April 02, 2011

WOAH! Double Wammy!!

Didn't See This One Coming Did You?

Who Could It Be?
BlueGreen86 Is Leaving.

Her with Noelle Page at the Limelight December 2010 party.

I am still in utter shock. She is a virtual inspiration to all stardoll models in the making.

You think this is crazy?
Well, Do You know why she is leaving SHE IS CARRYING A CHILD!

Yes, OMG Right? She is about to give birth- a whole other life.

Soon to be mother, honored amazing stardoll supermodel: Mel You will definitely be missed.

Here is her leaving message to the dollyworld:

There goes that question about a new generation of elites?
Whether all of that talk occurs are not, the 1st generation is what started it all.

Wishing Melanie a Healthy baby, and a great journey, and to all my readers a great day xxJucii

PS: Now that I have been thinking about it..... This just could be an April Fools? We will see.


  1. OMG! Mel, you have been an icon and you left your mark.
    I wish you best of luck everywhere you go, you will be so missed on sd!

  2. Melanie . Without a doubt . The BEST Model of Stardoll . With no hesitance I make this statement . You will bedeeply missed , but I hope this is an April Fools joke >?

  3. Oh, gosh I hope this is an April fools joke! I don't know what stardoll would be without Mel, Especially the modeling industry.

  4. Aw, I hate to see such a great and creative person go. :/ I loved Mel, and I was hoping to audition for MNTM next cycle.. Ah well. I'll miss her..

  5. Pregnant at the age of 16? :s

  6. Was that a typo or did she just say that it was an EXPECTED CHILD???

    God, so not a good example!!!

  7. A child? I wish her luck. Anyone call her a slut will be killed! l:(

  8. When people make such a big announcement & fuss about leaving stardoll I always wonder how much of your time do you spend on stardoll? I thought being on stardoll was one of the (last)things you do in your spare time. Stardoll or any other game site is not a full time thing like anything you do in life, you can sign in once a week/month or few minutes in a day, it's on the computer in your home you don't work or drive to it. I would understand if you're leaving a school or a job but stardoll is something you can log in or out when you like take a break as long as you like etc. It is nothing compared to anything you take so much time to do in life. I just wonder how much time does stardoll take? Is stopping a hobby worth the fuss?

  9. The word is 'walk' not 'work'.

  10. A so called Supermodel in Stardoll is a SLUT in real life. LOLZ!!!!

  11. A mini-Mel, how cute!

    Mel will be missed, she was a brilliant Stardoll model and role model but I have a feeling this may just be a April Fools joke..

    P.s. If it's a girl, I suggest the name Zoë? :)


  12. Since I'm new to all of this SD blogging world, I really don't know who she is... I've seen her around A LOT on blogs, but I cannot say I will miss her.

    As for her expected baby, I hope she enjoys every moment of her pregnancy and their new life together. I refuse to make any judgments on her. After all, not a single soul is perfect, right?


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