March 09, 2011

Nicki & Gillian are... Queens of Style

In addition to blogging about stardoll, MDM writers Nicole and Gillian have decided to branch out and write about not only stardoll's, but also real life's fashion, trends, etc. Runways, designers, and stardoll alike. 
We are MDM's Queens of Style.

I am sure people have been looking forward to this post, so without any more teasing, here it is:
We are posting The Best Dressed list for the Attendees of the Premiere Party of our show, Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood. We would like to thank all the stardollians that joined us, and as for the ones that signed the best dressed list hoping to have their flamboyant, chic ensemble shown off, here are Nicki and My Verdicts.

We will not only display the best outfits of the fashionistas that signed the list, we will critic them.

Hopefully no one takes our jabs seriously, and our likes will tickle your fancy...
Actually, No! Take them seriously, because we are trying to make dollyworld's citizens (medolls) more Gorgeous- one critic at a time.
Watch out! We're coming!


Nicole: I totally applaud her for the Mary Janes + Socks combination. It's definitely not easy to pull that off...but the dress and the necklace just don't go together in style. The dress is so out of place here, mainly. A sleek LBD, preferably leather, would have worked so well with the outfit.
Gillian: For some reason, I could see myself wearing this in real life. I agree with Nicki about the dress being out of place, but I am also glad someone is stepping out of their comfort zone and making their own rules. The Splash of the green was nice; it was just put there randomly though, and its not really playing into the outfit.

Nicole: Definitely not out there, but none of the less this is a chic outfit that radiates elegance. The black and white is a nice touch.
Gillian: Chic. Simple. Elegant. Not that WOW Moment, but absolutely not a YUCK one either.

Nicole: By far, my favorite look of the night. The shoes were the highlight, but the makeup and dress are all gorgeous and well put together. The glitter on the dress adds some light to the outfit. Beautiful!
Gillian: Best Dressed of the Night. She has the striking face of a model- Stunning! 

Nicole: Oh  Nojo. Maybe make it a bit less crazy next time?
Gillian: Speechless. In a good way... but next time, don't wear the combat boots to a cocktail party!

Nicole: Again with that black&white outfit! Maybe it's a new sd trend? I like the look, it works. I would have liked if she added some personality into it, it's a bit too plain.
Gillian: B&W is a timeless trend, because no matter what event, what season, what time, it always pops up in outfits. LOVE the HB Feather! You know I love my HBs, and I think that this is a great outfit.

That Was The List, but of course, we won't go without taking our own jabs. What do you think of our outfits for this special occasion?

Here are our outfits for that evening:

Nicole -Tapstar321
My Look: I was looking for something different, yet something that would pop. I decided to go with a shaved head to switch things up, keeping my makeup black and white except for a hint of aqua eyeliner. The black earrings and dress do contradict in style, but I was going for a fun-elegant combination.
Gillian -Juciimami827
My Look: I definitely went over the top, haha! I had the LE dress, the black tights, PPQ shoes, Oh my gosh. I think I put together a luxurious look and it was eccentric! The black, gold, and pearl colors were my inspiration, and to add a little splash of color, I think the green worked nicely against my skin tone.

A side note, We just want to say thank you to Noelle For this Beautiful Banner!
In this, Jucii definitely got to see if blondes had more fun, and Nicki looks dashing in this edgy ensemble.

Thanks For Enjoying And Reading Everyone. Have A Great Day!
Until Next Time...
xoxo Jucii & Nicki


  1. Nojo's looks really... different. LOLZ!

  2. i think u should look at lel1996, xxNomes84xx, EssRox, XxXLachelleXxX and some others coz theirs r really cool

  3. When you wrote ' a good way' about Nojo's outfit you lost all credability.

    You are shit fashion experts, because you obviously don't want to tell him he looks like a fucking idiot.

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  5. Nice [post and I liked all the outfits ...

  6. Ok you call your selves queen of style? Your outfits really suck. You may be good persons, but you don't have style at all.


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