April 06, 2011

Nails Showcase + Really Stardoll, Really?!

With this being my last day of SS, as of right now, I wanted to buy all the last minute things I wouldn't be able to tomorrow- and that includes NAIL POLISH!! Yeah! Stardoll has FINALLY heard me out with the whole nail polish idea. I can say, quite frankly, it's about time.

So for you all MDM Followers, Comment a tinypic of your look, and your nails.
Also, please put your Stardoll Username in the comment so I can identify you when posting.
The  hottest nails will be showcased in their own post right here on MDM.

Here is an example (my nails with my outfit):
(click for bigger view)

It's pretty simple, but I might add a few accessories later ;)

BUT HERE is the thing that had me a bit annoyed.
Spending so much stardollars on the polish, I expected to at least SEE the nails on my doll without having to place my cursor over them =/
I mean thats the whole point- so it can "go" with the outfit.
When the nails are painted, with the outfit it just shows white nails, and not the ending look that you saved.


Hopefully- That gets changed.

Can't wait to see all the nails! xxJucii


  1. I noticed. Either way, it's a waste of money

    PS. 1st post :)

  2. For all it's worth, since i was stupid enough to spend 1000 SD on these things, here's mine:


    On a lighter note though, putting a darker polish on your nails would make it visible on your suites. :)

  3. Exciting! I have such high expectations for this though. But then, at least we can always find ways to make this more fun. LOZ!

  4. I'll upload mine in a while. I'm just looking for a good design.

  5. Haven't decided which one to pick. They're kinda expensive I think.

  6. I think it's a really coo Idea! I just wish it'd show up more...well here's my look (: http://i53.tinypic.com/2zid85l.png

  7. I like the idea, but I find whenever I scroll over my hands I get rather annoyed.

  8. @Noelle Yeah, ik i wasted 100sd on mine too, but w/e. I bought without thinking :P

  9. Beautiful nails! The entries were all wonderful so far!

  10. ghandoora is sad you harass her again !

  11. Tell Ghangoora to fuck herself then. That should bring a smile to her face.

  12. The zoom pop-up is the most annoying thing yet. Plus, if you want to wear any bracelets, that zoom thing must be worked around... Like making sure your nails/hands are totally undone (which turns of that zoom) before you can put on or take off bracelets. Pain in the arse.

    Second, I'd like to know why we cannot paint our toenails. At least all of them are showing!!

  13. I love how you can see the nails up close, but I agree how it would be nice to see it on your doll too...

  14. Here you go.


    Name's ClarieGirl666.

  15. i wish non-ss could get them, i mean wats d difference between ss and non-ss?? thats the BIG question...


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