April 19, 2011

Would You Like A Serve Of Rip-Off With That?

 What have you become?

A bunch of money-obsessed pigs.

That's what.

When I joined Stardoll, there was already a massive bias towards Superstars, but now, it's getting ridiculous. Utterly, utterly ridiculous.

Stardoll used to be about Fame, Fashion and Friends, but now, their slogan should be "Stardoll, Fame, Fashion and Who-can-pay-us-the-most-money-so-that-we-can-con-them-into-believing-that-we-are-doing-the-best-for-them". Do you like it? I think it's kinda... Catchy. It certainly sticks in your head. Agreed?

Stardoll have become extremely Elite-ist... And we are partially to blame...
We are obsessed with these little fragments of pixels, we have forgotten the consequences. We have forgotten that no matter how much it costs, we are determined to earn the little star or diamond. 

 Stardoll are using this to their advantage. They are making Superstar seem more and more appealing, with new hairs, facial expressions and skin tones, not to mention the extra rooms, monthly allowance and they ability to buy what ever we could ever desire.... Of course, when we stop paying, these luxuries all but vanish, and only return when we start paying Stardoll's wages again.

It would also seem that to gain "Elite" status, we need to be a part of the "coveted" Stardoll Royalty Club. It isn't that great. In fact, it's rather dull. All people care about is the fact that they are they highest form of Superstar. Everybody wants to see their portrait in a silver box with a diamond on it. It looks tempting, right? You look powerful and automatically the coolest cucumber around when you have this around your face.
It's not even your face. It's whatever face you think looks the best that might possibly resemble you, slightly.

They make it all so easy.
 Go on. You know you want to.

To earn any form of social status on stardoll, you need to have the deepest pockets.

It is times like these that the Lily Allen song "Not Fair" pops into my head. 

Excluding the fact that it is about sex, think about this particular segment;

it's not fair and I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean
yes I think you're really mean

oh you're supposed to care but you never make me scream
you never make me scream

oh it's not fair and it's really not ok
it's really not ok
it's really not ok

oh you're supposed to care but all you do is take
all you do is take

Stardoll?? You listening?


Of course...
Silly me...
You. Never. Do.


Written by:
Ms.Pudzianowski for MDM's Next Top Blogger


  1. I tottaly agree with you Noelle. Stardoll's so unfair lately. And we become more and more obsessed with it. It's an addiction somehow and we gotta control ourselves. :)

  2. I also agree. Just a bunch of pixels. So, why am I on this site every chance I get?

    I have 3 accounts, two of which are SS. The third one is an experiment, to see exactly how much one can do without being SS. It's a challenge and it allows me to see exactly how different/better it is being SS.

    The second one started out non-SS, but since she's really my alter-ego... that is, what I would do in real life if I could... she had to have SS in order to fulfill her inner coolness.

    My first and main account gets all the perks! She's all over the place.

    We all agree with you, Noelle. You've hit the nail on the head. You deserved to have this post on MDM.

  3. I don't think being in the royalty club of recent means you're an elite or rich. I got invited to it few weeks ago & I've always paid 2 weeks at a time on my mobile phone & have been non-ss lots of times. You don't have to spend a lot of money to be in the club. I don't really see the point of royalty club there's no difference between ss & royalty. I am currently non-ss. However there is always a distinction made on almost every game site for those who are more loyal or pay more, you either get more points, move to a different level or have more things or advantage over those who make less effort. Every game has a challenge which makes you want to move further but you're right stardoll is greedy.

