April 13, 2011

mizzmileycyrus9's Trap

Destiny (mizzmileycyrus9) had recently gotten to her "good" side. She asked forgiveness to all the people she have sinned against.

Some people might accept her apology, but you should stop there and not accept this:

You shouldn't accept mizzpsycho9's friend request..... you know why?
Because I saw this message in her presentation:

She is telling everyone that she won't accept any friend requests, because her "friend" just got hacked by accepting one that has a keylogger attached to it.

If this is true,
I think the one who hacked her "friend" is Destiny. She's the only one who has the guts and knows how to do these things and pester our beloved Dollywood.

But if she really can hack us by using the "friend request" feature in stardoll, why is she warning everyone by using her presentation?
Is that message trying to warn us, scare us, or is she really telling the truth?

Oh and by the way, it looks like she tried to send me a friend request too.



  1. Hello this is mizzmileycyrus9 this is absoulutly trying to warn you guys i have stop hacking i mean Selena , Avniarisha have forgiven me they have given me a second chance i haven't hacked since February and i do not hack no more as learned and realized that if i got hacked i would not know what to do but by my ex-hacking career i know how to protect myself but you guys do not i seriously want to help you it is a terrible thing getting hacked and i learned that when i hacked my last victim she had spent everything and i felt guilty and gave all her items back i have stopped i can get where ever i want by myself and that is what i am trying to do for myself so please is there another chance for forgiveness ? Sprry i did not use punctuation

  2. I don't think a key logger virus can be encrypted in a Stardoll "friend request". I am not an expert IT person but as i understand it, KL virus infercted links would have to actually be clicked on for one to get infected.

    Stardoll may be shitty at times but they sure are not downright fucked up. Their whole system is most probably hosted on a secure server which means that for you to be able to encrypt a virus on an official friend request, you would have to hack Stardoll.com itself.

  3. I don't know who to believe in this case. I agree with Noelle, though. Also, Destiny sent me the same Guestbook comment that you recieved. I'm not sure if this is a sign or not, bit I respectfully declined the offer... I've been hacked before, and it was not nice... I hope that it never happens again, and that Stardoll should do something about hackers. Surely they can figure out who it is... *thoughtful face*


  4. The reason i am sending people those messages is because i am in desperate need of writers for my blog and know one will ever accept because of my previous reputation and i do agree with noelle but there was a link in the friend request for this foreign proxy my friend was stupid enough to go there so really it was her fault and Ms.pudzianowski i asked you as i seen your writing skills in the MDM competition and i was intreeged by how good your writing is thanks

  5. Why do you need writers fucko? Can't you write yourself?

  6. Thank you for clearing that up, Destiny. Although I am honoured by your offer, I am only interested in writing for MDM. :) Good luck with finding some writers!

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  8. @Noelle, yes, you are right. Stardoll doesn't give a person enough characters to add a keylogger, and if so I doubt they html or what ever would allow the to work.

  9. Destiny, I don't know if you've changed, but hopefully you have. If this has taught me anything, it's that it can take forever to build up your reputation-but it can be trashed within a second.

  10. She's A liar. Honestly, I have a reason to be pissed at her. And like she said shes desperate, so no one knows if she'll go back to her old wicked ways.

  11. She asked me to be a designer for her blog too o.O I'm not involving myself with her in ANY way. And I change my password VERY often

  12. You can't send any virus over stardoll. But mizzmileycyrus9 also seems to know this, on her sddirtyscammers.blogspot.com she says in one of the posts that as long as you're under the stardoll server, nothing can be sent

    Which makes me wonder why she put that on her presentation,

  13. I Also Agree With Noelle. However....I'm still a little curious about Destiny...Well everyone deserves another chance but there are too many backstabbers in this world.

    Just my opinion.

  14. MizzMileyCyrus9... First impressions count the most, remember that.

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