July 27, 2011

Response to “Missing Gossip”

First off all, I am so happy today I am 15. Happy Birthday to me :D

I would like to clear some stuff. First to xxlovexx / Kimberly:

I did not say you were sad I am sorry if it was seen that way. I don’t know you so I wouldn’t call you such a thing. The act itself is. I showed the picture from your post but there were many others in many other blogs including this one. It was random. “Okay, honestly, this is only a self-made virtual world. It's not like we're being bullied in real life or something.” I didn’t talk about real life. There is Cyber-bullying it happens right here in virtual worlds. It’s real, it exists, it has consequences. I am not saying people should stop posting gossip (I would prefer, I am okay with having it or not having it.) I am just saying like you said “Thing is though, everyone wants gossip”. Like your saying that is the problem.

I am happy many People agreed with me. This shows that we may have hope. Here are some of the more positive comments:

“No negative things to say?? then you just have to find the positive ones. Maybe the drama era just died and me finally grew up. Maybe we should start looking for something else. Stardoll isn't about gossip only. I think that this is the right moment to turn it in something better for everyone to enjoy ;)”

I agree. Here, here.

“No negative things, no fights, no scandals.. Shall we not be happy & enjoy that nothing mean longer exists in our community? Hip hooray! We're all nice.”

Again I completely agree.

Do you enjoy my post now? What shall I do more? Answer my questions to help make better posts.


  1. How about you just go off this site you stupid piece of shit!

  2. anonymous that's just horiible! If you don't like the post's then don't read them instead of posting abusive comments.

    Anyway back to my comment. I thought that stardoll was once again a happy place. it appears not. The most recent scandal I read aboy this morning. I would advise you to read it, it's such an eye opener. Really it's shocking!

  3. D:

    I deleted that comment because I thought it sounded seriously stupid. So I'd sort-of prefer if you didn't put it in a post.
    But I posted it, so I take the consequences, I guess...

    I'm not saying I like it when people fight and such, I prefer nice gossip (if that's possible), y'know, good news, but sometimes though, it is nice for someone to spice things up with something. We all like a bit of gossip, don't we?

  4. NO sorry your posts still suck. You are unable to use simple punctuation or grammar. I have to poke myself with a knife everytime I read your crap.

  5. fuck you bruno!
    you are just a scammer, a piece of shit who needs to get off this site..
    you are low, just low..you even scam your own friends

    remember when you scammed lolita? or should i write down what you did to lolita and zoe on skype after you scammed lolita?

  6. Happy birthday Bruno. I like the response from people about finding a new thing to spice up the stardoll blogs.

    It was nice of you to publicly apologize too :)

  7. Kimberly I did this not to attack you but to try to apologize to you because I didn't meant for you to be offended. If you interpretated the things I wrote difrently you had reasons for that.

  8. Aw, that's very kind. You didn't need to apologise. :)

  9. Happy birthday =]

    it is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?