June 14, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: The Final Face Off

The final moment has come for all of us to make the ultimate choice... of who will be the first ever MDM's Next Top Blogger.

From 18 Finalists, we are now faced with the difficult task of choosing between two equally gifted writers.

For their final task, Krystyna and Sierra were asked this question:

"Why should you be MDM's Next Top Blogger?"

... and here's what they have to say to all of us:

A question I had to dig deep into myself to find an answer to. Am I doing this competition for the money, or the title? It is, after all, the reason most of us decide to enter into a modeling competition or anything similar of the sort- for the prizes. I guess one could call it shallow, but we sometimes delude ourselves into thinking that we are saints of some sort- I've decided, personally, that St. Sierra wouldn't ring so well for me. I guess, only being human, I did join MDM's Next Top Blogger for a bit of both.

However, I remember filling out my application singlemindedly that I wanted to work at this blog. As most of you know, MDM was a dormant blog for some while before Noelle decided to come back. I was always inspired and completely fascinated by Noelle and Isabella's writing- how they connected with their audiences to feel like they are talking right at you, how they make you laugh and cry at their jokes and misfortunes and downfalls- because a good writer knows how to write. But a great writer knows how to make your emotions flow. It wasn't actually until Colton (yes, the very same Colton who was on this competition) told me one day- "Hey, check MDM, looks like you're my competition for MDM's Next Top Blogger." Colton, if you're reading, you may not remember this, but it is simply one of those special days that stick out of my mind like those sharp dog collars that pitbulls and dobermans always seem to wear (my neighbor's dog has one, the dog is completely terrifying).Good writing can change somebody's life, for better or worse.

An infuential magazine like Eternity changes peoples' lives! I want to be able to do the same with my writing someday.

I could label my reaction in several well characterized words, but I guess I will tell everybody the whole story of what I did- so you can choose your reaction. After I read his comment, meaning to type a response to his guestbook comment (I completely forgot to, oh well) I went to MDM to check it out. If you could run- ahem, sprint- to a website, surely I made the gold medal dash just then. I read the post, oh maybe about 5 or 50 times, and my jaw dropped. I think I made another gold medal dash- this time around my house, freaking out- thank God I'm pretty sure I was alone at home when that occured, how embarassing, right?

I like to think of writing as my "call." I seem to gravitate towards any writing opportunity like a gigantic magnet. Truly, I would like to find a career in writing. One of my dreams is to attend Brown. For those of you whom don't know what that is, its one of the best universities in my country, the United States, and it is famously known for it's rigorous standards in both academics and writing.
I've learned so much from this competition and I am sincerely sad to see that it is coming to a close, but truly it has been one of the most memorable and positive experiences I have experienced so far in my life. I honestly wouldn't have traded anything to have missed this chance- it was one of a kind. Thank you Memoires of A MeDoll, for teaching me, guiding me, and giving me a chance.

Eternally grateful,


"So, why should I be MDM's Next Top Blogger?" 

I sit at the small, over-cluttered work space on which my laptop resides. I contemplate my words, and think about all of the possible outcomes... From a room in the distance, I hear my cousin shout out to me "Kryssy! Czy z mleka skondensowanego? Nie mogę go znaleźć w spiżarni!"  (Kryssy! Have we run out of condensed milk? I can't find any in the pantry!) Oh no, a catastrophe. We're out of condensed milk. That means, no cheesecake for dessert. "Oczywiście, droga Stefania, jesteśmy. Lepiej idź do sklepu i kupię. Nie powinno byćwystarczająco dużo pieniędzy w misce na ladzie. Miłej zabawy!"  (Clearly, dear Stefania, we are. You had better go down to the shop and buy some. There should be enough money in the bowl on the counter. Have fun!) 
As Stefania leaves the house, I think some more about this post. I then think about my assignment. "No, blogging takes priority", I think to myself.

Why should I be MDM's Next Top Blogger? 
Well, I think I have earned it. I have made it this far, and I am still going strong, but that doesn't fulfil the requirements of the question, now does it? 
Originally, I signed up for this competition to write for this blog. I love this blog, I read it every day! I could think of no greater privilege than to write for such a successful blog with over 1000 followers!
But now that the end of the competition is within my grasp, I am starting to question my motifs. Am I really here for the honour of a position on this blog? Or am I here for the title? The money? The possibility of becoming "elite" or "famous" on Stardoll. Becoming well known, possibly even get an achievement. I have always wondered how it would feel to see my own face (or MeDolls face) on the cover of a prestigious magazine. 

