May 25, 2011

"I Feel Pretty and Witty and Bright."

You can buy your hair if it won’t grow...

You can fix your nose if he says so...

You can buy all the make-up that M.A.C. can make...

But if you can’t look inside you,
Find out who am I to,
Be in a position to make me feel so damn unpretty.

I feel pretty/unpretty - Glee cast.

I am obsessed with this song! I heard it on Glee the other night and I just fell in love with it, but not only does it have a good tune, but it has a great message about body image that it sends out.

Everyone is obsessed with it, I won't deny it myself, we all want to look perfect, girls and boys. We want a perfect body, shiny hair and a flawless face. However it's pretty much a one in a million* chance that we are born naturally with all these features.

It's pretty hard not to want all this when we are faced with it everyday and from such a young age. It's not only Barbie I'm talking about, but also animated TV shows that give us a totally unrealistic expectation of what our bodies should look like.


Above are two characters from a TV show called 'Total Drama Island'. Umm... unrealistic much? Can you honestly say you know someone with a waist that thin and boobs that big? The only people I can think of have had way to much plastic surgery. Notice they also have perfect hair, big eyes and are made to look 'attractive.'

It really sickens me to think that kids these days are being brainwashed by television into thinking that this is the ideal body type. And not only is it television that is doing this, but the internet is also playing a big part. I can't log onto Tumblr without seeing a picture of a skinny girl with long hair wearing denim shorts.

Why must we need big boobs, small waists, long legs etc. to feel pretty? Can't we just be happy with what we've got and try to lead a healthy lifestyle?

xx Kylie

*statistics may be incorrect. :P


  1. OMG! Yes! I so agree with you, Kylie! I have fat legs and small boobs, and yet I can still feel pretty. TV and the internet are portraying a false image of what beauty is. Beauty is being natural, loving yourself and being a good person, not a size 0! Thank you for posting this! xx

  2. Hmm, well you do have a point there. I guess some girls feel that they need to look like that because of self consciousness. Many girls starve themselves to dedath trying to get thin. This is another way of saying anorexia. Great post, maybe it will raise awareness not to do such things.

  3. Good article :)
    I have naturally large boobs and hate them!!! I don't see why people are that desperate to have them!!!

    Love K xxx

  4. Yes!

    I agree with you 100%

    Its ironic, I wrote a research paper about a similar subject!

  5. :OOO
    I was literally listening to that song a million times, and was gonna write a paper about loving yourself and include the words of that song :ooo

    I also totally agree that we are always influenced by what we see on TV and try to be what those sun-skinned, touched up with piles of make-up celebrities that we see on the covers of magazines or making it 'big' and by wanting to be that we always loose ourselves and respect for ourselves how we look.

    Great post <3

  6. This is a great song, changed a bit but an old favorite of mine. The original was in West Side Story.

    BTW, I just love this post. Ms.Pudzianowski has it all figured out. If we all tried.... even those girls who are the perfect archetype, we could find "something wrong" with our bodies.

    What a waste of time.

  7. That was one of my favourite glee songs ever :)
    I am really concious about looks,when I wake up I will only check my hair in a dark room so the mirror wouldn't show all my faults.

    It is hard to find good points about yourself if you compare yourself to airbrushed pictures, yet I and others do.

    Wonderful post

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  9. Not everyone gets brainwashed, me personally have never been concenred about my looks but i can see how some vulnearable boys and girls feel pressure.

  10. I soooo agree! I hate myself (and I wont go into details)(oh! ands i'm not committing suicide any time soon...) and feel insanely jealous of anorexic girls too. I wish I didn't feel like that. What I really hate is going on facebook and I have to change my profile picture to a cartoon because I feel so undermined by all my friend's beautiful profile pictures with amazing comments on them and on my one photo of myself that I uploaded, I got one comment and that was a nasty one. It's difficult to be ugly in a society of beauty, but I somehow manage that.

