June 11, 2011


If you failed to read the topic of this discussion, please know that I am absolutely disgusted.
Now let me tell you why.

Recently, I read a post made by Gossipgirl4real.
And if you somehow bypassed that post, please take a look before continuing to read mine.

The topic she was speaking about had to do with a Stardoll club and a girl that posted a topic in said club. This girl basically said she was gorgeous and elite. She furthered the topic by posting a link to a picture that she claimed was her. And the photo of the girl she linked them to was gorgeous. 
No sooner than she posted this topic, people left replies putting this girl down. They said her mouth was too big, her head was big, etc. Come to find out, of course, she was not the girl in the photo.

And after gossipgirl4real posted the incident on MDM, comments came rolling in.
First they mentioned that she was a bitch and a delusional liar.
Excuse me if I'm wrong, but weren't you upset with her because she was being mean?
It's a little hypocritical to say demeaning things about her after you get upset with her for doing just the same thing. If you disagree with the behavior of someone else, why act just like them?

After readings those few comments, I posted one of my own that reads:
This behavior is sad and pathetic. I often times wonder what drives people to do such things. 
I do, however, agree with the anonymous commenter. This post was meant to validate that this girl was in fact, rude and nasty. And to all of us, behavior like that is unacceptable. Unless of course we are the ones exhibiting this behavior in opposition to someone that has recently exhibited similar behavior. If you find that her attitude and ignorance are completely unacceptable, then why must you turn the other cheek and become just as nasty, if not nastier that she is? What kind of person does that make you? 
If you wish to make an example of her to others in order to show that people shouldn't act this way, you shouldn't do so by treating her the way she treated others. That just regenerates the cycle.

Not too long after I commented, more comments began to pour in.
They were all saying and suggesting that she was just trolling, and it was just a prank.
And due to those facts, it was okay?

No, it isn't okay. If you use time out of your day to demean others all for the purpose of a prank, I feel sorry for you. And no, I'm not saying let's go around being peachy to everyone one we meet. I have no intentions of being peachy to those who I dislike for just reasons. However, I don't run around looking for trouble; and looking to upset someone. 

And you say that Stardoll users that cannot take a joke should avoid the real world? That is complete fucking bullshit. For one second, let's not think about the club members who should have known it was a prank, and she was trolling. Let's look at the girl in the photo, who is absolutely gorgeous, if I haven't already mentioned. She was thrown into something that has nothing to do with her. And she had people who didn't even know her, scrutinizing her at the hands of someone else.
If any of you believe that's okay, get some help.

Let's all take a step back, and look at this from a conceited point of you. Imagine if that girl in the photo was you. Would you be okay to stumble onto this conversation and find that you were being told that you were ugly, when people saying you were ugly may not have seriously thought that, but were just throwing out insults to get back at the person who first insulted them?

The whole idea of this trolling and pranking at the expense of someone we don't know is sick.
I am disgusted by those actions. Furthermore, I am disgusted with myself for having once been similar to this girl. Never again, will I attempt to make someone who has brought no harm or ill feelings towards me, feel like shit. People like her remind me everyday what kind of person I never want to become.

Don't shove a peace sign up my ass and call me happy.
I'm not preaching peace and love for all.
I am simply asking you all to take a step back and consider someone else before you consider yourself.


  1. I agree with what you're saying.
    I still can't believe that people are saying really mean things about the photo of the girl considering that it is someone else WHO has no clue that her photo is being used.

  2. This post is just, perfect :)
    Thanks Aislin. I am so guilty for insulting that girl back, but I know that I was wrong. I am so sorry

  3. The thing that annoys me is how everyone wants to say that were all "just pixels" on a virtual dressup site and it's no big deal, but bring on the insults and suddenly it's serious.
    Trolling is pure immaturity. But I refuse to be responsible for someone else's actions.
    I refuse to go on long rants about how everyone should be nice to each other (considering I'm just a pixel).
    I refuse to give someone else the attention they crave by writing whole posts about them. If a lonely like girl feels the need to entertain herself by making an ass of herself, then so be it. The problem starts when people make a big deal of it.
    Immature kids think its fun to annoy people. Immature kids make noob accounts and troll with them. And immature kids don't care if you call them disgusting or ugly.

    The troll has been around for years. MDM (or any other blog for that matter) is in NO way at all, going to rid us of them because theres always that one immature little girl with a computer and too much time on her hands.

  4. This is a very good post, Aislin. When I commented I said that her actions were wrong, but I never said anything about the girl herself. You are a very talented writer, and you are totally right with this! People that automatically judge the girl to be a bitch or whatever are probably wrong. She was just trolling, after all, and in the grand scheme of things, she didn't directly offend anyone. What she said was quite rude, but it could have been quite easily ignored.

  5. You took the thought right out of my head Aislin!

    I mean really come on, trolling is only considered remotely cool or 'funny' because of other trolls who get thrown into the idea that it is fun or cool to.. troll.

