June 19, 2011

Help Me, Help You

Everyone knows that beginning new Stardoll projects isn't a piece of cake.
More so, getting people interested can be even trickier.

For most, lots of hard work, time and effort go into the process of a new project.
In order for that hard work to pay off, people must take an  interest.
And let's face it, our world of Stardollians don't enjoy self-promoted projects.
It's often followed by insults and accusations.
So what is one to do with a new project?
Let it wilt and die?
I think not.

So here I am, hoping to save the day.
As well as all the failing projects for lack of proper exposure.

Here's what I plan to do.
Each week, I'll present a new project here on MDM.
Not just any project, but one that I believe has potential to blossom in Stardoll soil.
I'll do this each week in hopes of getting you all interested in new things.
Not only that, but to help new projects stand a chance at survival in this very critical environment. 

If you'd like a project of yours featured here, follow instructions below.
-Notify me with a doll mail on my Stardoll account. (I will not recognize any other form of notification).
Stardoll Account: AislinVictory
-Use said notification to explain your project to me. Also provide a link to the blog.
-If you have any images you would like to include, please provide a link.

Last but not least, be patient.
I will inform you if your project will be featured.
I will also inform you if it won't be featured.


  1. You'll get a lot of responses for this although I wonder where people find the time with busy life schedules. Anyway it's the holidays.

  2. This sounds good :) Can't wait to see all the different projects :)

    Love K xxc

  3. I love this idea, it gives everyone a fair chance

  4. This is a great idea. But I am sure you will just advertise your and your friends projects here. This is just making it look okay to the blog owners. Smart move. But very very transparent.

  5. What a good idea :)

    Sorry to annoy you, but stardoll currently won't load for me on my computer. Its not just mine, i've tried all of my friends computers and it doesn't load on them either. So can I ask you here?

    I have a blog, which I want writers for. Not just a few, I want as many people as possible. I want everyone to be able to contribute and hopefully make some friends whilst doing so.

    Blog URL: stardoll-around-the-world.blogspot.com
    Stardoll Name: Rose_Jean

    Hope you don't get mad at me for asking here. Keep on writing, you're all very good.

    xx. Rosie

  6. Please accept my friend request so I can message the url thanks heaps

  7. sdemploymentagency.blogspot.com
    will contact you in a few days for more info, I am not on my pc right now
    basically it should be place where people will advertise if they are looking for blog writers, graphic designers, models


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