  11. I don't really think about it that way, to me beauty is a strong and healthy body. I have pretty average sized boobs, and lean towards the skinny side but I find that the way I can accomplish my goal to keep my body that way is through excercise, and I can still eat what I want (and of course pig out once and awhile), as well as feel good about myself:D

  12. Beauty...IS being the way God made you. I am happy with who and how I am/look. I am really skinny and I eat a lot of snacks, and junk food. I however would never get plastic surgery or anything. In my opinion media is really trying to emphasize beauty to be like that. You never see a fat or skinny actor, or a celebrity Without plastic surgery done anywhere, or even being edited. For me..Being beautiful is being you.

  13. I concer, but the creator of Total Drama Island styles all of his characters disproportionate on purpose. Also, those girls are meant to be like that on the show. Have you ever seen "Farily OddParents"? Hardly realistic!

    Plus, it's a cartoon, I mean, I don't want my body to look like Sandy Cheeks from spongebob!

  14. It's weird that you would post this, today my dad, sister and I were walking to school and some girls called me ugly.

  15. comparing anyone to a cartoon is stupid.NOT EVERY BOY IS BUILT LIKE JOHNNY BRAVO. These are exaggerations and people have the right to create their own characters. i get what you're saying though and i appreciate the point you are trying to make because this is such a superficial and meaningless blog... this is just my take on the issue i guess.

    it bothers me how people try to tell kids that images of celebrities in magazines are all photoshopped and altered and that no one is capable of looking like that. WE SEE CELEBRITIES ON RED CARPETS, ON LIVE TV. Yes, there are a lot of people who are beautiful and who get a lot of attention and sometimes we wish we had what they had. There is no point in denying that. That doesn't make me feel better when people say "no one looks like that, it's so unrealistic."

    the point is, a lot of people DO look like that. THAT is why i feel insecure. there are a lot of the people who HAVE what I want. A lot of people who are CELEBRATED, who are given ATTENTION. The people who are less likely to be looked at as criminals, or the people who are less likely to be ignored.

    WE ALL WANT THAT. And when you're surrounded by it, it can be frustrating.

    When I look around my school and i see such BEAUTIFUL, genetically gifted people. It kills me!

    I don't hate them at all though and i don't believe in this global hatred against Barbie amongst the female community. the whole mutilated barbie thing as a statement is completely ridiculous and embarrassing... women receive no power in biting off the head of a barbie doll (and i mean, if i'm going to go into discussing lady gaga's attempts at feminist statements... the whole gun on breasts thing is such a lazy attempt. breasts are a symbol of power... naturally. breasts are a symbol of motherhood which this whole world - our entire existence is based on. hitler drank milk from his mothers breasts, nestled in her arms. jesus did too. women have more power than a lot of people can see with simple observations. the whole gun thing on breasts is just a lazy attempt at making a statement and a lazy attempt to be looked at... not necessarily bad or dishonest, just not really answering much of anything). Maybe Barbie is an image of perfection. Does that mean you should hate her? it's not her fault. SHE IS A PRODUCT. and she is a victim and at times, they very image of power.


  16. Exactly. Barbie is basically a slab of plastic that happens to look some what like a human.

  17. I loved when they sang that song :) Im lucky to have long legs and slow metobolism (I can eat , without gaining any noticeable weight) but even I 'feel unpretty' a lot..Its something that everyone feels I think.
    A song I like to listen is "Who Says" by Selena Gomez.
    Wether you like her , or not listen to the lyrics , they make you feel good :) xx

  18. this is such a superficial and meaningless blog -------> Coming from somebody like you Kasia, this is surprising. Harsh but still surprising nonetheless. Superficial and meaningless, huh? No wonder why you're here.

  19. fyi.

    If your METABOLISM is SLOW, you get FAT.

    Not the other way around.

    A simple google search would have corrected your incorrect notion kid.

  20. I think everyone hates some part of their bodies (even the people we see as perfect). Every now and then I feel down about myself, but really all it takes for me is to put on a beautiful dress, or buy some new clothes. Even if I don't trust my looks, I trust my style, and that's enough for me, for now.

    nice post, I've never even thought about the subliminal messages in cartoons...

  21. I LOVE TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND! It's meant to be unrealistic...What a fail xD...Watch the show before you comment....


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