June 16, 2011

The YSL tribute store...

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is a luxury fashion brand that I totally adore. The clothes there are just so fashionable and classy looking, that's why I got excited when I heard that there will be a YSL tribute in Stardoll.

But when I went to the store, I got disappointed. What I saw are poorly made clothes and I can't even compare them to the real life version of YSL clothes. Plus the prices of these things are crazy! it was way too overpriced.

It looks like stardoll lost some of their great graphic designers and hired a rookie to create these clothes.
If i'm a worker at YSL, I would totally be mad at stardoll for making my clothes look bad.

I'm so disappointed on the YSL tribute store, and maybe that's just the reason why i'm ranting over it. 
How about you?
What do you think of the YSL tribute?



  1. Kinda hate it too... I mean, I'm disappointed, but I still bought some outfits and accessories. :)

  2. I truely think the people that actually bought the hole collection bought them just to "have them" and not to wear them. SHM worst tribute store YET! but love a few pair of shoes!

  3. Your right there are so horrible..... -.- I would never buy something like that!

  4. I agree.. I bought only 2-3 pieces....! Last year's tribute stores were better!

  5. The collection sucks. I cannot even remember if I bought anything, but I know I must have. I was VERY disappointed as well.

  6. I bought the top on the first mannequin and a skirt. I think Stardoll's been getting lazy and greedy lately. If you notice, they created YSL Tribute, Versus Versace Tribute (Both of which have mostly ugly clothes), and Young Hollywood back to back to back.
    They're using all their good graphic designers on the stupid collections like the new "Rubick's Cube". I son't want a single thing from that collection.
    I've only been around since October of 2010, but even I've noticed that Stardoll has gone from fame, fashion, and friends to "WE WANT YOUR MONEY, AND WE WANT IT NOW!"
    Personally, I think we should go on Superstar strike and refeain from buying anything for a few months to prove a point!
    There are some people, like me, who are collecters of rare clothes on Stardoll. I still wear them, though.

  7. For the record, the only reason I had the money was because someone bought one of my rares I had for sale!
    And I've already started my own strike:
    I have around 50 dollars right now, enought to buy the $12 stardollar package. I've been thinking about it for a few days, but I found out I'm going on a big vacation this summer, and I want souvenier money! I pushed myself away from shiny stardollars!

  8. i bought quite alot of it actually and not just toown it. tbh some of it makes me think who the heck would ever where that? but others i adore. soo yeeah i suppose styles are all different..;] x

  9. I brought one peice. I dodnt particularly like it, but i did like young hollywood, but that was a bit off-subject :S

  10. I like them. Some of the clothes look like they're made of plastic, or jelly though. This store came out ages ago as well, why didn't you post before? :O

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  12. They're hideous.
    It seems Stardoll planned to open a charity shop, but then decided no one would buy it and slapped a 'YSL' sticker over the top and added an extra zero to the prices

  13. It's not much of a tribute if you make their product look like shit!
    I bought a couple clutches but that's it. And honestly I have no desire at all to buy anything more. I haven't even looked at the store again since then

  14. The graphics look like shit and they're so damn expensive!

  15. Yeah, I guess your right in a way.
    I only like the orange top and the black skirt, and that's the only thing i bought and that's the only thing that kinda looked the best out of all the clothes.

    I think they should of worked a bit more on the graphics

  16. YSL brand attached to a group of pixels is too much of an irresistible bait for many of us. Myself included.


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