May 01, 2011

"Finger" is the New "F" Word?

I've always wondered what Hunnigall's been up to lately.

On the first ever season of SFW, she made jaws drop with her amazing collection eventually bagging the event's top award.

As of the moment, the top designer hasn't logged in for days and has completely stopped posting tutorials on her blog,

As a fan, I've been frequenting her suite every once in a while, hoping I will be able to "catch a glimpse". What caught my attention instead were the replies she's been leaving on some comments in her guestbook:

Social drinking?  

Virtual Social drinking probably?
Well it ain't my business anymore... until this:

Now what I DO with myself and the feeling it gives to my legs is none of ANYBODY's business.

Do you think Alice is BUI?

1. The post has been taken down by Hunnigall.
2. Nope, I am not taking this seriously and there's no such a thing as BUI. Duh.
3. ... is "finger" the new "f' word? :-)


  1. That's one inappropriate blog post. I tried to go to the formspring link but it seems like it has been taken down.

    Dang kids these days!

  2. That was my brother.
    I'd appreciate you deleting this post.

  3. Alice would not at all do that Ysadora you are a bitch

  4. Are you legit serious?
    LMFAO. You don't have to take every small thing and turn it into a big deal.

  5. @mizzmileycyrus9 you're the birtch here. Why are you even here? Your clearly unwanted.

  6. Haha Ysadora you take this too seriosly, leave Alice alone...that graphic is amazing though. Is it bubblyminty?

  7. You are tyhe ones taking this post seriously. LOL! The post is funny in my ow opinion.

    The anonymous clearly is Hunnigall herself. Same anonymous haters seem to have came out when Noelle replaced Alice's banner in PSG.

    Alice, a word of advice: Just go finger yourself... and use mizzmileycyrus9's face.

  8. Was that your borther? What a convenient excuse. Did your brother hack you? LOLZ!!!

  9. This is funny! LOL!!!!

  10. @Alice: No matter you're always in Wonderland. How often do you "finger"?

  11. Kay, just gonna clear this up:

    It was my brother, I don't need to prove that to anyone.

    I don't do that kind of stuff. I just don't. Not gonna say anymore about the subject.

    I don't post anonymous 'me' promotion. Not my style.

    And Finger is most definately the new F word ;)

  12. It's always nice to have light moments like this. LOL@the F word!

  13. Finger is the new "F" Word! LMAO!!!!

  14. For twinky little gay boys like Jack, what do they finger?

  15. @V, most definitely not the insy winsy brain you finger all the time. Not all people can be like you, you know? :-)

  16. After you...

    Or... after mizzmileycyrus9 too.

    Shouldn't you be in jail Destiny? I didn't know they have wifi there.

  17. finger is not the new f word. I have 10 fingers

  18. This is probably just another failed attempt to go back to the top. Famewhoring almost always doesn't work Alice.

  19. ...and to try to do and redeem yourself by saying you do not "do those kinds of stuff" is beyond low.

  20. I don't think she's really drunk.

  21. I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie woooorld.... you can brush my hair or finger me everywhere...

    I <3 this song


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