March 27, 2011

Pseudonyms: Epic Success or Epic Fail?

A pseudonym (or "nom de plume") is a fictitious name used by a person, or sometimes, a group.

Pseudonyms are often used to hide an individual's real identity, as with writers' pen names, graffiti artists' tags, resistance fighters' or terrorists' noms de guerre, and computer hackers' handles.

In the Dollywood world of blogging, it's synonymous to a highway to success.

 Well... if you play it correctly that is. *chuckle*

Perezstargossip as we all know is the pioneer of this craft.
She managed to open the possibility to other Dollywood writers to have access to limitless possibilities through blogging

I don't know if you all still remember though... but Perez is a Pseudoaccount for another relatively popular Stardoll user.

There were strong rumors back then that Perez was in fact Style_Magazine or maybe the BurnBook abomination lusciious.x.

A few years back, she held an unofficial competition open to anyone who will be able to guess who her other account was... or is.

I don't know if I missed it, but did anybody win the gift code?

The next Pseudonym Starlet who attempted to replicate the success of Perez, is ElitesExposed.

In all fairness to EE's effort to take the express route to Blogging Stardom though, she did manage to get to the toll gate, paid the toll fee... but her bandwagon made a sudden U-turn when she revealed her real identity.

Aislin Victory's revelation that she was in fact EE, I personally believe was done all too soon. 

She continued on with her blogging career (I think she's one of the best writers in Stardoll too), but she lost all those momentum she gained when she was using that pseudonym of hers. 

Just recently, she attempted to revive the drama that catapulted her to where she was before.

...I don't really know if she's really won though... but what I do know is that she's definitely coming home.

To the real world that is.

Bye Bye EE.

The next Pseudonym attempt to climb up the Dollywood Blogger's Hierarchy was a huge PseudoFail attempt altogether.

Currently out of a job, and MIA, Soulless Entity's journey wasn't exactly a smooth one.

Her blog posts were met with contrasting opinions. Mostly against her. Her materials were just tastelessly harsh and had so much anger in them, too much for a typical Stardollian to digest.

Interestingly though, sometimes the juicy contents of a story are within the Comments Section and the Soulless Entity was caught completely unaware of her impending Soulless Failure.

There were multiple guesses as to who she really was back then but she seemed to have been uncovered when she deleted a comment like the one above on one of her failed posts.


Regardless if she really is Jenny or not, her attempt was a Huge Fail


Currently, on the newly passed on TTT, there is another blogger creating some commotion under the name of...

She seem to have a mouth full of opinions on a lot of Stardollians and rising duo Jack & Selena got the first blows.

EpicPhaail., is your pseudonym already giving us an idea of your fate?

*claps hands*

I'd have to say that the success of an attempt to blog using a Pseudonym revolves around the suspense and thrill of being concealed.

Anonymity is the spice on the recipe that keeps readers coming back for more.

Lose it... and watch yourself plummet faster than the rate of your rise.


  1. Damn, this is crazy!

    1st post :)

  2. We were right all along. Soulless Entitiy is Jenny. What a Fail.

  3. EpicPhaail = EPIC FAIL.

  4. Bubblyminty is a hypocrite. Isn't she leaving or was that all for famewhoring only??

    Aislin was a waste.

    EpicPhaail doesn't even know how to spell fuck TTT's efforts to revive a failed blog from the dead through her. They just came up with a Zombie.

  5. Amazing post yet again!

    You are absolutely right. I almost forgot about the contest Perez held. I don't think anybody won. People forgot that she's a got a real account. Who do you think is the real Perez?

    What happened to Aislin? She wasted her momentum because she wanted to be elite.

    I always thought SE was Jenny. It was so obvious. They both have awful writing skills. It's just so hypocritical of her to target Lolita as SE and be her friend as Bubblyminty.

  6. Pwn'd is an internet phrase geeks use. It's basically the equivalent of saying that person is a failure at what ever it is they're trying to do. or calling them "your bitch".

  7. LOL!!! TTT is a failed blog. Nothin will ever bring it back to life.

    Soulless Entity got fired. Now Jenny is leaving. Makes sense.

    Aislin Victory just didnt make the cut to be an Elite. Too bad for her.

  8. I like these posts better than the Fashion Week shit. Leave those kinds of things to SMW or USD will you Noelle?

  9. I never knew Perezstargossip has got another account.

    Too bad for Jenny. I really liked her at first. But she just became a famewhore eventually.

    Have you seen her plans about having a virtual funeral? LOL!!!

  10. EpicPhaail., is your pseudonym already giving us an idea of your fate? <-------- PWLOL!!!!

    I wonder who the real Perez is.

  11. I never liked Bubblyminty. I think she tries too hard. She even copied Isabella Arci's rooms.

    Aislin Victory just come across to me as someone sick. She's so fucking EMO for my taste.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Bubblyminty & aislinvictory = epic fail

  14. This is a great post, Ysadora. A lot of good points have been brought forward.

    @ Regin@Bi@tch; How is she emo? If anything, me and my doll are more emo than her.

  15. Jack, putting on lots of eyeliner and lots of fake eyeleshes wouldn't make you emo.

    As far as I am concerned, your doll is just a drag queen with a potty mouth.

    Thanks for telling me that it's emo though. At least I have a different angle to look at now.

  16. Love this post :D

    But I am hating this.. hate?

    Why do people consist on bashing one another.. I mean, to be honest, the Jenny thing does look really dumb, I won't lie, but Aislin was amazing! And only reason she is gone is because of her REAL life, not because she was 'bad' or 'didn't become an elite'.
    I didn't really get the whole EpicPhaail persona though, the idea of it is quite cliche.

    Oh wow, Perez has had that contest going on for like ever.. maybe since 08 or 09? Only a few people know what her real account is anyway.

  17. Aislin bit off a huge chunk more than what she can chew. Stardoll got the best of her I believe.

  18. ROFL! Amazing post!

  19. A very good post actually, I quite enjoy the way you write

  20. Wow! Bubblyminty is SoullessEntity?!?!

  21. I LOVE YOUR POSTS GIRL! I can't believe I only found out about you now, lol.

  22. I'd have to say that the success of an attempt to blog using a Pseudonym revolves around the suspense and thrill of being concealed.


    ...and this goes to anonymous commentaries as well.

    Being "concealed" gives you power and liberty to do what you want to do without you having to directly face the consequences it may bring.

  23. This is all BS. I liked EE, Perez and SE. They're all good writers. Ysa you suck, and your a famewhore.

  24. @ the Anon above: Die bitch. Fuck you.

  25. Anonymous, you like SoullessEntity? didn't she get fired??? LOL!!!!

  26. LOL! I'm sorry but I'm allergic to fame. I prefer to blog in the background, thank you bitch. :-)

  27. I think majority of the anonymous commenters on here are the writers in BEG FOR MORE... (aka PSG copycat)

  28. Pseudonyms: Epic Success or Epic Fail? < BOTH


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