April 18, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: Top Blogger of the Week (6th Elimination)

The result of who the TOP 4 FINALISTS are is IN!

Again, the decision is based on poll votes (40%) and the judges' decision (60%).

The followers' choice top 4 bloggers are:

For two consecutive weeks in a row, Ms.Pudzianowski will be getting 100 SD cash for being the Top Blogger of the Week and her winning entry, Would You Like a Serve of Rip-Off With That?,  will be published on MDM as regular post!

...And again, the person who would correctly guess who the top blogger of the week through the comments as a follower partner will get 100 Stardolars as well

The lucky follower partner for the week is: 

TK_Cullen..., please leave a comment with your Stardoll username so we can contact you for your prize.

...It is quite a shock...
but we all have to say goodbye for now to...


The whole of the MDM family wishes you luck in all your future endeavors. We all know this wouldn't be the last time we will be seeing you.

You have a rare gift and you should be proud of it. 

Thank you for sharing your talent to all of us.


For the remaining 4 finalists, In just a couple of weeks, this will be over and one person will be MDM's first ever Next Top Blogger.

Next week, we will determine the Top 3 Finalists who will be battling it out for that One Top Prize.

Hold on to your seats.


  1. Quite a shock indeed. Pinkyglowdust shouldn't have been eliminated. She writes so well!!!

    How did this happened?

  2. Pinkyglowdust was such an amazing writer. I think she should definitely create her own blog, if not already existent.

    My Username is "TK_Cullen..."
    Thanks to Ms.Pudzianowski x

  3. I'm sad to see pinkyglowdust go. She had a huge vocabulary! Like, massive. But all the other writers are deserving too, so it must have been a tough decision.

    Good luck to her and the rest of the amazing finalists! :)

    I'm also surprised iswim19 came so far down. She was my favourite. :O

  4. I really enjoyed ms.oudzianowski and voted for her too. I am glad she came out on top again. Congratulations tk_cullen that was brilliant faith and instinct.

  5. The comments actually made me cry... All the contestants left are amazing, so I respect the judges' decisions.

  6. Congrats to Ms. P. She was excellent. This is a GREAT competition. Y'all were very smart to do it this way!!

  7. Tanya... there's a twist to this. You arent' exactly out of the cometition yet. :) I'll send an update in a bit. :)

  8. She shouldn't have been eliminated.

  9. Thank you everyone! And congratulations Pinkyglowdust! You have done so well to make it this far!! You deserve to win this as much as anyone else! Thank you again, everyone!

  10. Isa lang masasabi ko sau Noelle, I love you!

  11. I agree with Ms. Pudzianowski being the top blogger. She's really consistent on here. But pinkyglowdust shouldn't have been eliminated.

    I agree with anon above. Even in Stardoll, people don't know how to vote.

  12. She is one of the best writers you have on here. Better than the existing ones in fact. It's a mistake to let her go.

  13. Congratulations to Ms.pudzianowski btw. Well deserved win.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?