April 17, 2011


Need them, want them, got to have them.
Wherever you go you hear about 'rares'. And no, I'm not just talking about DKNY and MKA RC. Tonight my little brother bidded on something on ebay called a 'beyblade' [I think it's called that. It's got something to do with Naruto I think], in short, it's this spinning toy thingo.
Anyways, I asked him, why couldn't he just buy it in a shop in town? That's where he bought his other one.
He told me, very eagerly, that you couldn't get it there, that it was rare.
Of course I instantly thought of Stardoll and our growing need of rares. You could almost call it an obsession. We spend all this money on these clothes, for what though? So we can brag to our friends that we have such and such? To feel above others because we have what they don't? Or simply to fill a void in our lives with such clothes?
Or because we just feel like we have to have these things, that we will be terribly disappointed and that the world will end if we don't purchase all these things; newsflash people, we don't have to worry about that until 21/12/2012. :D

Now, I'll bring up the topic of the next LE season, which we have seen in spoilers. Let's take a look, shall we?
Pictures thanks to Stardoll's Most Wanted.

Umm okay.. they're interesting enough? In my opinion, definitely not worth spending money on.

I have a couple of questions for you guys though, and be honest... even if you have to do it anonymously!
1) How many of you genuinely like this collection?
2) And how many of you will be spending your money on these clothes, just because they are Limited Edition?

Tell me, hmm... if I get enough responses I'll try and make a graph of your responses and I'll post it. :P

P.s I caved and bought superstar.. but I'm not royalty. :P


  1. i'd say 5-6 but it's not very LE-ish if you know what i mean, it's very playful and bright - sort of like Antidote in a way.
    Megan x

  2. I totally agree with you!

    In answer to your questions:

    1) I hate this collection! The pieces looks like unfinished graphics. Horribly made, It looks more like someone painted them actually.

    2) I will buy at least one item (a dress in other spoilers) Just so I can say I have LE dress from this collection. Superficial, I know. But hey, it's Stadoll, nobody cares what you think.


    SugarShoez (sugar103

  3. Im will not buy these, but I swear those bikinis are fake they deffo looked painted, I would be so shocked if stardoll released these!

  4. This is the most disapointed LE season... I have to say that stardoll's not getting really inspired. I'll buy some of them because I like it. But the things is that there are some horrible patterns! So I won't buy them.

    Otherwise, sometimes I buy LE because it's LE. Sometimes I just like it, and I need to get those outfits. But you're right, I can buy LE clothes only because it's LE.

    But this time I won't because of the terrible clothes!

  5. I stopped buying LE 3 seasons ago LOL

    Its a fuckin' waste of money (in rl and Stardoll)

  6. I may buy black arm warmers, but that's it. I definitely dislike this collection the most, and it seems like any regular collection with a difference that this has limited amount of pieces.

  7. 1) I hate this collection, I don't like colours and shapes
    2)No, I won't buy because I'm not a ss

  8. I actually love this LE! This is my favorite collection :) I don't buy LE because it's rare! I just buy the clothes I think are cute! And honestly I think all of these are cute! :) Better become a ss soon!

  9. I don't like them, although that wont be the whole collection, so some of the ones which aren't up yet could be good, but I doubt it.

    I may buy dependant on the price really.

    I wish stardoll would make more collections like the very first LE one, they were really limited, tere weren't many items and they were worth their expensive price tags.

    Love K xxx

  10. I like the playfulness of this collection. Love the colors and probably will buy some of it. I hope there is more than just this from Spoilers. Not much there.

    I buy LE because I love it. And I don't sell 99% of it for that reason.

  11. My answers..
    1: I used to like LE {I can't buy LE, But I ENJOYED seeing the collection...} But when they came out with the ridiculous LE decor, I immediately lost my appreciation in LE.

    2) I can't buy any of the items :o {Non SS}. I only like that Floral Dress... and its very playful {Like Momijigal911 said}. But...LE is supposed to be sophisticated...

    Well I guess thats it.

  12. 1) How many of you genuinely like this collection?
    2) And how many of you will be spending your money on these clothes, just because they are Limited Edition?

    1. I kinda like it. I only like the green dress. Stardoll made their clothes look like a piece of crap!

    2.No. I can't; I am non-superstar, and I will never become superstar for such ugly clothes.

  13. i never buy stuffs because of the brand, well in Stardoll im not, in reality i am though. In Stardoll, i bought things that i love, not because of the brand.

