March 23, 2011

Time To Spill! NOH8's plans with SFW

If You Didn't Know, This Year, NOH8 is involved with some activities in this SFW.

We actually have a Limited Edition Shirt that is exclusively sold only in this SFW.
After this week, these lovely shirts are fi-ni-to!
Only 90 will EVER Be sold... EVERRR!
15 units are put up a day, and the first day's 15 went sold out.
This day's shirts were JUST PUT UP, so here is your link:

Now MDM readers can definitely snatch shirts, before they get sold out for the day!

ALSO, Dishing out what was once said to be let out later in the week,
The NOH8 Raffle

 In the NOH8 Raffle, 
which the winners will be uncovered and announced on
Before the SFW Excellence Awards,
and also posted on that day (Sunday), as well,
 all the shirt buyers will be put in a lottery.

The owners of this Limited Piece will be raffled, and three different stardollians will be picked.
The first 2 people to be chosen will win...
That's Right! A photoshoot for the winners. They will be put in the gallery along side familiar faces whom have testified in believing what they do, and are proud of it.

The third person to be picked will not only win a NOH8 graphic aswell,
but will also win
SUMMER EDITION OF Forever Chic Magazine!!!

That's Right! So What Are You Waiting For?
I Hope All You Fashionistas out there Enjoy 
Stardoll Fashion Week!

Have A Great Day.
Until Next Time, Byeee!

The List of all the Buyers Of the Exclusive SFW LE NOH8 Shirt will posted on MDM after the week is done, to show appreciation.
Every 15 units from the day before's buyers list will be posted on the SDNOH8 site as well.
Check there to see who bought the shirts yesterday.
Thank You.


  1. Nice... what happens to the money the NOH8 account gets?

  2. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Thursday, March 24, 2011 5:48:00 AM

    YAY! Another NOH8 post!


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