(My amazing photoshopping skiiiiiilzzzz :P)

Now that I'm thinking about it, do I really want fame? Many rich singers and performers in the world are always going on about how "you can have all the money in the world and have nothing to do with it". There are stardollar prizes, and I could always do with a bit of extra cash, but is that what I want? There is an extension of my membership. That would be handy, I only have about 50 or so days left before I need to extend. But is that what I want?

I think it would be fair to say that I should be MDM's Next Top Blogger because I have a very good handle on the English language, I will post frequently, I have immaculately punctuated posts, so they'll be easy to understand, I will post about relevant things, but they all fade into insignificance when I think about why I really should be here.

I should be MDM's Next Top Blogger because from the beginning all I have wanted is to write for Memoires Of A MeDoll, and until my wish is granted, I always will. I will never give up on this blog, and that's a promise.

If you disagree, that's your choice, but how can you say no to Puss in Boots?

Hopefully, until next time *crosses fingers*


The outcome is within your hand dear MDM follower.
Vote for your favorite Top Blogger for the last time here.

Try to make a guess on who will be MDM's Next Top Blogger grand winner through the comments section and get a chance to win 200 Stardollars as the last follower partner for this competition!

Vote for your favorite NOW!


2.) 14 MONTHS SUPERSTAR CODE (inclusive of 200 Stardollars weekly allowance coming to a total of 2,800 Stardollars 
3.) 500 Stardollars Cash 
4.) Permanent Writer Position at Stardoll's first ever Lifestyle Blog, medollmemoires.blogspot.com


  1. Wow! I read every word. They are both such talented writers, but I have to stick with the girl I've been routing for from the start: Sierra (iswim19).

  2. Both of the girl's writing's is so creative and wonderful, but I'm going to have to vote for Krystyna (Ms.Pudzianowski).Her writing just grabs and holds my attention more.

    Good luck to both girls!

  3. I am not interested in any blog nor am I a follower of any. I just came on here and got hooked on reading the entries of these people through this competition.

    I am a fan of these two.

    I know it's quite weird but I am feeling sad that this competition is about to come to a close. I hope the owners of this wonderful blog will continue on giving this kind of opportunity to other young souls out there and actually make a difference from gossip and bashing posts of other popular blogs.

    I made a vote. For whatever it's worth, and ANONYMOUS FOLLOWER is making a vote this time.

  4. Hm.
    I have a hunch that Sierra might win :D

  5. I have always wanted Sierra (iswim9) so my heart is with Sierra x

  6. I think Iswim/Sierras should win :)
    Her post is great and she really 'talks' to you


  7. Sierra (iswim19) I think is gonna win.
    Her writing is totally matured, and just so gravitating that she deserves to be here, writing on this blog (:

  8. @Anon: Bitter sweet indeed. This competition has become a part of MDM... looking at the brighter side though, our family will grow yet again as we welcome more talents in our home... and there can always be Cycle 2. *wink*

  9. I love both of these writers. Their writing style is wonderful.

    If I had to choose one though, it would have to be Sierra (iswim19)

  10. It's so hard, but I think Ms.Pudzianowski will win. :D

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. WOW such amazing posts! i read & understood both! amazing they are both deserving of the top two! :) Well done & congratz! but i think iswim19 has got my vote well done both

  13. Both girls were great, Krystyna and Sierra are so talented girls, they made it to the final, but only one can win. My vote goes to Sierra (iswim19). I really enjoyed her writing.

  14. I Both are very talented, but to be honest, I like the way Krystyna [Ms.Pudzianowski] writes. It's like she 'captivates' you in her writing. I'm thinking she'll win. :)

  15. They are both very good writers, but Sierra is my vote.
    In my opinion, Sierra's writing seemed more sincere. it flowed better too in a way.

  16. I think both Sierra and Krystyna are such captivating writers, but I am drawn to Sierra's column a bit more . . .
    I think Sierra will win . . .

