May 29, 2011

Scammer or Liar?

As you all may be aware, there was a recent post on Perez by elite-girl(Linda), stating that SeasonalHotbuys was hacked by Tylerisbold. 

That statement came through during Radio Perez when SeasonalHotbuys showed us "proof" of this. I immediately believed her because of my feelings towards Tyler. And also because I was told by him that they accounts were donated. He also asked me to help sell the items from SeasonalHotbuy's closet to his account for prizes.

These are the Skype messages I received from Tyler, months ago.
Asking me to help move the items.

Today I received Skype messages from Tyler after not talking for months. He said to me that he read what I said in a comment on PSG about him and he wanted me to know that he did not hack those accounts.

As you read, he goes onto say that those accounts were donated. And he provides his form of "proof"

These images below were sent to me by  Tyler. 
They are from SeasonalHotbuys, who was at the time on her other account.
They do give out her passwords, Which Tyler says are now changed, so don't bother trying to log into her accounts, curious ones.
My only issue with this is the fact that he cannot provide messages that say she was donating the accounts.

So who do you believe?
The elite who has a scarred reputation?
And isn't well known for his people skills.

Or the seemingly nice girl that could be deceiving us?

What do you think?


  1. DAMN! Idk who to believe :O I guess Tyler...

  2. These screenshots seemed like they were on the latter part of the conversation. It didn't exactly explain why she gave him her password in the first place. Neither does it prove nor disprove anything... But at least, there's another angle to the story. Question now is, WHO'S TELLING THE TRUTH?

  3. Fuck Tyler right off!
    The line saying "I'm not trying to make you believe me," is a dead give away. It's in the movie Double Jeopardy.

  4. Finally! REAL DRAMA! One that doesn't include Jack or Selena! LOLZ!

  5. Tyler already tried to hack Isabella years ago. What would hinder him from attempting the same on lesser known folks?

    And this time, he looked like he succeeded.

  6. I don't believe him, nor will I ever believe him. He is a freaking snake, a snake in the grass!

    This is obviously not the start of their conversation, what made her send the password to this scum? I believe the girl, for now!

    Agree with everyone above, well not really Selena:)

    Oh and to answer your question, Tyler is both a Liar and Scammer. Don't trust that whore, don't trust him

  7. I haven't taken sides at all during this drama.

    Tyler is a good friend of mine, yeah, but I haven't believed any story about this. So I am not on Team Tyler or Team What's Her Face.

    Personally, I don't believe Tyler is a hacker.

    He is not a low-life, guys, nor scum.

    he is just the type that isn't like everyone else, so people feed off of his person negatively.

    He is really a gentleman. Really. So personally, I never thought he hacked her.

  8. Just because Tyler isnt the nicest guy doesnt mean hes a scammer.. calling somebody scammer is a really BIG DEAL.

    I wouldn't just "point fingers." All of this evidence could be interchangeable.

  9. Dei, you're just being like that because you're getting something out of Tyler. Talk about friends with benefits.

  10. last anon is right, you're awful Die !!!

  11. Even though I don't know either of them, I'm more inclined to beleive Tyler's story because a lot of people claim they are leaving & end up coming back. But they are both at fault because if someone offers you an account how are you sure it wasn't stolen in the first place? It's events like this that make stardoll ignore innocent people who have been hacked.

  12. Ohhh...come on you stupid shits.Just becouse Dei said that Tyler is good it means you have to say the same thing too...
    I won`t be surprised if Tyler paid Dei to say nice things about him -.-
    He only acepted elites in his modeling agency
    I mean he left soo many projects...
    He is probally happy now becouse he got more popularity :/
    I hope he will lost internet connection forever :D
    Anyway this is Tyler`s end :D

  13. last anon is also right, you're awful Die !!!

  14. The messages are fake. If you are on a laptop, bend the screen back as far as possible and you will see an inconsistency with the colour behind the text, showing it is copied in.

  15. Tyler could have made them up or got his assistant to photoshop them. As he would have sent them in the first bit of the conversation

  16. I kinda believe Tyler, because there is the fishy fact that she hasn't said anything for months and all of a sudden this nobody is going around chatting in elite guestbooks , just because she got three seconds of fame.

    Don't get me wrong people can talk to elites all they want. but it is the fact she never bothered until this, I think it is a hoax.

  17. I tried to bend back my screen but I couldn't see the line, all that happened was I disconnected my computer screen xD

    I do think it is odd after all this time she has only come forward, but she must have had her reasons, whether they be good or bad


    This explain it all.

  19. hmm. well i think im on the fence here ;/ Tyler has goood proof, no one gives away their pass like that and to mee he has the proof that seems real. the other girl.. how do we know she isn't pulling a mmc9 to get fame and attention? but still i havent seen her proof really apart from he hacked my accounts and bought my clothes. There's no real proof of him actually scamming if that comes out then maybe people will see truth but right now. and i hate all these deaths threats over a virtual world! come on guys i thought atleast people on stardoll had some decency and manners... x

  20. must be mental to read all of that!!!

  21. Wow, you think I was PAID to say what I did...

    Its my own OPINION.

    Me helping a friend.


    Its what I think, if I am wrong, then oh well. I don't know the 100% truth, neither does anyone else. So meh.

  22. Tyler wouldn't ever do that. I've known him for the best part of 2 years now, and I could swear hand over heart that he wasn't in the wrong, it's not his style or attitude.

  23. Yaay the Drama is back! Phew! :)

    And umm.. I don't know, I mean Tyler tried to hack Isabella before, but he has screenshots. Which might be faked, but I agree with Noelle, Tyler's screenshots didn't explain why the girl gave up her accounts, it'd be kind of peculair to give up 3 accounts for no reason.

    But on the other hand, it's weird that the girl didn't come forward when all that happened.

    They both have proofs, and one of them must be telling the truth whilst the other one is lying. Hmm..

  24. Not taking sides, to be honest even if Tyler DID hack, everyone should know by now you just don't give out your password. So it's kinda her fault anyway, if she's correct. But, like I said, not taking sides.

    One thing I will say: Did anyone else notice the differences in the passwords? Tyler told Aislin that the password was muffins112, which obviously was correct because Aislin got in. But in the screenshot, the girl has given the password as muffins1.

    Who knows. It'll come out eventually, always does.


    Did you recover from your cold?

  26. The girl told him to change the passwords once he got in, which I thought was really weird. So it was muffins1 and when he got in he changed it to muffins112. And if she was giving the accounts to him, why would she say "I trust you" in the message. Maybe she "Loaned" him the accounts. Or asked him to look after the accounts while she was gone? Or maybe he offered to look after the accounts while she was gone. And instead he took all of her rares and hotbuys.

  27. ^^ That means Tyler edited the message... some of you people are so blind!

  28. just wow...
    I don`t know anymore is Tyler a scammer or not..

  29. The second picture is edited like i said,I WOULD NEVER! say anything on the lines of chaning my password when i kindly asked him to keep my account active while i was taking a break from SD.I Had completely nothing againist tyler befor this.

    The post on my blog says enough about it.

  30. @ Anon,

    You think it sounds fishy? not upon my behaft anyways. The reason i haven't said anything for months its because i don't really talk to people on stardoll.I've told people casually but i'm not going out like HEY! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! & i need to be in the Spotlight and look at me! it has never been like that for me. I am not an attention seeker.


  31. It says to change the password on the FAKE message, but on Skype he said that was already it.


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