March 11, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: 5th Elimination and Raffle

And so we are down to just 6 finalists.

After a few days we will be able to determine our TOP 5.

The challenges will be getting tougher and more exciting as a few surpirse (and unexpected) guests will drop by to pay our lovely finalists a visit.
So you all have to watch out for that!

Again, here's the challenge that was inspired by n1mka4eva, missricopenguin & nojorama

Here are the thoughts of our finalists:

"I know all of us told a lie. Whether is was a HUGE lie, or a SMALL lie, we all told one in our life times. Are we angels or bitches? Probably in between. We sometimes hide our reality life from our stardoll life... read more" 

"Is this really me? Or is all a mask? Am I expressing my true self, or am I hiding behind a common misconception?

I would like to think not... read more"

"Most people would tell you what they were outright, like they are so sure of themselves. They bore you with the reasons, and you threaten to leave the page because you feel you are waisting your time... read more"

"I turned around and saw myself the time I was writing the masterpiece. I was surrounded with exquisite writers; representatives of each prestigious academies. Most of them behold intelligence; the humongous the spectacles are sitting on their nostril, the smarter they seem to appear more. Some ask for another sheet of paper to satisfy the pouring ideas that outburst carelessly.

And then me. Me?! HER!

I watched myself... read more"

"It's been phrased over and over again, even from the most notable Stardoll members: "Stardoll is my escape from real life." Although I do not speak for the general Stardoll populace, perhaps, with a measure of embarrasment, I must say the saying is the same for myself, as well. Although I'd love to laugh it off and say that I've always been myself, I've always been cordial on Stardoll, it is not the case... read more"

"Am I An Angel or Bitch?
I would just have to say, Half Bitch and Half Angel.
I can turn hot and cold.
I recall that there are only three people typing this post:
Me, Myself And I... read more"

Vote for whoever is the best here:

Also, just like the last time, tell us in the comments who you think will be this week's Next Top Blogger. One random person who guesses it correctly will be drawn from the comments and he or she will win 100 Stardollars!

So what are you waiting for?

Vote for your favorite NOW!


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  2. i kinda like Ms.Pudzianowski post :)

  3. I really like Ms.Pudzianowski's article as well as iswim19's but I think Ms.Pudzianowski will win.

  4. I really liked Larsa_gurl's post. It got me to read while I was scanning, and for some reason couldnt stop! What she said is spot on true!

    Good luck :)

  5. I voted good luck for everyone.

    I think iswim19 will win:) or at least I hope she does

  6. pinkglowydust, but somebody already chose it so I'll go with ColtonAttack

  7. I loved pinkglowydust's post.
    Her grammar and vocubalary is amazing! :D

  8. I may be running to win this thing, but I think pinkyglowdust's post was the best of them all :)

  9. Ms.Pudzianowski will win- I just loved it.


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