  14. I Think The Clothing Is Crap, But i will end up caving i Always buy Le. Its an obession i buy all Le,Dkny And Elle. Im not proud but i can't help myself

  15. 1) How many of you genuinely like this collection?
    Nah. I totally dislike it.
    I think hate would be too strong a word for the collection, as I DO like 2 of the things, but yeah, it is very bad. -.-
    2) And how many of you will be spending your money on these clothes, just because they are Limited Edition?
    I think if everyone on the streets wore ONLY designers clothes, it would all be just brands brands brands- boring.
    So yeah, to have rares to just display in my room and not even WEAR them because they look like crap on you is a no-no for me.

  16. There are a few items I like, but, I probably expect not to buy them... I mean, have you looked at the new sky-high prices of HB's? This LE will probably range from 75-400 sd! I bet on it :P

  17. That blue dress is calling my name- the rest is bleh. I mean even the blue dress probably won't be worth buying- but le I guess is an *Investment*....
    OK BS! Its a brand that we all flock to buy, but even when I know all this if I have ss I will probably buy. IK stupid- but hey Its not just me(: I have ranted and ranted and ranted about it, only to realize that we all are informed. but this is a game so we stupidly go buy the piece xD haha xxJucii

  18. Can i just say: LE is like Edward Cullen to many Bella Swan's. 'Nuff said.

  19. i like soem of the items which i am tottaly going to buy !!! I agree with you cause i luv limited edition and i never got the money to buy one but now that i have the money i can buy it !!! YAY btw i hate some of the items .

    stardoll username :- nazanin1990

  20. I hate this collection but I will be buying it all.

  21. I only like the black necklase, the rest is just.. crap.

  22. Beyblade isn't related to Naruto. It's completely different.

    And, I don't spend my time buying LE it doesn't go with the clothing I really enjoy to wear.

  23. Bearing in mind that I get the second half of my refill about a week into June - which will no doubt be long after the collection is released - I doubt I'll be able to afford this collection. I do think some of the pieces are quite nice although others have seriously poor graphics and are lacking in... creativity?
    Honestly, I'd guess those items to be Antidote if some of them weren't labelled with LE. The colours are so bold and out-there that I can't see them being LE. In fact, I'll be surprised if they are.
    Yes, I'll admit to buying rare brands on Stardoll (or limited ones) because they are just that... limited... however, I would NEVER buy something I didn't like just because it was LE/Antidote. I tend to search through the collection, find my top five, then buy the cheapest two out of those. It's a good way to spend less but still get what you want.
    Overall, no, I don't like this collection. It looks like something any graphic designer on Stardoll could draw up in a matter of hours. Certainly not up to the standards we expect and definitely not worth the extortionate price tags we all know they'll have.


  24. Oh Kylie you got the date wrong: the world will end in 2012 not 2010! otherwise we'd be gone already, lol (:

  25. You did NOT just associate Naruto with Beyblade!!!!!!

  26. "I hate this collection but I will be buying it all."


  27. @Yumi & ◄★Chihiro★►
    Ah sorry, I have no clue about those things :P

    @Lia whoops, I always get dates wrong! :D

  28. I wonder when they would be releasing the new LEs???

    This kept up the whole weekend!!!

  29. Love your posts! I've heard of Beyblades. My brother and cousin used to collect them when they were younger. I don't like much of the LE. I usually only buy what I like, anyway.

  30. Oh, and I don't believe the world's going to end in 2012 anyways xDD

  31. i won't buy anything from the LE new collection..
    I don't collect rares..I think it's a waste of money!I can find a more nice looking dress on starplaza for 10sd!there's no need to spend 500sd just because it's rare!

  32. "spinning toy thingo" LOL!
    Beyblade were cartoons that aired for the first time (in my country) when I was 7/8 or something were they used to battle with whipping-tops. I used to watch is ALL the time! It was the coolest thing EVER! (I know I'm kindda geeky :b)

    1) For LE, it's horrible!
    2) No way I would spend my money on that crap! -.-

  33. beyblade has nothing to do with naruto :D lol

  34. I heard LE was coming out so I ran and bought tons of sds just for it.
    But then I saw the collection.
    I didn't like anything.
    Therefore, I did not buy anything.

    If it were Antidote I MAY have bought something because this is kinda collection we expect from Antidote. Not LE.


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