May 19, 2011


 The word 'elite'. I know I won't be the first or last person discussion this word, but I wanted to analyze it. Let's see if people on Stardoll we define as 'elite' are 'elite'.

First we should look at what are the meanings of the word.

From the top of MY head, I think it means, "classy, sophisticated, perfect people." So really, to be honest, I've never considered anyone to be an elite, or that are 'elite', like Tylerisbold referred to himself as, on Stardoll.

But then I ask random people what is THEIR definitions of the word. And even though I only asked them their idea of the definition of the word 'elite' it shows that obviously Stardoll has either influenced the way they look at the word or that Stardoll elites is the first thing they think of when it comes to elite.

Here are some of the replies:

MeiFAB says: The word 'Elite' here on Stardoll is just too strong! In real life we think of Elites as superstars and famous actresses, but here on Stardoll people who have a reputation. It doesn't matter if you're reputation is good or bad, and you can gain it very easily with scandals (if bad) and well a good reputation...a bit hard I guess. Also being an 'Elite' is having the right connections I guess. Stardoll has a clear 'Elite' list and well shouldn't we see some new people in it?

freeduck_ says: Me. 

Dog_boy96 says: Elite, for me, is less or more just an excuse for stating someone as slightly better than one other. Although on Stardoll we do have a slightly different sight of the word Elite, we've made it a part of our beloved virtual community. I'd there define it as someone who's very controversial. But he/she isn't just a famous person, but also a big persona to the Stardoll media industry. As said, we've made our own definition on Stardoll, which makes the word mean something it doesn't really, as from the beginning, it was just another word of ace.

Brit-On-Me says: I think elite means someone that made something revolutionary or act like someone who really cares about important topics of life.

AislinVictory says: That's a two part answer. There is what elite should be and what it has actually become. To me the definition of what should be an elite is as follows: a term commonly used to describe one or more stardoll members who have achieved success in making a true and beneficial impact on Stardoll.
However that has all fallen to shit and the definition that emerged from that shut is as follows: a term now commonly described as a stardoll member who is recognized not for the positive impact they have made on Stardoll and other members, but for whatever meaningless tactic they used to weasel their way into a spot(elitism) which used to mean something in "Dollyworld". Elitism however means nothing due to the fact that the title is given to anyone who stole their five minutes of fame.

alexcendraburke says: A person who has worked, and used there effort a lot, and is maybe a Stardoll addict?

SaltyDan says: I think it used to mean more, now if somebody is an attention seeker or does things that make people talk about them, they and others think that means they are Elite. This MizzMiley person is being considered Elite now because he hacks and then freeduck_ is being called Elite and all he's done is be fake. I don't think there are any 'new elites' because a majority of those considered the new breed don't have the class or talent.

Wooldoor says: Idolized member recognized by their talent.
So there are very noticeable effects caused from Stardoll from for the word. While says elite is;


[ih-leet, ey-leet] 
1. The choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class of persons.
2. Persons of the highest class.
3. A group of persons exercising the major share of authority or influence within a larger group.
5. Representing the most choice or select; best.
So we can see the word means, either a select group of people/objects or the best choice of something.

Now, I am not the smartest of the bunch but, do we select our 'elites'? The answer is confusing to me.. I mean really at first a person may say, 'no, we don't!' But actually, WE DO! I mean really, even though only certain people are popular and considered 'elite', WE are the ones who write, talk, gossip, love, hate, group as ELITE. But yes, I do say we do NOT pick them, rather, if they do something we find to be elite-like, they slide their way into our brains and are stuck like glue.

So before I continue with my statements, I check what I like to call 'the people's dictionary, The top 2 definitions are as follows:

  • High quality, upper class, superior, fine, above average, great, wonderful, sinfully good, not an asshat, skillful, wonderful, wizzunderful
  • A term to describe a skilled hacker. Originating from the "elite" sections of dial up BBS systems which only an elite few had access to, and which usually contained text files on hacking, warez, etc.
So wait, elite to people don't always mean the best, but people consider it to mean 'better than' the norm. But it does say a person who isn't an 'asshat', which pretty means either a dumb-ass or an a-hole, but, do we NOT have 'elites' that are dumb or offensive to us? Or are they not real 'elites'?

