March 11, 2011

A Pointless Post

I don't care if you read this, so if you hate my posts, whatever.

The reason I am making this is to just get something off my mind. I wish people were more honest. That's all.

To be honest, lately I have been going through problems.. I will not discuss them on this blog, and I feel that nobody would even care to know, so why bother. But pretty much, seeing comments likes these make me just want to leave.

(click to enlarge)
I am going to be completely honest. I am sensitive.. So yeah, pretty much you can call me a cry baby. I don't like it when people are mean to me, and hateful remarks tear me up on the inside. In a way that is too serious for me to discribe. To make a long story short, and to just get it off my chest, pretty much, its really easy to make me upset, and I mean REALLY upset, sometimes to the point where I cry..

So yeah, I can see half of the people reading this calling me a liar, or retarded, or stupid, but I don't care right now.

Its easy for me to feel degraded, my bad for being that way. I care too much. Okay?

Hence, why I actually started the whole string of post.. This may sound dumb, but the reason I wanted to do this is to try and help people, so that I could help them not be as bad as me.. Stupid, I know right?!

But really, if people hate that idea SO much, or find it SO boring and uninteresting.. it would be really really nice if someone had the balls before now to tell me.. To add, yeah, I get easily embarressed and hurt when I feel that way, so, seeing those types of criticism really does make me see the big picture.

 People are mean. And I should probably just get over it, which I will.. to be honest, I am very gullible and forgiving.. But still, I hate when anyone is harsh to anyone about something. No, I don't think the comments made in the past and now are that harsh, but still, I think people should in general should learn to care for others, you never know whats going on in other people's lives, and so, if you dislike something or feel the need to bash them, I believe you shouldn't aim to make them appear completely retarded to everyone else, but rather try to help them see the faults and push them to improve themselves.

But anyway, I guess I should end this post since it really is pointless to you guys, so adios.

Love, Dei 

P.s. I will not be doing Ask Dei anymore due to the fact that obviously it was a dead series. No, I am not a quitter, but I can see its not going anywhere anytime soon. So if you want to proceed to bash me, call me a failure. Then so be it. But I will now only answer questions sent to Formspring on Formspring.

And for the record, I told you guys that I was not answering stupid questions like 'Are you a virgin?' So don't get mad at me for answering it ON FORMSPRING like I said I would. And for the record, I proudly am a virgin.


  1. Sad about you stopping Ask Dei... I really enjoyed it and you gave me some great advice about one of my friendships and how to fix it.

  2. So your segment failed and you got told some home truthes and it's not your fault for dragging something on and on and on?

    No, it's other peoples fault for being honest, If you are sensetive then stop blogging. We're not all gonna fall at your feet.

  3. I don't care if people want to be hateful. But I care if it was something that I tried to help people with.

    But blogging in general, I know the deal, so no, I am not stopping just because I got my feelings hurt.

    I know how to more on with things.


  4. I think those comments were just made by mean a selfish people who can't understand why anyone would do something if it wasn't for personal gain.

    I think your segments helped a lot of people! But if the comments get to you too much, I agree that you should stop...

  5. Yeah, it may have been boring, but I never really took any notice of how mean people were. Some people enjoyed which you really should be happy about. It was really sweet of you to do Ask Dei. I'm sorry for not taking much notice. :)

  6. It might be an adult man that asked you that personal question on formspring which you shouldn't have even addressed or responded to. Be careful of people who ask such questions they may not be children & have an ulterior motive. Ewww.

  7. @Dei

    Fuck all these morons. You're a great person and I value your advice.

  8. You're great Dei. You were not hurting anyone by doing what you do. That's always more than enough. :)

  9. A lot of people do that because they think it's funny. Dont listen to them.You are an amazing blogger, and caring and sweet.Dont EVER forget that. :)
    A kind word takes but a moment of time, keep that in mind next time everyone.

    Love, Your biggest fan.
    Anonymous. :)

  10. Look, I feel sorry for you, I do! I feel you sista! But at the other hand I really don't, you have been rude to me for being myself and I say LOL too much. (Which is NONE of your buisness at all) You said you wanted to rip my neck off for nagging on you and so on... I can't help my self tho, I'm a compassionate person so therefore I feel sorry for you (About what you said in ur post) But still I don't get it AT ALL because you also seem to be a very harsh and not easy to get a long with person... Well, I'm just stating MY impression of you. Don't take this the wrong way! Or do, I don't care, I've said what I needed to say.

