May 19, 2011

Cause That's Money, Honey

Sure, we try to get a little cash on SD now and then...stardollar cash, that is.

But selling your account for real money and relocating to a different account? That's money honey and one of stardoll's biggest icons is doing it.

Recounting a conversation I was having with her:

For an account of so much name, fame, the whole game, imagine how many people will be out wanting it sweethearts! The new owner will have a total breeze adjusting into the whole scene. And how much money, I wonder? Hundreds? I mean, she invested a whole lot of it in her account and after all these years...

So after all this, turns out being on stardoll is...profitable? Hahah it's quite funny thinking about it, but turns out its true.

Anyway, what will this mean for Marcela? She's got the grace, the beauty, and she's definitely got the talent. But will she be the same relocated to her lesser account? Only time can tell, my dears.

What's your take on this situation and ones similar to it?


  1. I'm curious as to what she means by "wasting an excellent account". Of course her account is excellent. She, like many of us have poured a lot of real money into our accounts. But it isn't just the money and stardollars we cherish. It's the starpoints that take quite a while to accumulate, the overrated diamond that signifies royalty and the most precious of all, our usernames that attract clout and reputation with our never-ending endeavors.

    It takes a lot of guts to sell an account which you've spent a great deal of time building up. That makes me wonder what the true motives behind this are. That being said, I'm not accusing Marcela of pulling some ridiculous scheme, I just don't believe that her answer for selling her account is that she's "wasting such an excellent account". Whether she is referring to the account she holds now or otherwise.

  2. If you look in the last comment box print screen it says "MbyMarcela account". Does that mean she's selling that one? Not her main account? That would make a lot more sense. I'd say that her main account is pretty much priceless.

  3. @liajm

    Thanks(: I didn't even see that. Somehow I skimmed right over it.

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  5. Personally, i think it's more gratifying if you had worked with a Stardoll account from scratch. One that you can really call your own. The joy of seeing it have a life of its own is priceless in itself.

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  7. I'd like to have the clothes.
    Then I'd just raffle the account off the a non SS friend :)

  8. **Part of the message got caught off, she didn't say shes selling her MbyMarcela account but relocating there from the .Marcela.. account she is selling.

  9. It's not by the account, but about the person behind the account. .Marcela.. will be fine.

  10. I agree with iswim19, There is a person on Bubblyminty's doll, but it isn't the same.

    She is nice, but she isn't Jenny and you have to learn to like them for themselves not someone else.

    Will she write for the stardoll magazine on her other account?

  11. I sold my account VampLady for really nice amount of money, and I moved to less known account. So what? I lost fame? Virtual cash and rares? I got to buy stuff for real life, which I can actually wear when I am hanging out with my real friends. That has been one of the best decisions in my life. And I sold it to trustful person.


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