your thoughts are beyond your years. Beyond Stardoll. This post has touched me and I am sure it will thousands of other people. Thank you.

  13. Wow Noelle, all of your posts are so true and beautiful in every way. You know how to make things sound so gorgeous to make a reader like me, cry. I agree. I have to admit, I take most things for granted and I never really care what's going on in the real world. Well not that much anyway. But that post made me feel how lucky I was to live the life I'm living now. Thank you Noelle you are beautiful :)

  14. Excellent post Noelle. Very well written and touches the inner heart. Thank you for expressing it so well!

  15. Well written post, Noelle.

    I don't actually need to be reminded, because my house burned to the ground a few years back.

    That sure taught me what is and is not so important in life.

    Great post. I'm glad it has touched so many people. Thanks.

  16. Love it babe. Your post brought tears to my eyes.

  17. Beautiful words. You are so wise. Those words are so true I just cried.

  18. The little bit about hugging your parents, priceless. That struck a cord in me.

    Thank you so much. Your writing is such a gift not only to yourself but to us as well.

    Thank you Noelle


  19. OMG.... :( This really made me cry.

  20. I can't help but read this post over and over again...


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