March 31, 2011

Leaving Party!

As you may know I am leaving Stardoll. Some of you have challenged me by asking if this was an act of "publicity" to gain fame and calling me a "famewhore"; and as I sat laughing at some of your comments and accusations, the truth could not be any different. I am not leaving and coming back the day after to gain virtual fame.


Is that even a real thing?!

Oh puh-lease. Virtual fame is no fame. It confuses me greatly why many of you are looking for such a thing.

"Oh look, I am famous because I am well-known of a shitty doll website!"

Through the exterior of the at first welcoming appearance of Stardoll, it is soon obvious that everything is not what it seems, the malicious people you mstumble across, the fakes and the "famewhores". There is more to life than crying behind a screen.

And there is so much more to life than trying to achieve "virtual fame". The reasons me leaving Stardoll is that I have quite frankly got bored of it. Stardoll has outgrown me, the immaturity of many young girls compels me. The hackings and threats. The fake friends....need I say more?

I need more time to focus on my studies, they are very important to me, I want to keep going in the direction that I am currently in, with Stardoll no longer bothering me, I have no excuses.

Stardoll is not all "evil". I have met a few great people who have been amazing friends to me and kept me going. I want to thank Noelle and Isabella for letting write for such a fabulous blog! Noelle you have always been there for me, guiding me through Stardoll, thank you. Even though Stardoll may not mean much to me anymore, the people I have met here always will.

      • Zoe for being an absolute dear (coconut head)

      • Chad for constantly making me laugh!

      • Lolita for keeping me company and cheering me up.

      • Maggie for your great friendship we shared.

      • Charlotte for keeping me company and being able to see the truth.

      • Nojo...well for being Nojmul Alfred-Darnley

      • Selena for constantly pestering ( joking haha!) me.

      • Khadijah for sharing your beautiful personality with me and being my best friend here.

      And a special thanks to Kasia to help me open my eyes. You are all amazing, and thank you to everyone who stood by me all these years. You know who you are.

      After announcing my departure from Stardoll quite some time, one of my friends here suggested to host a virtual funeral...

      Here it is!

      I think I shall rephrase it. It is now a leaving party- more optimistic than before!

      The invite is above; this was made by the fabulous and hugely talented graphics designer Eliza- a.ka. Wooldoor. The event will be this Saturday. I have tried to make the time convenient for most people, time zones can be such a bother!

      I will post the link just before the party is about to start. Initially the leaving party was only going to be for close friends but I have decided that everyone should be welcome: those who know me and those who never got to know...feel free to come along! Oh and, there might even be a best dressed list :).


      1. ;(

        I'll miss you.
        You know I love you too much :/

      2. Ly forever muffin face :)


        Going to miss you so much! How about you just stay, hm? :(


      3. I totally understand you, and I don't think you're a famewhore, I totally agree with you. I'm gonna go (:

      4. I will be going and I really will miss you so much Jenny.

        Love you lots x

      5. It's so hard to see you go =,[ I will miss you soo soo soooooooooooo MUCH!!!

      6. I never knew you... But I guess it is always said to see a fellow Stardollian leave... Good luck with your studies and life!

        Just behave, kid ;) (Joke Joke)

      7. Ohh.
        Aw :(

        I'll miss you too!
        I'll miss your posts.But if that's what you want and what you decided,then do it!

      8. Aww good luck Jeny and have a bright future.

      9. I will miss you so much on SD, I'm just so glad we can talk other places <3 I will always be pestering you xD

        I love you Jen Jen

      10. Oh, that's why you're leaving? I thought it was because everyone figured out you were Soulless Entity. But it's school and life and blahdy blah blah, okay. Cool. So long!

      11. @Elizabitch: or that because she got fired over at PSG... as Soulless Entity. LMAO!


      Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?