May 17, 2011

Out with the Old and In with the New

Is it just me, or Dollywood's really running out of juicy gossips?
I left for a few days without hearing (or reading) any news about stardoll users and I came back dissapointed knowing that there's no improvement.

These last couple of days, I am actively looking for something to post about. I keep on failing because people are so boring and I don't want to post about myself (because you guys are gonna hate me for that.)

But this comment from Nextpingugirl is juicy!

(Comment taken from Ysadora's latest post.)

I can't help but agree with this girl.
Those old elites are so boring now and they're even deciding to close their projects and leave Stardoll.


But for me, there are only a few people that can be classified in the "new elites" group. 
For the people in Dollywood now are losing the class of the old elites.

ps. If you'd name someone to be included in the new elites group, who would it be and why?


  1. aliciasilk would be an amazing elite, shes so nice and has an amazing dress sense...

  2. 'Elites' need to run a blog or write for a famous one... It's not so simple to have a famous blog! :)

  3. @LadyGaGaMcQueen:
    Not really. I think that's a common misconception. I think Elites should be people who simply stand out because of their character and style--not how many pixels (or rares) they have in pixel rooms (or suites).

    My new elite suggestion'd be...

    Not because she writes for BFM (I knew her before that) but because she's one of the most down-to-earth, kindest and sweetest people I have ever met.

  4. Oh, and forgot to say before...loving the new banner, Noelle!(:

  5. Can I counteract Sara, pretty please? She doesn't know what she is saying, I am none of those things and not worthy of it.

    However Pwincesssara would make a good nominee...
    :D ;D

  6. wow a lot of ass kissing going on in here. "No I'm not elite, YOU are! No YOU are! YOU'RE elite! I'M elite! WE'RE ALL SO WONDERFUL!!!"

    gag me plz.

  7. @k-dee

    Babe, there hasn't been that many comments to have that much ass-kissing.

    And I totally agree with LadyGaGaMcQueen that it is definitely NOT easy to just make a fresh, new blog that grabs everyone's attention and become famous... It takes hard work, time and simply; Creativity.

    I think we should keep old Elites but we need more people that are inspirational.

  8. I hate to agree with K-dee, but I do. If the "Stardoll Elite Nation" was full of people that were hugging and drowning each other with compliments, we'd be in the same place that we are in now. That place being Dollywood with boring elitist. That being said, I don't believe that Elitist should all be curse word slinging slimeballs with nothing better to do than cut one another down.

  9. OK, the one thing I left out is she's modest, and she's so kind and modest she lies in the process (which is probably the only bad thing she's ever done) yet she doesn't realise she's lying. And she's also a bit delusional if she's nominated me(:

  10. Ok, just want to clear up some of your ideas.

    First it is hardly alot of sucking up, if only two people said nice things too each other.

    Secondly what is wrong with having two nice people.
    I agree with Aislin that stardoll would be boring if everyone was friendly, but having a few or in this case only two nice people is hardly a crime.

    Thirdly if they are already as good friends as they seem there would be no need to suck up.

    Also I think K dee is T kay, who left Beg For More after being put in a poll for firing and is probably jealous.

  11. Oh, can I say one thing?
    You know how both myself and Robyn are denying to be Elites?
    Well you've got current Elites who hate being called that--so what's the difference when it's us?

    Aislin IS right-the key is creativity. They shouldn't be famous for sitting on their backsides doing nothing. (Paris Hilton, ring a bell?)

  12. If I may say , I think that we should have something more than just our regular looking elites. It's quite boring looking at the SAME type of faces. We should have something new , different you know.

  13. Princess_Dumini(who's never gonna log in)Wednesday, May 18, 2011 5:44:00 AM

    New elites wouldn't hurt but what if the 'newbies' get called famewhores? What happens then...Loads of people want the title Elite you know...

  14. Robyn just happen to be incredibly modest! She wouldn't even accept 1 dollar! She is too good to be an Elite, we get so much crap all the time!

  15. Evermore1girl

    These are upcoming elites who should be known for their kindness, projects & happiness!

  16. I know for a fact that some people are beginning to get their work out there!My friend, kasey(martusia_144) is trying to make a magazine,so i'd nominate her.She doesn't want to be up there with the "elites" but still,shes pretty talented!

  17. Lol, Robyn probably is probably one of my choices. I adore her, and she is pretty nice.

  18. The fact is there shouldn't be a title of "Elite." If we all play characters in this pixellated world, we don't really enjoy our time here. To be honest I feel this fact is discussed too much. I have the best friends I could ever ask for on Stardoll, and that is definitely enough for me.

