May 29, 2011

Please Be My Guest?

Hello. This is a post to invite you guys to the grand opening of a new party venue.

The party is in

Most likely you haven't heard of it, most likely you don't care about it. Either that or you think I am fame-whoring it or think I am full of myself.

I am trying to be sincere as possible to get to people, but really, the reason I made this venue was to entertain the people. Really, all I wanted to do when creating The Classique Awards was to make something people enjoyed going to and having fun at, and I noticed people were growing bored with my awards.. so I just kept the aspect of the event (a.k.a. parties) and created something that everyone use/be a part of, which is The Chimera.

Believe, honest to God, I do not start my businesses to make myself famous nor do I think I am famous or liked for that matter.

All I want to do is create a fun environment that people can just party!

But.. I feel people don't believe me when I say that, nor believe I am a good person.. and thats okay I suppose, but I like to help solve problems, not make them.

So please, I want opinions and suggestion on what should I do with The Chimera, The Classique Awards, and my standing to you guys.

I just want to understand what makes me such a horrible person, okay?

Love, Dei


  1. Nothing. You have done nothing to make us hate you. We all love you Dei!

    Honestly I am in love with every project that you are apart of, you're like the Wizard of Making People Love you!
    Cheesy, but true ;)

  2. Honestly you are not horrible! I just love reading the posts on this blog and nothing about it bothers me. All your projects are fantastic.
    The party thing is a great idea, and after some of the new changes to stardoll - a lot for the worst - many people are fining it ridiculously boring, so the party is a great idea and a great way to liven up peoples lives!

  3. You are not horrible, I think you should keep the classique awards and the chimera they are both really good i can not wait to attend tonights party.

  4. Dei.. since when were yoou horrible darl'? I love yoour posts and I will definitely try to attend this! Can't wait.. gonna be aweesome! x

  5. Dei, you are nothing short of wonderful, the party was great and it isn't bad to try and get the message across, after all big companies pay channels to put their ads on tv.


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