  4. This is so true! Everyone wants to be apart of the Royalty club when you don't get anything in return all you get is that beautiful diamond..Blah Not good enough! Stardoll doesn't care about there members only about the money :b

  5. I didn;t write this.

    This is actually Ms.Pudzianowski winning entry for last week. :)

  6. Trust me the diamond doesent mean anything, at first I didnt even notice I had one.

  7. I love your entries! They are always so interesting and just amazing! :D

  8. Took the words right out of my moth. I love your writing style! Keep up the good work!

  9. I've been ss before and it makes you feel special and better than everyone.( which is what stardoll wants you to think so that you want it again and pay for more) But it really isnt that good. Wouldn't you rather spend money on your own clothes in real life? I know I would. I've been non-ss for a while and loving it[: xx

  10. Stardoll is a new level of racial-ness (oo.. not sure what vocab I should use :O) but anyways, I didn't care if I was ss or not, but I was just tempted to get the latest fashion, or just top up on my stardollars, but this post really opened my eyes, I knew always it was for stardoll's own good... but they are trapping you, and for me, its making my grades slip into a panic mode :O

  11. i swear i am always 1ST in my class but since i started being a superstar on stardoll my grades are going low but if i am not careful i will be 2ND in my class and that's something i don't like cause my parents will FREAK OUT and ban me from usin computer !!! stardoll is sooooo damn addicting !!! :D

    by the way my stardoll username is :- nazanin1990

  12. Shut up.If you pay, you get more.Big deal!If it's just a bunch of pixels then why do you care if we get more for paying!!!THATS OUR CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!WE PAY TO PLAY!!!!ATLEAST IT'S NOT YOU HAVE TO PAY OR ELSE YOU DON'T GET TO PLAY!!!!!!!SO STOP BEING SO STUCK UP AND THANK GOD FOR WHAT YOU HAVE!!!! Greedy!

  13. @ The Anon above me:

    I am aware of that, stupid! I am totally aware of the fact that it is our choice. I never said that you shouldn't buy it, did I? I know that I will continue to buy it. I am not being greedy, either. I am content with having what I have, and having to pay for it, which is why I accepted part of the blame for paying.
    Now please feel free to shut up and grow up, you worthless keyboard warrior.

  14. But your being ungrateful!!!Your acting like they have to give you what you want and you sound like a whiney two year old! They give us what they give us, everyone non-superstars,superstars, and royalty alike should be grateful!

  15. I beg to disagree. There's nothing to be grateful for with Stardoll. It should be the other way around. Our credit cards have fed their employees and their employees' families for years. They are the ones being ungrateful to us, to YOU anonymous dumb ass, for spending money on their site.

    I don't think she's being whiney. She just expressed an opinion which a lot of us have. Stardoll for one should have provided better trading system set ups so nobody is scammed out of their Stardollars (bought by real dollars).

    Her opinion is very sonstructive and well thought of. Porbably why a dumb ass like yourself wasn't able to get it.

  16. Thank you, Biankee. You took the words right out of my mouth. Seriously, Anon. I have simply voiced my opinion. The prices are very high, but I am grateful. I would be quite the opposite if I paid $72 Australian to get the rights and privileges of the non-ss users, but I don't.
    To quote myself;

    Now please feel free to shut up and grow up, you worthless keyboard warrior.

  17. And I am just voicing MY opinion. I didn't meean to be rude to you but I hate how everyone complains about a damn virtual website. If you pay,it makes sense to be mad about not getting certain features, but if you don't pay,then you shouldn't be whining, your not paying to play with their stuff. I understand being upset as a superstar,but complaining as a non-superstar is stupid, You don't even pay, you have no reason to be mad because a virtual website doesn't give you as much shit as a superstar.

  18. Darling Anon. I am a paying Superstar. I am Royalty, in fact. Hence I know that it is dull. I am totally fine with voicing one's opinion, however you did so in a very derogatory manner, and I found it somewhat offensive. You attacked me like I am some sort of child. A two year old. I am quite the opposite, lovvie. Just voicing my opinion.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Who posted after that post.Just saying,It wasn't me. As I said, Didn't mean it harshly,but lately everyone is complaining,and it really annoys me,because my family seriously can not afford superstar. Others can,there parents just won't get it. FOr me it's hard that ehir complaining when stardoll is a safe haven for me, even as a non-superstar. I love it! I don't mind them making lots of money, and yes I wish i got some of the pretty clothes, but it's like real life, some get the chanel,some get the second hand store knock offs, but in the end, not many complain in real life.


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