June 15, 2011

Chronicles of Cora is featured at The Star Blog

For those of you who doesn't know, Chronicles of Cora (the amazingly succesful series by Aislin Victory) is featured on The Star Blog for every stardoll member to see.

The star blogger, Tylerisbold posted it a few days ago. 
Finally, he did something good and we can now feel his presence.

If you wanna see Tyler's Star Blog post about Chronicles of Cora, click HERE

Congratulations, Aislin your series is now a world wide success.


  1. Wow! Aislin must be thrilled! As for Tyler...Dunno about him..I never talk to him...

  2. It's cute how Tyler tries to win you all over!

    Congrats Aislin!!

  3. No, Tyler doesn't try to win people over he just likes a good story when he sees one and he has a new segment for the Stardoll Blog about user made stories. :P

    But.. to be honest this is old news.. he posted about it a week ago. :)

  4. I agree with Dei, really. For really, how many of everyone saying Tyler makes bad has ever even talked to him without having prejudices?

    I haven't talked to him myself, but.. Well just a thought really.

  5. Tyler is a douche bag. This is clearly an attempt of his to win Aislin over back again. Dei, you shouldn't let yourself be used by Tyler. You know you are too good for that... or are you?

  6. I kinda agree with you Anon!
    I don't think he's a "douchebag" but I think hes desperate to make amends.
    Hell ya! Of course Aislins story is amazing!!
    but there still could be some ulterior motives here...

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  8. You can go ahead and call me a douchebag, but it doesn't make you any less of one.

    Ebony, I like your writing and I think you're bringing something new to the scene. But it upsets me to realize that we don't even no each other on a personal level.

    Judging me based on what you've read is ridiculous. What did I get in return for publishing an article about "Chronicles of Cora"? Simply nothing and I'm fine with that. I love Aislin's story and I wanted to share it.

    People like to make gossip out of nothing. It was a truthful move.Everyone assumes things instantly because my name's attached to it.

    I know I'm not desperate to make amends with anyone. Aislin and I don't even need to be friends for me to think that her writing and stories are great. I'm not one to hold a grudge.

  9. Aislin's Chronicles of Cora has been there for quite sometime already. Even when she's working for your failed blog. You however just felt the urge to blog about it after she came out and exposed what kind of a bacteria you are.

    We all can see you now. Except for those nude photos of yours, everything you do has something in it for you.

  10. Shut up Linus. You're just defending another faggot like you.

  11. @Ebonymeme- Why do you keep whoring yourself out on here? Just go on to PSG and keep writing about yourself there.

  12. The reason why I featured 'CoC' so late was because I had never thought of such a new segement, and when I did - the new season was just starting to kick off.

  13. Who did the graphic that was used on the Starblog? Was that official Stardoll graphics or did somebody do it for you?

  14. It was just so convenient for you Tyler isn't it? You have so many excuses for so many things. And I wouldn't be surprised if you and Aislyn will agin be "besties" after this.

  15. Hey Dei! Can you still pull out your head out of Tyler's ass?

  16. Theres little kids on Stardoll you know, I don't know if Chronicles of Cora is right for them.


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