March 14, 2011

Linda: "Elites Are Boring as F*ck"

Hey there little gossipers of dollywood,
I know you're sad since there hasn't been any gossips lately, but i'm here to bring you one.

Linda or elite-girl, best known for being the owner of Stardoll's King of Media, is arguing with Tyler.
According to the post by Linda, Tyler fired her friend from Tyler's Top Models and Him together with Charlotte is backstabbing her and calling her a famewhore.

The truth is I don't really care about their problems and that we shouldn't talk about it.

But on the comments section of the post, there is something worth talking.... i mean typing XD
Just read these print screens of comments.

Oh no....
She did not just said that!

According to Linda:

WTF? Girl, There's no need to call all the elites boring and I honestly don't think you are better than them.
I want the gossipers' opinion about this one.
Do you think elite-girl/Linda is the only interesting person in Stardoll?

Talk to me


  1. I like how you posted the comment that Tyler clearly stated wasn't his.

  2. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Monday, March 14, 2011 1:10:00 PM

    God damned bitchy octopuses!

  3. I dont find any elites interesting period.

  4. n1mka4eva is so two faced, she talks about everyone behind their backs.

  5. Damn those boring elites! :D

    But I don't think TyTy is boring :(

  6. Never heard of this Linda person. WTF decides what is or is not an elite anyway? Such drivel.

  7. Hm its bad they are fighting, It was tylers blog and his decicion who he fired but if he was spreading gossip thats not very mind...

  8. She is just saying what she thinks and I for one, am with her on this one!

    She isn't the only 'exciting' elite, but she also has been getting a lot of elites and backstabber's throughout her stardoll experience, so no wonder she is pissed at some shitheads on SD.

    PS: Everything posted about Tyler supposing it's him, always turns out not be him? He always denies things that doesn't make him look or seem better? :/ Something fishy about that to me to be honest.

  9. There not boring but I don't like them their all attention seekers who come and please on stardoll.

  10. If she finds Elites fucking boring, why the hell does she want to be one?

    Her Stardoll name is Elite-girl for fuck's sake. Hypocrite much?

  11. Just saying...

    If she thinks elites are boring, then how come her username is elite-girl?

    And how come her modeling agency or whatever is called "Elite"Models.

    Quote: "Elites are boring..."

    So your models are boring, and so are you, little miss "elite-girl"!

    Oh, wait...

    You're the only interesting one.


  12. She's one of the most stupid famewhores I have ever seen on this site.

  13. There are some posts that I truly enjoy reading and some that feel like a total waste of my time. These people fall into the second catagory. "Get a life people"!


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