May 17, 2011

The Rebecca Black of Stardoll.

"It's Friday, Friday..."
*Plugs ears, screams internally*

Every time I hear the song I just cringe! It has been dubbed "The worst song ever" by music critics, and viewers alike. But somehow everyone knows it. Why is this? Because Rebecca Black is a real life famewhore. Her mother reportedly paid $4000 to have the video made!  As regulars of Dollywood I'm sure we're all well acquainted with the word famewhore. And who has the word most commonly referred to? MizzMileyCyrus9(Reece). 

Like Rebecca  Black, Reece became known for doing something that everyone hates. He has made several apology attempts, and promises of reform, but after continually copying other people's blog post, and pretty much proving that he has no original thought (just like Rebecca), he still remains in the same category: Famewhore.    

However some people are trying to place him as an elite:
"We all know who [he] is. Doesn't that prove anything?"

If someone tried to tell you that Rebecca Black was an elite, you'd laugh in their face, right?  The truth is that just because people know your name, does not mean it's for a good reason. In fact people become more well known for having a bad rep than a good one. Why do you think there are so many stardoll gossip blogs?

Speaking of bad reputations, Rebecca Black has received multiple death threats, and her video has almost 3 million thumbs down! If there was a thumbs down button on stardoll I'd like to see how many Reece gets. Reece has, however, received at least one public death threat:

(from the comment section of PSG)

You could say that Reece wants any type of attention he can get, but actually having someone wish you to be dead? That's gotta hurt. You'd think something like that would make anyone see the error in their ways. But it hasn't happened for him yet.

But let's get one thing straight: Reece is the person we all love to hate, and we will continue hating him as a scape goat. 'Cause once he's gone - who will we hate next?


  1. Why? You don't like negative comments but your posts about people are negative why not post about positive things happening on stardoll. The negativity is too much.

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  3. MizzMileyCyrus9 is completely different compared to Rebecca Black

  4. Rebecca Black isn't exactly a "copy cat" . She had someone write the song FOR her. Reece, just steals. And you make him more famous by posting about him.

  5. This post is not hating. It's stating the truth. It goes beyond Reece. It's an eye opener to all of us.

  6. "But let's get one thing straight: Reece is the person we all love to hate, and we will continue hating him as a scape goat. 'Cause once he's gone - who will we hate next?"


    This is so SAD but so TRUE.

  7. I agree with Noelle... I mean, we will always hate someone on SD and I don't think that's good at all, but we always do.

    Rebecca Black and Reece are kind of alike, but she is original for being bad, he is bad for stealing other people's accounts, work, etc.
    So there are ways he isn't at all like her.

  8. I don't care either way if Reece has any similarities to Rebecca or not. I think that this is a really good post, and that you are totally right, Lia! They are both made famous by the amount of hate they receive. THAT is what makes them the same. Not the fact that Rebecca can't sing, or that Reece steals and copies.

    Well done, Lia! I commend you on your effort♥

  9. Yes, but the Glee version of Friday was AMAZING!!!!

    Love K xxx

  10. Jzzz if her mother had payed sucth amount of money they shoudl have gotten a better make up artist go's she has a huge pimpel on her face and her voice is just simulation added,hurts my ears sutch a bad song dont ven know her bad the song is horrible !!

  11. The parody on it is so much better LOlzzzz!!and they have made the pimple??? huge!!!

  12. Don't Confuse Fame With InfamyTuesday, May 17, 2011 10:51:00 PM

    -extremely bad reputation, public reproach, or strong condemnation as the result of a shameful, criminal, or outrageous act: "a time that will live in infamy."

    -widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character; renown; public eminence.

    People like Reece (and Selena, and Jack) need to learn the difference.

  13. Rebecca Black was bullied.
    Her mum gave her the once in a life time chance to follow her dreams by giving her £2,500 to do the song.
    Rebecca DID NOT write the song it was by some dude.
    She earnt £1 million, what did she do with it? She was very kind and gave it to Japan to help them because of the tsnarmi

    MizzmileyCyrus9 steals work and has never been kind as such

    Who is the better person? Are they the same,now I have explained ?

  14. It's sort of true. But I wan MizzMileyCyrus9 off the face of stardoll. How much damage has he done!?!? Who will be next?!?!? Ugh.. I'm annoyed :P
    And I wish there was actually no one to hate on stardoll because what if I was one of the hated people for any particular reason!? I would be... sad

  15. I just wannna say just because he hacked people, death threats aren't necessary and are forms of serious bullying. I'm not on his side but bullying is more serious than some hacking because it affects someones REAL life, I know, I've been there. You never think how he feels when they call him horrid names but ofc yes he hacked for fame but fame? what fame it's a virtual world he has basically gained nothing and everyone is more concerned in bullying someone rather than getting on with their own lives.. it's really stupid in my opinion. But Lia I enjoyed your post. Megan x

  16. Giving someone death threats, in my opinion, is never right.

  17. I never thought of it that way, but I guess we have to face it Reece is very well known, nothing we can do will change that.

    Your post was brilliant Lia, I am sorry some people didn't appreciate it for how good your writing is.

  18. A model and a writer. How perfect could you be? Keep it up. :)

  19. @Kristen

    Dude, the Glee version was AMAZING! It made me kinda like the song!

  20. Also, I do think that Reece has been treated rather unfairly. I haven't had any experiences with him, but from what I've heard, he is seriously hated... He can't be that bad... Surely?


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