June 12, 2011

Aislin's Birthday Best & Worst Dressed Lists!

Hello! I am so happy how Aislin's party turned out, thank you for the ones who showed up to the party! 
The party itself was very fun and exciting, though in some parts extremely pervy and simply not classy as the area it was located in, and after having two after parties, it was still a ball. Get it? Anyway.. here are your two favorite friend duo Deidra(To_Royal) which is myself, and Tyler(Tylerisbold)!
The reason requested Tyler's help and opinion with this is because I just love how fashion etiquette he is, and so we combine own fashion filled brains together to organize and commentate on this very list below!

The Host
  Which is myself. 
Obviously the worst of the night.

The Worst Of The Night
Outfits we find not up to par with the theme/event, at all.
T: No comment.
(He didn't say 'no comment' he just couldn't think of what to say about it, but we both agreed on it being or worst dressed.)

D: I don't have much to say.. Other than, she's missing an arm.. and this looks like an attempt at a Victorian high fashion look, not haute.

 T: 'jippenjippen' confuses me. She looks as if she fell into a crystallized cave and dug her way out insecurely. On top of that, she landed on a birds nest and took it with her.

D: Its not that it is horrible but it just doesn't match up for me! And the shape is very unflattering for her me-doll, though haute doesn't always means it flatters the body but it doesn't mean you can be frumpy!

 T: Does anyone else feel like 'Ruubin's' outfit was too simple? It is too practical. The Dior dress she has on, is already a Couture gown. She could of set a scene or something. Just too safe.

D: Agreed! Its way to plain! If she could've spiced it up a bit THEN it would be better.

Arguable Outfits
Outfits we just don't know where to place or agree on.
T: 'jelizaveta123' wins over my heart. I hate her outfit, but it looks like she tried. She tried to do dramatic and she tried to capture the decadence of Haute Couture, she just failed at it.

D: For me its just.. missing something, it doesn't look as high fashion as it should in my eyes.

 T: 'supa_star4real' ALMOST gets it. This could of easily been a best dress look if she lost that idiotic wrap sweater - thing.

D: Again, agreed, she could've nailed it if it wasn't for the cardigan. It tones down the haute look of outfit.

T: Nojarama's. It is... A mess.

D: I don't think it is a mess but it is something special alright! The outfit would've been better if he didn't have the purse(or man bag) and maybe a better hat and hairstyle? But the pair of tits are too much for me.

 T: 'pikandchew' has a face that could potentially pull off a Haute Couture look, but I feel as if she was trying too hard. She was a little bit literal with the theme. When it comes to the theatrics and costume, she was spot on, however, couture should be very elegant. I wanted it to be luxurious and for me, it was trashy and sloppy.

D: I love the background/train or whatever is going on in the back of her/her dress! Its so lovely and shows a heaven + hell flare. But the outfit on the medoll's body is just.. Not working for me. Like Tyler said, it looks trashy and out of place! The soda cans, necklace, random eye on her neck, the heart, the extra long cigarette, the hat/headpiece, and the gloves all just don't match up! But I don't think this is a worst dressed at all just.. too busy.

The Hits Of The Night
The best dressed couture ensembles.

T: 'hotgirl1501' is perfection. I love the elegance she has going on, that is were she gets it right. I love the hat.

D: Its simple, yet very couture, which is why I agree that it is a best dressed.

T: '-LimitedEdition' gave us a dark mystery. Glamor. It looks as if she was betrayed by her husband and has promised to herself that she is going to wear black, sultry Couture gowns for the rest of her lonely life. She is married to her fashion.

D: Yes, yes, yes! This is a look a can definitely see on a runway for a dark edgy line!

T: 'Chace.Clark' is simply stunning. I, personally would of never gone this bold on an outfit of mine - but he did and it worked. The headpiece is so bad ass that I could overdose on it. Muah, amen fashion.

D: I know, right?! When I first saw him, I was like damn he knows his style. He looks DIVINE to the 'T'. I've never seen him before but I am thrilled to see yet another fashionable (non-tranny) male on Stardoll! J'dore.

T: 'freeduck_' took a bold risk. It was more of an art piece for me, but I still enjoyed the glamor of the fire. Yes, fire can be glamorous.