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  12. This is one, if not the best blog out there. I am sorry if I have offended you, but c'mon... this ain't your blog!

    I feel your posts are too indulgent. You should listen to us your readers. We liked the "Ask Dei" the first time but we didn't foresee that you plan on doing it as a segment!

    We want posts that make us think, laugh, basically feed our emotions... we don't fucking need an advise column because we can read that on COSMO.

    You are sensitive, the readers of this blog are straightforward. So who should adjust to who?

  13. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Friday, March 11, 2011 1:21:00 PM

    Ignore the fucking assholes! Don't let them get you down!

  14. @MonMonWill: Sometimes, it should not be what you ALWAYS want. Learn to appreciate things for what they are and the purpose of it.

    Dei never forced her ideas to anyone and she's opened herself up to people like you without getting anything in return.

    She's sharing a piece of herself to you without expecting anything back.

  15. I had mean comments about my own blog (it wasn't really sucssful anyway)

    But now I'm writing for TSI trainning blog
    You cant let other stupid people say mean things to stop what you love doing the most

    Your posts were amazing :)

  16. Well I think we the readers are the ones keeping blogs up and running and she should listen to us. I am just giving my opinion on what I think should be better for MDM

  17. She did listen.

    That's what this whole post is about correct?

  18. I loved ask dei sad u have stopped those comments were really mean And if i was u I would be well upset x

  19. They are just healous! I love your column/Your so helpfull with your answers!

  20. @Hunnlgall - Well I am sorry if I seem bitchy, but really, I am easily annoyed when I find something someone does to be childish or unnecessary so. But who said I wanted to be in your 'business'? All I ever said was you annoyed me with all 'LOL's, if it hurt you so much that I find that annoying and somewhat childish then, okay.

    @MonMonWill - Like I stated in my post, NO ONE ever told me that they found the post 'boring' or 'uninteresting', hence why I continued with it.

  21. I agree with Noelle on saying:

    "@MonMonWill: Sometimes, it should not be what you ALWAYS want. Learn to appreciate things for what they are and the purpose of it.

    Dei never forced her ideas to anyone and she's opened herself up to people like you without getting anything in return.

    She's sharing a piece of herself to you without expecting anything back."

    and would like to add to that MDM is not Burger King, you can't always have it your way. Noelle made the writers of this blog be completely honest, they write whatever they please, and the topics they choose to write for is as boundless as the universe. I personally write whatever I am inspired by, and Dei's inspiration is to help others. Is it her fault for trying to be nice? No. Is it your fault for:
    1) Insulting her capabilities, further questioning to why she was added as an author and ultimately exploiting her sensitive nature to further offend her?
    2) Overreacting if she has not answered a - what I am sure is an offensive question to everyone - question that involves her personal life?

    Obviously, the readers of this blog are here because they see diversity in the posts, whether it was gossip, fashion, news, real life situations or as Dei attempted to do advice. MDM will continue to remain diverse, and it is supposed to be that way. So, by that, I conclude by saying that whatever Dei does is appreciated perhaps not to you, but to us other writers, Noelle, and other followers and readers of the blog.


  22. @ Dei; Hun, you are much better. They don't even have the guts to say it you unless anonymously expect that moon girl..if I was you, I wouldn't let them stop me.

  23. NOOO ! :( I needed an advice and who-ever said that you you at formspring are bunch of loosers Dei we all care about you<3 :)
    Dei I don't know you quite well ..
    But last week I asked you about an advice and your advice helped me alot .. I am not saying what help I needed but thanks alot..I thank you with all my heart[: and thats all I can say .. I hope you don't give up that easy but .. Good luck.

  24. Awww.. this is sad! I mean, I didnt exactly ask questions, but I always scanned thorugh just to see if maybe someone DOES ask my questions! Those people, do NOT understand what helping is. LET ME SEE YOU DO WHAT SHE DID HATERS! They think you are bad, but they couldn't do better anyway, so YOU SHOW THEM what to do! You can make the difference!

    But, still it is your choic!

  25. Oh my gosh Dei I loved this feature I am so sad you aren't doing it anymore but it is completely understandable, I myself cry, alot, if I am mad, sad or uncomfortable in a situtation it sort of just happens.

    Its ok, I doubt anyoe will judge you by it and those who do are not those who really care or even have a heart.

    I hope you feel better soon Dei

    evermore1girl Robyn

  26. You rock! don't let those pathetic haters let you down. If they think your advice sucks then they shouldn't read it! Stuff them, they're not trying to help anyone but you are! And we think your amazing for that.


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