April 02, 2011


Hello lovely readers!

I feel as if I have neglected you, no? I have just recovered from the most horrible month of my life. Who knew a flu could be so cruel?!

Today I returned to my Stardoll account to find my superstar membership gone. Great.

And to my luck, these cute little LE kittens were released:

I am a fool for anything cute! And... I WANT ONE!

But 100SD for cartoon kitties? Hmm, reasonable or ridiculous?

My favorite has to be the ginger/brown cat. It's elegant, adorable and I'm surprised that it hasn't sold out yet. I also like the fat white one, SO CUTE! It strangely resembles my overweight puppy, Heidi. Aww, does anyone know of a puppy fitness trainer?

Stardoll seems to be throwing us new LE ideas recently. First, the LE clothing store which I have always liked. Then, the new LE decor which had some great pieces but most of it was overpriced. And now, LE kittens. What's next?!

Personally, I would love to see LE jewelery. How about you?

And, did you buy a LE cat?

Lots of love,

~ Zoë xoxo


  1. I think they are really cute! I bought two but i think 200 sd for 2 cats is too much but thats stardoll for you. Id like a le shoe shop just all shoes it would be amazing! and LOL at the stalking cat video, i laughed so much!

  2. Don't forget Entidote is aslo Limited.
    Then I love LE clothes too, and I bought 4 cats ! And yes, why not a LE jewelry !!!

  3. I think it's for the brand... I mean, it's all like Armani... It can be expensive as hell, but still, people buy it for the 'name' ... the 'brand' the clothing is under.


    PS: Cute kitties, but sooo expensive that it's starting to get stupid! Stardoll act like hobbo's that need money ;D

  4. next they should have le longaray (bad spelling but like bras and pants) lol would be cool

  5. Y'all already know I'm crazy: I bought all ten of the cute little creatures. I can't wait for them to grow up. I love cats... even though I have two chihuahuas!

  6. I was more tempted to buy a real kitten than one of these but there cute, the fat one resembles my 2nd cat cuddles! :p


  8. I'm baffled at how stardoll puts a huge price tag (of real money) on something you can get almost free on another website. On i-dressup they have walking, blinking & jumping dogs. I know these sites are not really free because of the adverts, game & music dowloads. But stardoll takes real money from people even with all the adverts. If you have the time just take a look at the decor shop & interiors on i-dressup, if those items were on stardoll how much would they cost?

  9. Vixi you stupid little girl it's HOBO not 'HOBBO'

  10. Awww, I didn't see this shop until there were only 2 left! I wasn't going to buy one, but I was very intrigued by the fact that they "grow" so I go the Siamese (:

  11. I got the morweigian forest cat or the one looking down with big blue eyes and is kinda sad looking.

    it was too cute to resist I love him ♥ Maybe different animals will be released too...

  12. I dont have enough money to buy them :@

  13. I just think it's too much for $100. tHAT'S TOO MUCH EVEN IN REAL LIFE!!!

  14. Sure they're cute, but for me to pay that much they'd have to make them a lot better than what they are.

    I think LE shouldn't be cartoon either. To me LE represents class, sophistication, style, exclusiveness and all that.

    I too would love love love to see LE jewellery and LE lingerie! No tacky graphics. I want class.

  15. EDIT; Just read liajm's comment. They GROW? Hm, that is cool (:


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