D: It looks so lovely yet flashy, and I love flashy-ness! And that's what Jack is too, a theatrical person. Though I feel like something is missing or maybe something should be taken away from this, but still, love it.

The Ones Who Just Missed The Theme
Outfits we find to just not fit the theme. 
T: When it comes to 'LadyGagaMcQueen', it is fun. But it is not Haute Couture. The bag ruins it for me. I have nothing more to say when it comes to this particular look.

D: Hate it, moving along.

T: 'xxmeabhxx's' outfit is nice, but I feel as if she was at the wrong party.

D: She looks more like a stud pulse hipster to me. But completely didn't dress for the theme, at all.

T: 'TessHelloKitty's' clothing choice looked like she was very excited to attend the Kentucky Derby. That is not a bad thing, but she looks lost.

D: Yeah! She reminds me of women you'll see at a dog race or polo game rather than haute.

The Star Of The Night 
The birthday girl herself.
T: Aislin looks simply amazing. Happy Birthday, girl.

D: I made you look fabulous, I know. ;D


Well that is it for the outfits!

Have a lovely night you all, and I wish Aislin a very happy birthday once more.

Love, Dei


  1. I'm not quite sure how I feel about any of them tbh

  2. Happy birthday!, sorry i missed it wish i could had came xD

  3. Some of them look
    2 over done
    and and some look classy

  4. Thanks and you guys did an awesome job ! Altough I put the cardigan on to hide the dis-shape-ness going on the top. But all of the "best" ones looked amazing :D

  5. Chace.Clark and -Limitededition stole the show in my opinion. Besides Aislin, of course! Who could be better than the birthday girl :P

  6. Thank you Dei for featuring me! Once again happy birthday Aislin! Annnnd one more thing, I thought Linus applied to best dressed list too? Doesn't he? I've seen that he made his Haute Couture themed outfits for both of his accounts :/
    And thank you Lia! And yeah!! Nobody could be better than Aislin by herself as a birthday girl! :D

  7. Great post x] lol since the beginning

  8. haaaapy biiirthhdayyy to aislin!
    and thx 4 featuring me, and in my opinion (i dont care what you think) everyones outfit was amazing! some better than others, but still...

  9. Even though I missed it I still dressed up special for it x

  10. I should say... OOoops, but you're right, so I like this post! :)

  11. Fire is glamorous, deal with it.

    I hope Aislin had a great time, I know I did!

  12. Thank you :D
    Yeah, Aislin and her dress were the star of the night!!
    I enjoyed the party and I hope Aislin did as well.

  13. Chace reminded me of the phantom of the opera, I loved the best dressed list. I liked pik and chews outfit too

  14. Grammatical error on Tyler's behalf! "I, personally would HAVE never gone this bold" lol, sorry, just me being a grammar nazi, but yeah, I agree on most of the outfits.

    OH AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AISLIN! I wasn't on Stardoll last night because I was at a real party but HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT TIME! :)

  15. Haha xD I made it to the worst dressed xD Well, not to make excuses, but the main reason I couldn't go the party was that I was SO fucking tired, I had to go to bed, hence the BO-RING outfit xD Thank for featuring me :D Lovey

    CONGRATULATIONS to Aislin babz :D Hope you had a BLAST girl :*

  16. Tyler had great comments. She fell into a bird's nest... and took it with her.

    I lol'd.

  17. Found this chick, saying she was there,but i didn't see her. She looks pretty though.


  18. ^ That my pic and I never said i showed up. I wanted to but couldn't make it.

    -Purplebear8 :: TO lazy to log in xD

  19. Thanks for featuring me Dei!
    Well yes, I just missed the theme XD
    This ain't an excuse but I really forgot about the theme of the party XD

    Aislin looked amazing, hope she had a great birthday :]

  20. It seems as if you all were a bit biased as to what people were wearing to such an event that wasn't eve broadcasted properly. Overall everyone was creative with ther outfits and didn't settle with a smimple design. I think the birthday girl looked a bit tacky in a last season Dior tribute gown.

  21. I totaly love 'freeduck and if you speak of haute couture that is him and i love the royal look of the other boy!absolutly stunning do i find 'freeduck!


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