March 23, 2011

QofS Reviews: Kharma

We will begin with our favorites and least favorites, then go into detail on our take with the makeup and collection.

The First Collection of this Extravagant Evening was Kharma by Dog_boy96.
Models were .pease., yoTOO, and missricopenguin.

Nicole: This outfit has something so... primitive about it. But somehow, it's in a good way. The belting around the head peace was genius, and so were those pants. The biggest reason why I chose this, quite plainly, was that it was the most original piece of the collection.
Gillian: This is my favorite because of the Vision behind the piece. I Love the Huge Cardigan, with open shoulders! It sort of reminds me of my favorite DKNY Striped baggy cardigan I own. Love it!

Nicole: I just want to say that the shape of that poor excuse of a cardigan just pisses me off. And pairing it with loose black leggings? Uhh! Definitely the worst outfit of the collection.
Gillian: I mean, Maybe this was a great vision to begin with, I don't know. But the execution I felt could've been AMAZING, you know? All the detailing that could've went into this. I feel like the top of this dress is lovely, but the skirt is kind of unflattering. Above all it is a good piece, but it still is my least loved out of this entire collection.


Gillian's Rank: 8/10
This is definitely Edgy, and the Cheeks are super black. High fashion, but not my style completely. I guess it depends on what you are into. This makeup reaches a specific group, and maybe thats what the designers wanted to portray. Much work went into these up close looks and I laud Linus for putting the extra effort. It sure does show.

Nicole's Rank: 10/10
Conrar, this makeup was what really brought the collection up to the top. Well...that and the fact that this kind of makeup is right up my ally. Black lips. The blue+black eyeshadow. THOSE CHEEKBONES! In. Love. Obsessed!

Our Averaged Rank:  9/10

 The Collection

Nicole:  First off, let me just say that the fact that this collection has amazing makeup is already something that leans me towards liking this collection. It's the little things, like the thought that goes into makeup, or the shoes, or the little details that really pulls a collection through. This one was a simple collection in it's pieces. Simplistic cardigans, buttons, leggings. Solid colors, no bright ones and not even a little bit of pattern. But the bold makeup and the original idea really make this collection a statement, and I am very happy with Becka's choice of making it the first collection out during Fashion Week.
Gillian: Can I Just Say that I want to buy those Pink Trousers, Now? The Shoes from the front looked TALL and cool, but from the side bulky. I would definitely try them on... would I wear them, It depends. I think the highlight of this collection was meant to definitely be the Military looking Jackets. There's a Green, white, and grey one. If those were put in StarPlaza, hey would sell. I know people that would snag that right off the shelf. Would I buy? Uhmm, Well, probably the grey one, or the white one, but  I am not GooGoo Over it.

So, What does this ALL Come Up To??
Our Final Ranks of Collection!

Gillian's Rank: 75/100
Nicole's Rank: 80/100

FINAL SCORE: 77.5/100


  1. Nice review... I like how you wen tinto detail and provide your point of views with the collection. Looking out for more of this.

  2. Great Collection all in all. But I am definitely expecting more from the designers. I just thought I wanted to see more color and more detail with the designs. Anyway, this collection still stands out from the rest of what was launched yesterday.

    Great review btw.

  3. I am in love with the pink trousers get up!

  4. I think this collection is just bland.

  5. I <3 this review... So detailed and outspoken! I love it!

    I think the Kharma line was brilliant! ;o


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