May 16, 2011

Elites List: Don't You Ever Get Tired?

Now let me channel another post and say this: The TITLE gives it away REALLY.

As in seriously? Don't you ever get tired?

I have known for a fact that I am virtually wading through an elite obsessed society for years now... and that no matter how hard we bridge the gap between the so called Elites and the masses, it is going to end up in vain, because of the following reasons:

1.) Stardoll itself feeds the gap wider in every move they make. The latest one, by having two separate currencies to set the Royals apart from the  commoners.


2.) Admit it or not, we Stardoll members, secretly L-O-V-E how some are separated from the rest, either us being on the higher end or us being on the lower (and throwing shit to those at the top).

Just to prove my point, here's the latest shit there is:

This particular list, separated the so called Elites into three groups: Heading up..., In the Middle... and Going down... 

In times like these, the nosy part of me often goes straight to the Guestbook section as there's where the action usually is... and my intuition is correct. Again.

Let's go ahead and look at what the rest of Dollywood thinks shall we?

There were a lot of assumptions as to WHO is the real owner of this account is:

There were nominations on who to put on the list. One particular one that caught my eye practically suggested to turn this latest elite shit list to a genuine Most Wanted List:

Observably, whenever there are lists like this popping up and around, there will always be these prominent figures omnipresent in the celebration and wholeheartedly embracing the notion... or even just the mere suggestion that they are elite.

and the other one...

I don't hate Jack and Selena. Neither do I love them or like them. Let's just say I am just a mere passerby in their ever so controversial lives (of attempting to have one, if I may say).

But I just have to ask this one bit of question to both of them:
"Doesn't it make your skin crawl whenever you claim that you guys are ELITES?"

oh and before you tell this to me Selena:

I just want to say that I'd rather have my head inside a blender than have it shoved and left to rot right up my own arse.


  1. Okay, she couldn't have been more obvious. We all know who is behind this.. And it reeks like desperation.

  2. umm..who is the culprit ?

  3. LMFAO @ I just want to say that I'd rather have my head inside a blender than have it shoved and left to rot right up my own arse. <---- You are probably one of the most under rated writers now in Stardoll. I am so in love with you! LOL!

  4. It's very obvious. Eh, not a big fan of Elite lists..

  5. Selena and Jack are such whores. Nobody thinks that they are elites except themselves.

  6. The word 'elite' is out-dated, rather cliché.

    It use to be a glamorous title, not all it is good for is fame-whoring and a popularity contest between whores.

  7. The real elites are just quiet nowadays. The glorious days of Stardoll is over. We just have traces of what it was before. Nothing will ever match up to the likes of Isabella.Arci, Noelle_Page, Style_Magazine, Steelone, Writemarycat and a very few others.

    We just have to face the fact that we are all stuck with Selena and Jack for now.

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  9. I don't think theres ANY one person on SD that I dislike as much as I dislike Selena.
    She fails so bad it hurts to watch.
    As soon as I saw her on that list I knew it was her behind it.
    What a loser!
    Selena, burn in hell bbz!

  10. thanks for featuring my comment ;)

    but i just have to say, out of all of the old elites, how many do we hear of now? Maybe about 10%. Stardoll is changing and the popular people are changing. Those who were the 'Elites' from a time ago are now leaving - meaning new people are coming into the limelight. Many people think we need this, right?

    Stardoll is for EVERYONE not just those who we used to class as 'Stardolls Most Famous'.

  11. I don't think anyone on stardoll is a commoner they are non-paying members. Lets face it in real life people love royalty & elitism, look at how people were obssessed wih the royal wedding here in UK yet there are lots of people (& royals) who get married every day. I bet it was just me who didn't watch it.

    i'm so tired of all those elites and the ones that pretend to be! JUST STOP THAT! all stardoll members have the same rights! and of course that there are a lot of people that really did some important things for stardoll and they are already well known for this but not enough to be called ELITES.
    There are a lot of people @ here acting like motherfucking bitches and they are considered elites! what the hell?!?! An elite should be a model for everyone, a positive one, not a famewhore that can't bring anything good to 'our beloved Dollywood'.
    btw.. all those desperate fake elites can't have a life because they are weak people that will never do anything with their lives. you know why? because they are afraid to express themselves in real life so they do it on stardoll under a fake medoll, pretending that they have a exceptional sense of fashion, but in real life they can't wear more than a t-shirt and jeans. THEY HAVE NO LIVES! their soul is empty. They spend their teenage years on the internet and they will never know the magic of teenage, they'll never know how it tastes like and they will regret it when they will go on their own lives and they have no friends to support them, and no memories all they'll ever know is the history of some fake freaks that destroyed their lives on sites like stardoll!

    I met a lot of people on stardoll that should certainly have the elite title. they have a true sense of style, they are nice, kind and you know what? they don't give a fuck about all those ELITE titles because they have their own real lives to carry on. All that they could do here to be considered an elite they do in their real life, so they win more than a title. They have a life! WTF?

    that's all i had to say. If you don't want to accept it just ignore it

  13. Wow, Selena really couldn't have made it any more obvious if she tried.

  14. It's weird that Selena and Jack aren't on here commenting yet... but anyhow, they are both a PAIN to watch.

  15. @lovanco
    Don't get your knickers in a twist.
    1) you said elites have no life, because they express themselves on stardoll. You're also expressing yourself on sd, and this blog about sd.
    2) it's stardoll for fucks sake. "we all have equal rights" lol no you don't. Superstars and non superstars? The only difference between elite and everyone else is that they're popular.
    3) "they spend all there time on te Internet and have no life" well it must have taken you some time to write that bloody long message.

