April 30, 2011

Creepy, Yet Funny, Viral Videos

Hey guys! Its me Dei, and I have been taking a break from other things, and lately, after the fun times died down for my life, I kick back and relax, and so whats the number one place for boredom when you are chilling out?


And I have watched a massive amount of videos over my 5 years of being a YouTuber.

So here is my top 5 videos that are really creepy, yet really.. funny!

#5 - Double Rainbow
This video is basically a guy who is camping who pulled out his video camera and saw a glorious rainbow, but it wasn't just one, it was a double rainbow!
Creepiness: 7 ; Funniness: 6.5

#4 - How to Kiss: Practice Tips
This video is a guy who has kind of a Jim Carey humor about him who is providing you with lovely kissing tips for you to practice on your girlfriend/boyfriend! 
Creepiness:6.5 ; Funniness: 9

#3 - Trololo Song
This video is a music video.. Features a weird looking guy who is horrible at lip syncing!
Creepiness: 10 ; Funniness: 5

#2 - Insane Driver!!!
This  video is made from a famous YouTuber called  and it is showing us that he is not an insane driver, but.. really he is.
Creepiness: 7 ; Funniness: 9

And #1 - Double Dream Feet
This is a newer video craze that is the sequel to Double Dream Hands! The man has made up his own dance and song and is just having a good time teaching us this dance! Its really not THAT creepy.. but.. 
Creepiness: 8; Funniness: 9

Well.. here are my top five!

What videos around YouTube do you find really creepy, yet funny?!

In what order would you place the videos?

Love, Dei


  1. Hahahahahahaaa :DDD

    Yeah, most of them were pretty creepy xD

  2. ah, those were hilarious! Way to brighten my day (:

  3. I think the number one place for boredom when you are chilling out is tumblr. The fuuuuu comics are hilaaaarious! LOL

  4. lmao at the last one, and I loved the rainbow. This is one of my favorite videos like ever, it is song about the mean kitty named Sparta http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qit3ALTelOo&feature=player_embedded

  5. The 2# one was epicly hilarious!

  6. very amusing. thanks for those. I liked the one about the rainbows :D

  7. Number 4, in my opinion, was the best ;)

  8. Ha! YouTube is my second home!

    Sadly, these videos doesn´t show up for me. I´d love seeing this "double rainbow".

    I love love love Charlie Mcdonnell's videos just like "How to make tea" or "How to be english". (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpWqCzru5zk)

    Plus, he´s totally cute, isn't he?

  9. Over here in Nz Vodafone brought over that double rainbow guy to do a promotion. -.-
    So we get him on the tv most nights..

    I love number 4 and number 1

  10. Watch this one


  11. I know there's a video called 'Nyan Cat' that video was slightly creepy.

  12. LOL Check this out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WNrx2jq184


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