April 27, 2011

Hot Item: Stolen MeDoll Bodies

Do you still remember this post from a very annoyed Zoe?

Just to refresh your rusty memories, Zoe talked about how Official Stardoll Blogger Dapao apparently stole one of Verojun's graphics and claimed it as her own.

 Left photo: Verojun's grpahics for Dina Edition
Right photo: Dapao's "stolen" version 

To add insult to injury, the stolen hot item was published in the official Russian Stardoll Magazine which you can see here.

A few days after the scandal broke out, Dapao issued an official statement which she published on her presentation. It read:


"I want to make a public apology to Verojun.
In my magazine I have a pose of a doll that is the same of a pose that Verojun created.
I am not trying to justify the publication, but I will explain.
My magazine was made using photomontage, silhouettes and templates, FREE from internet, but I don't have any of these poses on sitting position this is why I asked for help to a girl of stardoll, and she provided me with two doll images for my magazine, girls always give me these type of presents for my blog. The girl gave them to me as a gift and told me there was no need to give her credit because they were only two dolls on a white background and I didn’t see any bad intention, but one of the images that she gave me was a part was taken from an image created by Verojun, specifically the arms and the legs.
The girl that gave them to me is a minor and I am an adult, so I will not reveal her name, unless she accepts what she did, which I hope she does.
If you can see in the two editions of my magazine, I look just for talented people in stardoll and always give credit to those who help me in it, models, designers, graphic designers, translators, etc., is so easy for me to give credit to those who contribute to my magazine.
I am not a problematic person, and those who know me, can prove that what I say is true, and I greatly value the work of others. If I had known that the image was from Verojun, I would have removed it or given her credit for it.
I already wrote to stardoll telling them to please remove that image from the magazine, but I’m still waiting for their response.

I honestly believe that she is telling the truth. I actually applaud how she owned up to the mistake and apologized for it.

As of the moment, the stolen image is still up on the Official Stardoll Magazine despite the author's request for them to remove it ages ago... This as usual goes to show that Stardoll doesn't give a flying f*ck... but that's another story which we all know about. 

*rolls eyes*

The question left unanswered now is: Who stole Verojun's graphics and gave it to Dapao?

Do we have another mizzmileycyrus9 on the lose?

I certainly hope not. 

Article written by Ysadora Powers.


  1. Yes, it's cool that she owned up to what happened, but the person who gave her the stolen graphic needs to account for herself.

    And yes, Stardoll better get busy taking down the stolen image. There's no excuse for that.

  2. Well done to her!

    Oh and that girl should have some respect and own up.

    Or, well, I bet she won't because of all the hate mail that she will get.

  3. Thanks for posting this Noelle. I'm still having trouble posting on the blog. Can you remove me and add me up again? Thanks again! :-)

  4. Yeah I think she's being honest too, it's nice to see there are still people on Stardoll with class.

  5. I'm glad. Anybody who writes for Stardoll Magazine should not do any wrong whatsoever.

  6. I don't believe her. Sorry. It's just that she got caught. That's all there is to it.

  7. That was such a convenient excuse for her. Of course the person who gave her the picture won't come out becuase there's no other person. Duh.

  8. She really did own up, I honestly think she isn't lying.

  9. She's a really well written person. I respect that she has taken it all calmly after we all took the shit out of her.

  10. I respect her for not coming back with a load of swears etc--people who do that are people I admire.

    As I try to see the best in people, I believe her.

  11. http://tinypic.com/r/16bylg1/7


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