April 06, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Leaving is a hard thing to do. 

Since my reluctant departure from Stardoll I have been feeling the weights of separation.
Unlike most who choose to leave, I didn't want to and I regret the decision everyday.
However, my decision was for the best....
but that doesn't make staying away any easier.
I still sneak the occasional peek at a world I've loved for so long and left behind.

I miss writing and posting for you all to see. 
I miss the feedback; positive and negative.
I miss drowning in projects.
I miss the friends I've made.

I miss you.

Stardoll, don't forget about me. For I haven't forgotten you.
For anyone who has ever loved me, hated me, or otherwise, I miss you.
I hope to reunite with my second home soon.

Love for those who love and love for those who hate.


  1. I love you Aisy! You have been an amazing best friend and I'm so happy that we met on SD! It's great that you still come on and me you and Gill can group chat. LOVE YOU FOREVER GIRL!! <333

  2. Good things come to those who wait :')

  3. I miss our talk about broth :') xD Come back soon!

  4. Thanks for stopping by to let us know how you're doing and that you miss us. Although I don't know you, I remember your posts, and I sure do miss them.

    Take care of yourself first. That's my new mantra!!

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  6. I have been missing you Aisnlin, I am so intrigued as to why you had to go, but so long as you are well. Take care and maybe you will find time to do things you just never could before.

    Hope to see you soon x...

  7. WOW, this post is incredibly incredible! I miss your amazing posts and you've just made me think seriously about separating from the bunch of pixels that I've been loving for such a long time!I love you so much! <3 xx :)

  8. you left because you weren't succesful in being elite, right?


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?