March 24, 2011

QofS Reviews: BYS

The Second Collection of Stardoll Fashion Week was BYS by Blahm3 and Tonia.ftw.Also, This collection came together thanks to dog_boy96 and pirata111, as well.
Models were Syligirl, shake-something, .pease., Pauo-Watson, gabby1822, anoO_, Jay.Pattinson and pizzaqueen1. 

Favorites/Least Favorites:
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Highlights on Hair:

Gillian's Rank: 7/10
- I J'adore the Cyclone Hair! Its so chic. All the makeup seems very all over the place and different than the one before it. I get the whole "Be Yourself". Some have Big Eyebrows, some don't. Some heads were huge, and some were tiny. It didn't feel Cohesive to me, like it belonged in the same line. The mouth piece was cool- I sort of wish there were more of those. Some of the hairs looked like hats, it was just all over the place for me.
Nicole's Rank:  8/10
-I honestly didn't like the makeup at all. However, I am in love with a few of the hairstyles! A few are nothing special, but a few really do bring out the outfits.

Our Averaged Rank:  7.5/10


Gillian: I WANT THOSE SHOES! *Looks at Wish List* Black Harem Pants, Blue Dress with Pearl Beading, Blue Clutch, B&W Mystery Dress, Shell Mouth Covering, Red Heart Dress, White Tights, Blood Red (Make YOUR BODY DISAPPEAR!) Gown, Blue Gown, Red Belted Evening Dress, Every Single Effing Shoe in the line. Am I the only one that Noticed that one of the models picked up their dress and there was No Body Under it! Was that done Purposely?
Nicole: Did they put invisibility powder on her or something? What happened there? xD Okay, aside from that it was a solid collection. I particularly loved the actual design, but I feel that they could have been made better and more detailed, so keep that in mind next time, girls! But really, outstanding job.

So, What does this ALL Come Up To??
Our Final Ranks of Collection!

Gillian's Rank: 82/100
Nicole's Rank: 88/100



  1. I would rank it much lower than that, most of the graphics were shoddy, and the hair looked. like. ice cream. The clothes were not that interesting to me, and honestly it looked like someone wasn't being themselves, it looked like someone was trying desperately to make the collection as weird as possible.

  2. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Thursday, March 24, 2011 3:03:00 PM

    Agreed with the post above me. Karma was WAY better.

  3. I liked the green outfit with the ginger hair best, the doll looked so casual and it was well fitted

  4. For the love of God Noelle, fire these two.

    They just famewhore on here.

    They can't even make a decent fashion review I wonder why Becka made them the "Official Reviewers"?!?!

  5. All the outfits have already been released and these two slacking faggots just came up with two reviews. FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!

    Who told them they were Quenns for fuck's sake?

  6. You can't say "I j'adore" Because the J' stands for I. You keep on saying I I adore. Which is stupid.


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