    Summary; you're a hypocrite that's desperate to be popular and loved, but isn't so you take you anger out in the form of jealous blog comments.

  16. @ tinkerbellwhatevs

    The reason I haven't commented is cuz I have nothing to say really (Except this) I'm bored with the hate now.. do something new people...

  17. @ Louise

    OMG, OH MY FUCKING GOD, I think I just wet my pants!

    ''Summary; you're a hypocrite that's desperate to be popular and loved, but isn't so you take you anger out in the form of jealous blog comments''

    ARE you for real? That is EXACTLY what you are doing ALL the fucking time! You SERIOUSLY need to get some insight to YOUR OWN fucking SD life! WHOA, I'm genuinely shocked.

  18. It didn't work the first time round, what makes people think we care now?

    People are desperately clinging on to the term 'elite' because they think it gives them something to aim for, a purpose to be on Stardoll.

    By the way, the post confirms my suspicions that you, Ysadora, are a legend. I love the way you write.

  19. ^^ Wow, you said it sister :DDD

    I think it ain't Selena behind this.
    I mean, grammer wise, not Selena. + If this was Selena she wouldn't know how to write so formally and non-against anyone on Stardoll... I think there's another gerbil behind this shizzle... Hm.

    PLUS, I guess this 'Elite List' will probably work, because the person writing it isn't rude like all those other fail 'Elite... ya-da-ya-da-ya-da-ya-da', but the secret identity is actually quite formal and decent in my opinion.

    Elites were formal when it all started. It was like royalty then.
    Now, it is popularity and just being either hated or loved by the 'public' of Stardoll. It is what it has turned too.

  20. well, i think that all Stardoll members should do everything they want at the fullest, dress how they want to or feel like and not worship fake idols. Elites are just other members in my eyes (but I still visit them, and I know thats hypocritical, but oh well) but if you don't like my opinion, you don't have to listen.

  21. the list is dumb and a big piece of shizz. its useless.

  22. @ruubin

    Lol. I didn't realise that responding to blog comments with my opinion made me a hypocrite or jealous, but of course I must be wrong. Especially since your understanding of words is perfect.

  23. Stop being such a hateful bitch Selena, then maybe people wouldn't hate you. You fail to realize you've brought all this on yourself, all you do is blame others.

  24. @ Elizabitch

    Can you please tell me what 'All this' is? What ecxactly have I brought on myself and how? If you are gonna comment on my behavior about how bad it is than I think you should tell me WHAT exactly it is I have brought on myself, cause I don't see it!

    @ Louise

    Well, it does :/

  25. Louise, i didn't say that all the elites have no life.. i was talking about those that believe they are elites. they are famous for the dirty way they can speak or the famewhoring they do this what you wanna see in every 'ELITE LIST'? true elites don't really care about what others say, they are themselves, and they put a lot of hard work for stardoll, to change it in a better way.
    and i didn't said that expressing ourselves on stardoll is a bad thing, but there are a lot of people desperate for fame and they simply forget about their lives. I personally know sb like that and he's not a stardoll player. he destroyed his health by only staying at the computer all day long just to get famous on websites!he lost an year of school because he got that addiction for the websitee. that's a major problem nowadays.
    i just say what i wanna say.. any other problems.. just ask ;)

  26. @lovanco
    I know what you mean, you just previously said that elites have no life, and I wanted to make it clear that even though some people arent addicted, others are just normal users who just happen to be popular.

    Would you prefer the Collins or oxford English dictionary for your birthday?

  27. Oh wow my comment got on this blog yay :) But We all know who's behind this. Its too obvious.

  28. I honestly don't like getting into these things, but I don't see any point for elites except for those who try to make it entertaining. All what these people try to do is make themeselves look good and get the attention.

  29. Everybody's saying "It's so obvious who it is" but no one will say, JUST FUCKING TELL US, ugh.

  30. oh please. like we don't know that poor little Selenia is behind the whoooooole thing. after she beqqed to be put in the "BurnBook" coursse shee would make ANOTHER fake acc.

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  32. I hope Jack and Selena just disappear from the face of Dollywood.

  33. I am kinda tired of the same elited over and over again. The Jenna-Ashley-Tyler time is over. It's... boring. What do they do now? Nothing. There should be new elites, that have a blog and stay with it. A good fashion blog or something like that.

  34. Actually, for those who read SMW and have had it be a part of their SD lives for forever and a day, this won't be the first time we've thought about Jenna. Just saying :P

    And Elite Lists are pointless. Honestly? I think they just knock people down. Why? Because people who think they're "well-known" and don't make it on there will try and make themselves know.

    I've said it before and will gladly say it again. This is a VIRTUAL SITE. Stop taking it so seriously.

    And naming people "Elites" is so last year. Move on people.

  35. I agree with Sarah,
    This "Fame" isn't real, its on a website so why care so much?
    This is virtual.

  36. It's not Selena.Her writing is different.
    and ebonymeme, burn in hell?
    Maybe,you know,it's just too much?
    You don't like Selena,I can accept this.You can't like or be liked by every one.However,telling someone to burn in hell and other comments of yours cross the line.


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