May 30, 2011

You Wanted it!

So here it is!
The consensus is complete, and the majority of replies wanted the Stardoll Memorabilia Book!
Which will now be a full on guide to Dolly World!
to check it out, visit and follow the blog.

Though it's still a work in project, I am excited to watch it grow with all of you.
Thanks again for taking interest in this movement.
This wouldn't be possible without the help and opinions of all of you.


  1. Following already, I can't wait for the project to take off!

  2. Wow! It looks just perfect! I like the idea of the map (: I look forward to seeing it grow!

  3. I followed too, I am so glad that there will be a chance to view a bit about members, see brilliant graphics and talents all in one place.


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