The answer is that: Stardoll people who are considered elites are really actually socialites.

Really, that is a much better word rather than 'elite', elites are hierarchs, not the most popular, trendy, funniest, bitchy-est, etc!

While socialites are entertainers, the gossip girls, the popular (rich) members of society.

This only helps that I do NOT think anyone, or at least not all the people who are considered 'elite', on Stardoll are actually what we say they are.

But what do you think?

What is your definition of the word 'elite' in general and Stardoll?
(or both if they are the same to you)

Love, Dei

P.S. Less than 3 days left for the 'Anonymous Commenting Control' poll, and we can still see its a land-slide that the people are FOR the anon comments!

Your opinions about this?


  1. I like the first definition Wooldoor listed, from Wikipedia's dictionary at

    'A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth.'

    Think about this part: esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth

    We are the ones who make anyone 'elite' because we are the ones who are doing the considering. If someone says that elite means him/her, then that is only true if others buy into it.

  2. I like the opinions that you posted of all the other well known people on sd, but I think this post has been done before and it kind of bores me to see people talk again about wanting new Elites and who Elites actually are.
    My answer is simple; Elites are who Elits are. Who you classify Elite, think about why you classify them as Elite and hey, you found your definition and answer.

    Honestly, I consider people that are just getting all attention on Stardoll and actual worthy attention is Elite. End of for now.

  3. Hehe "freeduck_:Me." Haha Jack you never fail...

  4. HAhahah, ohh Jackers, he always knows how to give a valid answer... on tht note, i need to talk to him . .

  5. Elites is a word that bring controversy to the stardoll world since people think that they have luxury and that is why they are famous but like Coco Chanel said "Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity" and most of this elites that are in stardoll are disrespectful or as many people say "bitches".

  6. Jack , when the hell will you stop this madness. As you can see he only said that just to whore himself out even more.

  7. This blog likes this word. The word elite is for people who stand out for various reasons which could be talent, intelligence, wealth, social status etc. Most games have different levels where you can enjoy more piviledges to seperate you from the previous level. On stardoll the word 'elite' is part of the game just like 'popular' is for lady popular some like it & some don't. People are on stardoll for different reasons which could be fashion, interior design or communication. While others want to be well known through writing or commenting on blogs whichever way it's all part of the stardoll game. I think initially on stardoll those who have been on the site longest were considered elite. I prefer the quiet members.

  8. The word elite is used to define a group of people not just one person.

  9. Commenting with your name makes you well known on stardoll. I noticed a lot of commenters eventually end up writing for blogs. Not everyone likes that.

  10. I think that something the "new" elites (Jack, Selena...) are missing is CLASS. I guess they are people that would go under the category of socialites, NOT elites.

    However I think the word elite should still be kept as there are people who do have class and everything a typical elite is supposed to have.

    I think a major difference between old and new elites is that when the old elites found the world of dollywood there was not such thing as elites, and therefore they could not possibly aspire to be one. But now elitism is everywhere, and there are so many people that want it. This greed is what leads to people getting their 15 minutes of fame (mostly for bad things) and thinking just because everyone knows their name they're now elite.

    I think for this society to work itself out people need to start doing things FOR THE PEOPLE, and not for THEMSELVES.

  11. @Vicky, I am not making a post about who is and is not elite, I am only discussing the word and its meaning to us and others.

    So please, don't down my post because it 'bores you' down it because its illiterate or nonsense.

  12. LMAO @ Jack....Man your so entertaining!

  13. @Dei

    Kylie already did a post like this, so that's why I am 'downing' it.

  14. I stick by my answer, I think it's the most truthful, emotional, most accurate, heartfelt one of them all.

  15. @Vicky, true she made a similar post but it was mainly about people on Stardoll, mine is about the definition.

  16. Why can't we make a virgin ELITE list...Something new ! than the same old same old...Who made them Elites O_o

    Wlite in real life is so much more different than the stardoll elite xx

  17. Karma'sabitchbabiiFriday, May 20, 2011 4:21:00 AM

    Jack is such a whore. He's the farthest thing FROM Elite. Conceited Fame-whore wanna be. Jack is like a Miss-LolitaF=A FAMEWHORED WANNA-BE ELITE.



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