April 14, 2011

R18: Paperdoll Heaven


Once upon a time in Paperdoll Heaven, typical suites would look like this:

Yellow draperies, purple wallpapers and large French windows were always the safe choices.

To blend in.

Years passed by and Stardoll users (the old ones in particular) slowly began to evolve within the site and personal, often controversial views and issues were reflected on how they show themselves as virtual paper dolls.

As I begin this post, let me just say that this isn't for the conservative nor the devout (Nope! I ain't posting Tyler's pictures again). 

Rather, this is to stir those restless young subconscious of yours and make you play a bit more with your imagination to see beyond the obvious.

Almost a week ago, controversial Stardoll persona Undamyumbrellla took the whole of Dollywood by surprise when she dressed up as the Holy Virgin in her suite.

Kasia's move to mix religious beliefs with a virtual site was met with a lot of harsh critiques

Metaphorically speaking however, this was also related to the struggles of a woman living in today's modern society... how she begs to be recognized... to be worshipped.

C - L - E - V - E - R.

Another unconventional theme I came across with was that of our very own Miss Noelle_Page.

Take a peek.

Right after Religion and Feminist views, let us talk about Death shall we?

Noelle swapped her glitzy-glamorous penthouse for a black hole and projected herself as Death incarnate. Complete with her very own angel of death to take you away on a boat to the next life, this particular theme maybe scary to some and awkward to many.

The message is loud and clear though. 

Death is a fact of life.

From controversial and eerie, off we go to the taboo.

filipinhamaria is one of the hottest dolls around no doubt.
But to make your doll reside in a bordello is another story.

"If you've got it, flaunt it" as they say and that's what she sure is doing.

Red and raunchy, her suite is complete with sexy lingerie, strobe lights, heavy velvet curtains, a sexy performer, a stage to perform in...


Well, you catch the drift.

Filipa sure is sexy but she seems ultra comfortable rubbing it in as well.

I personally do not find anything wrong with any of the three suites above. In fact, I find in all of them unusual beauty... almost theatrical in essence. 

However, do you think these themes are a bit too much for a website such as Stardoll, which is aimed towards a market of 7-15 year olds?

Do you find these topics out of place or just plain realistic?

Do you also have personal opinions about women's rights, religion, death and sex that you want to voice out on this site, but just too scared or shy to do actually do it? 

Well... Kasia, Noelle and Filipa just gave out theirs...

Through their Stardoll suites.


  1. My suite is filled with puppies and kittens, so I guess that says... I love puppies and kittens? Lol, good article.

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  4. I love the way you made the post. I really think it's important to show the 'diversity' to young people. We are girls and being role model, Kasia, Noelle and Filipa are really well known and they show the track to follow. I just think that they're inspiring and this is just a site actually so I really have no problems with the way some people dresses their dolls... But then when they explain why... Then we can have 'problems'. I mean that some about these three girls, if they had to explain their outfits' choice, I'm sure that some people will be against their choice. And this is almost what you made. I personally don't have problems with that as I am a GaGa fan, I'd say that it's important to show your 'Art' and Art is to have no limits.

    Then, great post ! You wait to have enough infos... it's really well explained and the choices are really good because of the themes that they reapresent which are very different (Religion, Death, Sexy)

  5. OMG @ Noelle! So dark and amazing!

  6. I think anyone who does something like that may be risking their account but that's stardolls choice an not ours
    Some girls may start dressing like Flipas medoll but if there parents don't want them to they should complain to stardoll.

    It also depends how stardoll effects you as you could become a spoilt brat who wants only designer clothes, a hacker or cruell person or someone who grows and learns more aboutfashion and their identitiy, I think it just depends on who you are an hoe you want to express yourself and life

  7. Haha, good post.
    I don't think my suite says much about me. I've got a room which is like a nursery for when I became an Auntie, and that's it. I've only changed it to suit my real life once, tbh.

  8. I like the post, and I really like all the suites, especially Noelle's. Yes, the site has grown, but they wanted to do that, just to get more money of course. Now everyone can express themselves via suite or medoll, not just themselves, but what they feel, like, etc.

  9. Wow, i realy like this post. Great job!!

  10. I think everyone is entitled to do their suite however they like. Filipa's does no-one anyharm nor Noelle's, Kasia's is more contraversial, but it is her opinion and faith , plus just because she shows she believes in God and Jesus shows no disrespect for other religions.

    It simply shows hers. I mean stardoll sells things like shrines and buddas , so that represents some religions, its not really account risking.

    This was a really good post I liked the whole theme. My suite is a mixture of lots of styles, but mainly says I like nature I think...

  11. Really fabulous post!

    I really love Noelle's suite, it's inspiring.

    However I find Filipa's suite to be a little trashy...especially since, like you said, this site is targeted at tweens.

  12. Personally, I think all three suites - although they could be considered controversial - are incredibly beautiful. It's clear, especially with Noelle's death scene, that a lot of time has been spent on the ideas and execution of the suites. Not only are they expressing their views, they're doing it in an artistic, fascinating way. I find all three suites to be very deep, but not at all too adult for Stardoll.

    Great post though, I love these type of posts. :]

  13. good article really ;) I personally loved "the death"

  14. Noelle's is really classy and artistic. Filipa's is trashy and Kasia's is... uhhmmm... just done to whore hereself out.

  15. Great Post!
    Personally, I think that of course, these are not the best examples for younger children, but I hope they have enough common sense, to keep on the safe side. Afterall its a place to express yourself. My suite is really only about me, if i dont feel safe about wearing something in real life, why would I in the internet? After all, it IS the same person behind that screen! Expressing yourself, can lead to pretty much different ideas, if that is the way you are feeling, you need to put it somewhere. Like when you are angry, you want to lets say punch a cussion, when you are sad, you cry. Its the way we put our emotion out to the world, without exploding. So when they (for example) feel sad, they express it in their suite.

  16. I like kasia's
    but the other's are a bit much
    [honest opinion]

  17. I like noelle's the most. it seems as if she's put really less effort on it yet it made the most impact. It's just perfect.

  18. Kasia's a whore. Nothing will change that even if she dresses as a virgin. For god's fuckin sake, she's such an Irony.

  19. This is an excellent post by the way. I love how you write. You should start posting more often and this blog should get rid of some of the writers on here. The one below this post of yours in particular.

  20. It is these girls' choices to be this way. I don't see anything wrong with any of it. Besides, if Stardoll doesn't want dolls dressed as whores, they shouldn't have released a Burlesk line.

  21. Love Noelle's and that Filipina girl. I'm not really sure about Undamy.

  22. I oove Death so much! Bordelle can be taken at certain points but the Virgin is just unacceptible.


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