April 27, 2011

Why So Anonymous?

Anonymity is a growing trend on our beloved Stardoll.com. Everywhere you look, you see those comments marked "Anonymous" in your guestbook or the comments on your blog, you either love them or hate them, read them or not. Most of the time, these comments speak the truth, and they say it like it is, no sugar coating whatsoever. However they also can be ridiculously stupid and just a waste of time for everyone.

I find that these Anonymous users come in two forms, or how about we call them two different species?

Species One:
TheIHaveWayTooMuchTimeOnMyHandsiblius or The Anonymous Account.

Gahh these ones annoy me the most I must say. Who really finds the time to create fake accounts and do things like "Protecting Elites" or start randomly bashing people in guestbooks? It's incredibly sad on their part. It shows they have waaay too much free time on their hands, and it also shows how boring and dull their real lives must be if they are spending their time creating fake accounts just to annoy/worship whom they consider "Elites". And we all know that the ones who hate Elites the most are the ones that want to be Elite, cause you know, they secretly resent the fact that they have what they don't. ;D

Exhibit A:
These so called "Protectors of the Elite" try and well, protect Elites. Anyone else think this is ridiculous? Seriously, what is the point? Want to really protect Elites? Go to England and apply as Prince Williams or Kate Middleton's body guard. Or better yet, get of the computer and go outside and stop wasting your time with this.

Exhibit B:

The "I know the goss", "Listen to me as I rant against Elites", blah blah blah, they're all the same.
They do the whole shabang, create new Stardoll accounts, create new emails so they can make a new blogger account and then create blogs which have been done a million times before where they 'expose' Elites, or write posts expressing why they hate them which we have read a million times before. I mean, if I read one more post about how Lolita is a famewhore I will scream. We've heard it all before, don't bother repeating it.
Although the good thing about these guys are that they are very short lived and only continue for a couple days before getting bored with it and moving on with their lives.

Species Two:
TheIAmToCowardToTellYouMyRealNameicus or The Anonymous Comment.

The most common of the three species by far, easily spotted in many popular blogs where anonymous comments are permitted. They tell the truth, although sometimes they may be a bit biased. They tell it like it is, because they are anonymous they have nothing to lose. No one knows who they are and they are able to express their opinion.
Personally, I think people who use anonymous accounts are idiots. Honestly, you've got a right to your own opinion, say it with your username, the worst that will happen is that someone will not like you. And really, if you say something mean about them it's to be expected and obviously you don't want to be friends with them if you say it in the first place.
... Unless of course you secretly want to be friends with them because they are higher on the social ladder than you are... if that's the case, I feel sorry for you.

Above, comments from PSG.

What is honestly so hard about saying that with your real blogger account? Especially when there are a gazillion other comments, it's not going to be that noticeable in the sea of comments.

Above are the two types of the very common Anonymous species.

So let me ask you a couple questions:

Why do people hide under the persona of "Anonymous"? Are they too scared to let people know about their opinion? Are they too scared to people will hate them because of it? Because honestly, there are a lot worse things then being hated on virtual website...



  1. IMHO, anyone who posts as anonymous is a coward. Plain and simple. I disregard what they write most of the time. Are they really 'speaking the truth'? Usually they are being mean-spirited and nasty.

  2. I hate anons, but I agree with person above me, they are not idiots, only cowards. But come on, what you got to lose if you comment with your username?

  3. Agree!
    I mean, seriously, if i have an opinion thats BAD i dont comment! You can tell your friends, but of course, if it is not disrespectful you can comment! No one will care, if you are mean (unless REALLY mean!). Keep your identity!
    Like from Who Says by Selena Gomez: I wouldn't wanna be anybody else!

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  5. I disagree.

    I love anonymous, and if you comment with your stardoll username, you still count as anonymous, we don't know your real name, or have seen your face, unless you have a picture of yourself.

    I don't have problem with them at all. I'm not really afraid to show my opinions, and I have a blogger account.


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