April 12, 2011

Over It!

At one instance or another, we all reach "point break".
Evolving from our normal selves and reaching a threshold of "insanity", some would say.
This point is where we all scream "I'm over it!"
Over the last few weeks I have compiled a list of things that I am "over".
Here they are:

-Appeasing those people who don't matter to me.
-Pretending I care about things I have no interest in.
-Acknowledging people who only try to bring me down.
-Being defeated by the monster I call Jealousy.
-Keeping my mouth sealed tight when I have something controversial to say.
-Fixing my hair when it is raining outside.
-Caring about what judgmental people have to say.
-Trying to understand someone who makes no sense.
-Hiding my tattoos for the sake of others.
-Working my ass off and getting no where.
-Letting a certain drug consume me.

These are only several things from my list.
What are you over?

(make your list and post it in a comment below)


  1. I am over with...
    1. People walking over me and I allow it.
    2. Caring about what people think of me.
    3. Not trying because I am too embarrassed.
    4. NOT being myself


  2. I am over...

    - All these thoughts centering around things I've never thought about.

    -People trying to bring me down.

    -And, being shy of everyone.

    I'm fine with people hating me, I always reply with a smile saying, 'Right back at ya!'

  3. I'm tired of...
    • following orders.
    • Going to the gym
    • Not going to the gym
    • Extended deadlines
    • CSAT
    • Crab Mentality
    • Living up to my expectations

  4. I am other with...
    1. Bullies
    2. People trying to bring ME down. (I quote from Yumi)
    3. Not acting like myself.
    4. Not trying because I am too embarrassed. (I quote from <3heart_)
    5. Not studying.
    6. Much more...

  5. I am over...

    Fighting for a friendship that just isn't worth it,
    Being afraid of what people think,
    Forgiving the people who have let me down so many times
    letting those nasty people (not mentioning any names) walk all over me.


  6. Such a sensitive and heart felt post.

  7. I am over with...
    - Being someone I am not
    - Trying to conform
    - Being a heartless bitch


    - Mizzmileycyrus9's face

    I guess I am not really over with the 3rd one.

  8. Did you know that Destiny copied from one of MDM's posts on her blog?

  9. http://thestardolltime.blogspot.com/2011/04/chihuahua-or-dame-edna.html

  10. I am over with:
    1. Peoples expectations with me. It's MY life.
    2. My own extremely high expectations.
    3. Not having a job. I don't understand why someone wouldn't hire me? I get good grades and I actually show up on time!
    4. Never having enough time to sit down and read a good book :3

  11. I'm over of:

    *Trying to understand who's telling lies and who's telling the truth.
    *Trying to realise and make understood some things.
    *Not showing the real me.
    *Dreaming and not making my dreams reality.

    And soooo much more :P

  12. Nice post..
    I am over with ..
    1.Hiding myself because, I am scared of what the people might think/say about me.
    2.Hiding some facts about myself cause' I am ashamed from them.
    3.Trying to be someone I am not, just to fit in.
    4-Not trying to be someone worth it, because I am scared of failing.

    ~Nour x

  13. -fake friends
    -destiny, it just slaps you in a face so hard
    -felling alone
    -hiding my real me, my scars, and my deepest secrets and fears
    -dreams that never come true
    -following orders, being told what not to do and what to do

  14. I am over with...

    People walking over me.
    Bitchy arguments on SD.
    Eating a lot of chocolate! :P

  15. Sorry to post this here but I felt it was important to let people know that SD did the right thing:
    I am very happy to report that Stardoll has refunded the Stardollars I spent on the 0SD pricetag items. What a relief! I found the refund in my transaction history this morning. I didn't discover it until after I sent another message to SD giving them my transaction numbers. I am so very glad that they did the honorable thing! I hope everyone else gets their SDollars back too. Its really nice to see good business practices when there are so many businesses out there that wouldn't have done the right thing. Bravo Stardoll!!!

  16. I am over with
    1. Trying to bring back a lost friendship.
    2. Sacrificing myself for the sake of those who don't appreciate it.
    3. Stress
    4.Trying to be/seem perfect
    5. Replying to haters. ( Superiority :] )

    Great post.

  17. I am over:
    going to the doctor all the time
    seeing my hair frizz with every little drop of humidity it can find
    haters/scammers/hackers on SD

  18. - bullies
    - hiding myself
    - being nice because people have problems with what i say
    - trying to live up to everyone else's expectations
    - with the lying to make people happy
    - trying to please people
    - giving up on everyone
    - the stupid rumours people spread about me
    - changing myself for the benefits of others
    - being scared
    - people walking over me
    - letting my so called friends pull me apart and embarass me infront of everyone

  19. Im over with having to deal with haters all the time and people trying to bring me down.

  20. I'm over:

    -Not trying my best
    -Asians at my school being so freakin smart
    -stressing out
    -worrying about what others think
    -putting myself down

    I love this post (:

  21. I'm over :
    People wanting equality, for themselves and trashing everyone else.
    Exaggerated Accusations.
    And now I'm not trying to be like every other bitch but people telling me to be myself and I always am, but then they tell me to stfu! Lol.

  22. Good for you girl! It's like, dog, you don't have to care about what people say about you.

    I'm over life at da moment, but it's like, dawg..


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