  19. I agree with iswim19. Elitism isn't something that should be constantly discussed. It should just happen. If people do their part, and get themselves out there-then people will see that!

  20. To be honest, I wouldn't want to be an elite myself. Sure, it would be nice to get heaps of visits, fame and popularity, but that's all fake. People suck up to you in hope of getting some fame themselves, or gifts and rares. You wouldn't even know your'e true friends anymore, and suddenly, the fellow elites all wanna be besties with you. I'm sick of it! I'd like to be known on stardoll, but not up to that elite standard.

  21. It's interesting to see opinions like these on MDM, considering that it is an "ELITE's BLOG". It's owned by probably one of the top 2 elites around (Noelle & Isabella, the writers on here are composed of like 90% elites.

    On the other hand, it's nice to see these elites' thoughts on here. At least through this blog we get to see what they really feel and think. I think they are just people like the rest of us. Their stature was just blown out of proportion they themselves aren't able to control anymore. But look at how silent most of them are. That's one true sign of an elite unlike Jack and Selena.

  22. First of all, wow! I am featured on MDM. That's awesome.
    Second, not everybody can be a elite. Evermore1girl might be a good elite. PwincessSara is a good choice too.
    They have to be spectacular, to have a amazing fashion sense and to be write/own a popular blog.
    @LadyGagaMcQueen I know that owning a succesful blog is hard, but some people do that just fine. Selena (Ruubin) owns BFM and man, she does a great job! I think that girl rocks.

  23. This is how I see it :
    We are bored with 'old elites'
    Oooh , I get it we will now nominatee 'elites' (e.x. ' I think xy is super , she should be elite ' ) LoL -.-

  24. I think it's slightly pathetic to say 'elites' are people with famous blogs. I've been blogging on my blog How To Survive Stardoll for almost three months with no readers. It's hard to become noticed with the amount of Stardoll blogs there are around these days. An 'elite' in my eyes is someone that's almost impossible to fall out with, someone that sets trends instead of following them and someone that can be a good role model for the next generation of Stardoll users. Being chosen to write often unsatisfactory posts on famous blogs doesn't make you better than anyone else. We always say in real life that what's on the inside is what matters, so why not have the same moral on Stardoll?

  25. i think .Bla.Bla.Bla would be an awesome elite. She has worked so hard on her doll.She has only been on stardoll for about a year but she has been on since 2008 on a different account that got lost.She has a history,like,she has been hacked and that has showed her that people aren't what they seem.She is really nice and she has amazing style.I think she really deserves to be "elite".

  26. ashy_loves_you, for his personal fashion blog

  27. @liajm: But that's the thing with 'getting yourself out there',it seems users only pay attention if you are affiliated in someway with an elite. A closet full of LE and a trillion broadcasts won't garner you much without someone giving you a chance.

    Without fresh blood,we have a Dollywood full of regurgitated fashion and thought that leaves us gasping in a stagnant cesspool.

  28. Coolgirl185

    She is sweet, cute, kind and a great gal!
    She hides in evermore1girl's shadow as she worked beside her but was eliminated for the stardoll insiders compertion.
    Evermore1girl copied Coolgirl's posts several times- I love her and you should too (in a non-lezzy way as we say!)

  29. Wooohoo someone above me doesn't sound jealous, much.

    Don't you think it is a bit big headed to say you love yourself coolgirl185

    No offence, Evermore1girl borrowed you picture of spoilers once for another blog, she apologized.

    That was once and ergo, she didn't copy a post just a picture stardoll gives out anyway.

  30. @ ddrsupergoddess

    It's true that you do have to have connections to get yourself successfully out there, but you'd be surprised at how friendly most elites are! Just start talking to them, and then say hey, maybe you could post about my project on your blog? or something. Also originality is key. God knows we don't want another elite list, or simple stardoll update blog...

  31. PS: No way do you need LE! Just a good sense of style is enough (:

  32. Ok, so I agree. We do need new "Elites". But wouldn't you agree that they need to earn that status, not be voted for it. I mean look at some of our current "Elites". Did they get voted for?Was everyone asked who they thought shold have that title. Was the winner crowned with the title "Eilite"? No, they had to rise to their fame. They deserve it. Yeah, there are a lot of people that might deserve it but obviously they are not doing something that will grad everyone's attention to really gain that status. It's not easy to earn the name "Elite" and it really is a process of trial and error. But when you think about it, don't you think the people that worked for their status are more deserving then anybody voted in?


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