June 15, 2011

NOH8's YouUpload

You Know About NOH8's YouUploads, Right?
Well, if you haven't checked the new ones out here they are!

This Weeks Features:
By: Mrs.CherryCoke 

By: PwincessSara
By: Bunnies321
By: Eltato
By: lolmisskisslol
By: TaylorRich
By: _StarHelen_
By: Zephora101
By: PwincessSara
By: Punky_Lissy
By: PopStarKizzle
By: Sweet-Lips112
By: superpurplegirl
By: FashionistaT
By: LoveGossip4Life
By: Lulla96
By: Nailahboo12
By: GroovyMe4Ever

Aren't they great! To all the Uploaders- Thank You So Much!
People will take time out of there day to make a graphic and comment the link,
These are really nice.

Shout out to Nailahboo12 Who Is Wearing the SFW'11 LE SDNOH8 Shirt!

Updates on SDNOH8
-20 more signatures 'til the hundred Signature Mark is reached!
-Right now there is a post up on the website to get your opinions on what should be the next topic, then a poll will go out across on numerous blogs for everyone to vote which one will be the next.

Do You Want to Post a YouUpload!
Click Here and Comment Your Link

Take Care 'cause I Care, Jucii


  1. lovegossip4life made a gorgeous graphic! I love how involved everyone is(:

  2. Punky_Lissy's makes me think of a hip thrust. http://i56.tinypic.com/2q3ap0x.jpg

    *giggles like a school girl*

  3. Thanks Aislin ;) I adore the rest, everyone has a true gift in graphic design.

  4. The first one is by my friend Joey!! She's amazing!! But someone changed the pass on her account (Mrs.CherryCoke) and she cnt get it back now D';

    I wish I woulda known about this ahead of time! I totally would've made one too!

  5. I sent one ages ago and you never posted it. :( No, not on this on NOH8.

    P.S I wasnt bothered to login to my Blogger account so I'll just Name/Url setting

  6. @Comment above

    If your upload was never posted, either The link didn't work, or the graphic was irrelevant to noh8.

    Its probably that the link didn't work because I ran through a few of those.

  7. I love how there were so many different styles. Lovegossip4life, yours was amazing. I liked the headband.

  8. Yay, both of mine are on there!! :)
    I really like the graphics on here. It's really good to know how everyone's doing their little bit--even by just supporting the movement!


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