    And yeah, like everyone said, her statement was rude, but she NEVER was directly talking about anyone, hence why the post Stacy made shouldn't have ever been made since one, it was just pointless bullshit, and two, she was blown away obviously by people from 'THE REAL WORLD.'

    Which includes assholes, trolls, douchebags, and sluts, famewhores, druggies, etc.

    We may consider the internet as nothing to think of anyone over it as a human being, but in all reality, behind every screen a human lies and so we shouldn't be so quick to insult or bash people or think 'HAHAHAHA you are stupid/retarded for getting upset over Stardoll!' Not every person can take insults let alone stupid ones.

    I am glad you made this post Aislin, its so insightful!

  6. You've done the same to other people in the past

  7. My mum always says 2 wrongs don't make a right. And it's suprisingly true!
    She says she's beautiful and elite and calls them fatties but then to return back the horrible-ness, the commenters say she's basically ugly.
    I think neither of them were right to say what they did and it just makes the girl sound big headed really.
    Atleast she never aimed it at a direct person otherwise that could have gotten worse but I still think that she only wanted attention and that's what we've given her.

  8. Totaly agree with Dei,
    But the imature kids on sd can be very anoying,and sometimes i am bother by it even though i am much older than some of the mean eveil bitches on stardoll i never talk bad about anyone unless they have spoken trash about me.
    even when they bash my Gb or something i always awnser mature and perfect,so they dont feel the need to get more trashy

  9. I didn't comment on the post as I wasn't sure what to say to what she did. She was putting people down, who she didn't even know.

    She had no proof of what they looked like and people can be insecure about weight/looks as it is. If she isn't happy enough with herself to show a real picture then why criticize others?

    I don't know her either, so of course I am not going to say she is bad or ugly, but her actions were wrong.

    Thanks for bringing up this post, I do feel bad for the poor girl who's photo was used.

  10. This post is hypocritical, you made a post about SaltyDan basically calling him names just because you disagreed with his opinion. I'm sure he said he didn't care but I'm even more sure he did.

    So it making others feel bad is disgusting to you then what do you think of yourself? I am from FashionClub and yes trolling it kind of a problem but we are teenagers and we are going to make mistakes so this whole 'I am better than you' performance from you falls pretty much flat because you have done pretty much exactly what you are here claiming is horrible.

  11. I agree with what you are saying, but the chances of that girl stumbling across that post is a million-to-one-shot. That's assuming the photo is from Google or Tumble.

    It's a bad example of a troll, but yeah, I'm sure that girl was trying to provoke an attack for the sheer hell of it. Shit like this happens every 5 seconds in the major clubs and it's always people either starting arguements, fishing for compliments or (sometimes) genuinely making a point about how conceited people are around here by mocking them. I'm not saying this is one of those times, but whatever.

  12. You are possibly one of the most civil and kind-hearted people I've seen on Stardoll. I love your attitude and think you're a gem in our community, your work does not go unappreciated :)

  13. I'm not trying to better than anyone. I am trying to better than who I used to be. Like many have said, we all make mistakes. And I am not an exception when it comes to mistakes. The difference is being able to own up to those mistakes and admit you were wrong. I am wrong, and I have been wrong. I'm not claiming to be a fucking godsend, I'm just trying to divert people from walking down the path I almost traveled.

  14. I suggest you all take a break from stardoll, because you're all taking this girl far too seriously. In the post she was impersonating an elite with the "I'm soo elite uz are all fatties". Same as people impersonate scene kids in the clubs "I luv muffins n rainboez"

    Some people need a reality check, the whole thing wa a typical joke, which I myself have done variations of. Most people saying she is disgusting are over sensitive and are lacking a sense of humour; get a grip. Why not get your knickers twisted over something in real life?

  15. As a casual outsider I must say this post makes you come across as very stuck up and full of yourself.

    If you are aware people make mistakes and admit to making them yourself why don't you leave other people to learn for themselves?

  16. Another sad fact is that these people making rude comments about the girl, well whoever she really is, the girl in the picture, she is going to feel horribly about herself!!!!

  17. Trolling isn't pranking, trolls are actually internet fiends with jealousy issues that make it their life long wish to annoy others. They're generally just slim-minded 16 year olds, but other times they can be mature grown ups.

  18. Why do you all keep repeating posts. A writer has already done this & opinions were given about it. Why do it again? Writers have opinions either right or wrong & people give their views & advice. You could agree or disagree & mistakes are made that's what it's all about. This should have been a comment for that post why make another post for it?

  19. Lets face it this blog has insulted people in the past. I hope this would stop now after making this post.

  20. Yeah, I agree with you.I was very disgusted as you are. It's just that I really hate these kinds of girls.They are silly and there's alot of them on stardoll, and I encountered some of them.

    @Coolgirl: How's shes disgusted and she did like this in the past? Impossible.

    @Anon:They didn't really "insulted" people in the past. I read this blog everyday and there's nothing wrong.

  21. @Aislin"I'm not trying to better than anyone. I am trying to better than who I used to be."

    You lying whore, you know you're trying to be better than everyone!

    Joking, your post was great! Long, but enjoyable and kept me interested and I agree with it all.


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