  17. Both writers did a great job of capturing my attention. They are creative, talented and original - I can see a big future ahead of them. However, my vote goes to Ms.Pudzianowski. I think (and hope) she will win. :)

  18. Sierra will definitely win! She has such great writing skills and she seems so sweet! Good luck Sierra!

    I'm so excited about this competition!

  19. iswim19 has always been my fav! I love you girl! :)

  20. I'm gonna place my bet on Sierra. It just seems like she's more sincere and down-to-earth. But I still loved both posts;)

  21. I voted for iswim19. I really loved how sincere and well written her post was.
    I liked Krystyna's writing too, but Sierra's just pulled it out of the bag for me.

    I think Sierra will win.

  22. I've voted for who I think persuaded me the most. I wont say who it is though. I think the winner will be Sierra (iswim19)

  23. I am on Sierra's side; ) I hope she wins, I really like her writing style and I think that she will be a great addition to the blog

  24. I think iswim19 wrote really well (: I hope she wins!

  25. I like Sierra.
    I've been rooting for her from the beginning to today.

  26. After logging into formspring, for some reason this competition came into my head and I decided to check it out.

    All these long weeks of producing amazing pieces which where thougt-provoking and interesting from many bright writers...and now the two best are left.

    I must say, after reading the writing I was very impressed, both of these girls can write in a stylish and clever manner. However only one can receive the crown, and I have just placed my vote :).

    Good luck girls!

  27. Both are amzing writers and deserve to be aknowledged, but i'm rooting for Kyristina because i truly enjoy her posts! :)

  28. Good Luck to you both! Whomever wins, I am surely excited to welcome someone into the MDM family, it is a REALLY awesome experience!

  29. I read both, and couldn't be even happier for the both of you. Writing is a great skill, and only a few can have the gift of making the words flow out of your mouth, like musical notes brodcasting all across the musical auditorium, you can see it, touch it. I think both of you could have an equal chance at winning, there is so much talent, I believe in both, whether you make it to the top, and win it, or not, you will still know that you have a special talent, one that most cannot even get grasp of. I find it hard to write a name down for my guess, but I feel that iswim19 has this certain thing to her that makes her writing irresistable, it makes me even hungrier for more.
    And to Ms.Pudzianowski, I believe if even you do not win, that you've already achieved more than a prize, you've acheived a new puzzle piece to your lifestory, a new page in your life's jounal. Good luck to both of you, I believe in you, and I believe in all of the other contestants, you each have a strong talent.
    It is sad to see MDM's Next Top Blogger go, it was an amazing chance to see you grow.

  30. I really enjoyed reading both of the girls writing but i think iswim19 is going to win.

  31. I prefer Ms.Pudzianowski's post, so she gets my vote, haha. :)

  32. Both are beautifulembut i think Sierra..She is my favorite..

  33. I think Ms.Pudzianowski will win :) She was very good, eventhough of course isim19 was good, Ms.Pudzianowski reached me more :)


  35. Sierra truly has a way with words. She talked about the way Noelle hooks people with her writing and makes them laugh, and it would seem she has the same gift. For me, her post just stood out more. It wasn't anything but an incredibly well-written post by a girl that deserves this position.
    My vote lies with Sierra. ♥

  36. Why do they have to be so good?!? I can't decide Dx

  37. Well, seeing as Krystyna's articles previously have spoke to me more, I'm going to have to go with her...

  38. I feel like iswim19 will win. I feel she was professional, but still caught your attention and made her piece interesting. I wouldn't just skim her posts if she wrote here. I would read every word.

  39. Both of you are truly amazing, and I wish the best of luck to both of you. I read every word, and was stunned as to what the two of you said. I have to give my vote to Sierra (iswim19), though. She's a great blogger, and deserves this title. :)

  40. We think iswim19 will win. Girls check out our paqe on Lolita, click on our name to qo to that paqe!

  41. They are both so amazing at writing, but I think that Sierra (iswim19) might just win this thing :)

  42. I hink iswim19 is going to win. Both girls are amazing, but I prefere Sierra's writing style (:

  43. I think that iswim19 is going to win because her writing flows so well and is very easy to read. They are both talented writers and I think that they should both be given a writing position on MDM.


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