March 09, 2011

Ask Dei IV

Hi guys! I'm back with a whole new set of answers! But I just have to say, sometimes Formspring cuts off your questions, and I really do hate that :( So try to make them shorter! I really want to make sure I can help. 
But also I feel like most of you guys just ask how to be famous, but when I answer it more people ask for the be famous, and then the cycle continues. Strange right?

1. Who do you think dresses the best on Stardoll?  

- I don't have a favorite! But I find a lot of people who dress great.


2. Hey Dei, Do you know any magazines that are hiring models? Natalie x :) Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

- No. Sorry.

3. Hey I have been in Stardoll from 2009 and I have been failed in beeing famous (nothing personal,I don't do havking or those awful stuff) I want to start new fresh I want to be famous how ?

- Get active! :D Do more progressive things!


4. I am starting gossip blog soon .. And I am not sure of my gossip/writing abilities I am scared of people like look at Gossipgirl4real people hate her and insult her I am scared I would leave Stardoll and get hurted by those reasons so should I do it ? Sho 

- Depends, are you trying to be harsh about gossip, or sweet, which, if you are afraid to hurt people, you might not need to gossip. But yes, go for what you want!


5. Sometimes in school , when I'm doing my work and I cry for no reason! Especially during irish which I hate the most , and sometimes when I'm doing maths.I don't tell anyone because then they'll say I'm a baby.I can't really explain it..-IrishLily09 thank 

- You might just be bi-polar and not know it.

6. Hi! I realy adore your style and I know you probably get asked this a lot but on stardoll I rely want 2 be a model I would like u 2 tell me if my face is ok and If I have any shot thnx! Visit me @ Cheekychops1234 

- Yes, I love your me-dolls face! :D 


7. There is a lot of talk about hackers on Stardoll, so I don't give out my password. But a one of my friends on stardoll have ask me to give it to them. She won't leave me alone about it, and she apparently has a brother on stardoll, and he asks for it too. 

- I believe if they are really your 'friend', then they should stop nagging you about it! So no! I wouldn't hand out my password too at this point and time on Stardoll either. 


8. Hey!Do you think I could become a popular model on stardoll?-jelizaveta123 

- Yes. You will have to work to get there though.


9. Hey, well i have a problem. I'm quite introvert.I can't dance or sing in front of other people..i just feel unable to do that.Also,yes i'm in love but nobody knows it even my family and my best friends.I trust them but i'm really closed to myself and i fe 

- I suppose you are saying you are closed off from people, right?  I know where you're coming from actually, I was the same way when I was younger. Basically if you want to improve it, you just need an esteem boost, so maybe do something you feel would make you feel more confident. Wear heels? Wear make-up? Cut your hair? Dye it? Or maybe even have a party. :D


10. My life sucks, Ive put a brave face on it and tried to cover it up but I can't hold the pain in anymore. I've bee bullied bad because I'm different, I have strabismus (google it) and it effects my life so badly. I have to hold my head wonky, I'm crap at living with strabus is he'll I doubt I'll ever get a good job or a family due to my eyes being to weird.

- Don't down yourself! Don't think of it as a deficiency, think of it as something special! You shouldn't give up hope for starting a life of your own either, there are jobs out there to fit anyone and there is someone for everyone too. :) But the bullies, they can suck it, just know you are better than they ever will be and you need to remind yourself about that.


11. Hi! Well in school many kids bully me because I'm a boy and I hang out with girls. I am very social but people just don't like me and I never do anything to them! How can I get some friends :( 

- If they bully you because of that, it just means they are immature, don't be down. Maybe you are limiting yourself? So I think you should talk to them to see why, I know you know why but I mean to find out why they feel the need to. And so, maybe you could be friends with them, if not, than more on and find your own friends :D (or the ones you already have of course)


12. I am turning into a bit of an emo/goth, and you can kinda tell, but my friends always make jokes about emos and how werid people look, and I dont think it is funny :/ Should I say somthing? 

- Yes, if it is offending you or makes you afraid you are going to be made fun of, of course.

13. I'm well known on stardoll but i have some enimies please help me because there reporting me for something i did not do my medolls name is rosiecaity and please help me. 

- Ignore them is all I can say. I am not a body guard, sorry.


14. I want my blog to be famous, like this amazing blog...but I get writers, and feel like they're not comitted. I want my blog to be successful like yours. how do i make it so? 

- Like I tell people, you need to attract them. Now people on Stardoll are just like anyone, things intrest them if: 1. They get free stuff, 2. They can win money(Stardollars), 3. It will help them in some way, or 4. Its entertaining or controversial. So doing anything I just listed are really the best ways to attract followers, but after that, you will need to keep them happy with good posts!


15. Hello,i have a big problem.I'm a boy and i met an extremely famous girl on stardoll..I love her personality and i think she likes me too.Well i think i'm in love with her and this is soo stupid cuz its a virtual game!The bad news are that she has already 

- So sorry your question cut off! My suggestion is that really, virtual dating is not the best route, BUT if you really want to attempt to date her, then go for it! Love knows no boundaries, why should dating? But if she has another special someone (in real life or Stardoll) then it depends on her and if she is willing to even start a more deeper relationship with you.

 That's it for now! Remember, you can ask me pretty much about anything! BUT, soon I might stop answering questions or maybe stop answering repeated questions, (i.e. How to get famous ones.) Just so you guys know. I have been giving plenty of suggestions so I don't see why you can't use the same one I gave another person. :)

See you soon!


  1. Por pabor Dei.

    Please stop this series of posts about you.

    Nobody is commenting.

    Nobody is interested.

    Do you think you are Michelle Obama?

    You started off great. Stay that way.

  2. It was a cute idea at first but you have over done it, nobody cares anymore.

    This blog has seriously turned to shit, the writers only care about what they think and what their projects are. A blog is nothing without readers and seriously I will stop reading soon, there have been no good posts for over a week.

  3. couldn't bother logging in my account sozThursday, March 10, 2011 4:03:00 AM

    Heyy gaiz what are you talking about? I love her posts! I love reading this blog but i think it would be better if it had more stop be mean!


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