July 02, 2011

Dirty Magazine Released

Dirty is a great piece of work to take in when there's a feeling that nothing on Stardoll is really going on, magazine-wise.
Even though it is seriously miniature, (it is 22 pages, but feels like, after going through, only a fourth of a normal magazine release), the graphics are nice, and the articles were definitely written with love.

The covergirl is xxlovexx, and articles include an interview with it's covergirl, a paragraph about luxury summer bags, Blahm3's views on watches, Summer fashions, and more!

These are some of my favorite graphics in the entire magazine:

What do you think of the magazine?

Take Care 'cause I Care, xoxoJucii

Here's a little animation, since you guys liked the last post so much(:

PS: I am thinking of putting an animation after every one of my posts- to bring some joy, what do you think?


  1. i enjoy reading the mag!! and i love your animations!!

  2. I did a review of the magazine on The Elite Blogger;
    Enjoy if you do read it! ^^

    Yes! Please do that!
    Hahaa, this one is hilarious :DD
    I <3 Animations!!

  3. To be honest.. I don't like the magazine.

  4. I really like the issue and the graphics are very good ;)

    and that animation... LOL

  5. I skimmed through the magazine and I have to say it's very well done.

  6. You pretty much copied the idea of animations from Beg For More.. I think it was Ruubin who does that a lot..


  7. I didn't copy anything from anyone o.0
    And I definitely will keep going with the animation thing from the comments(: I thought it was funny; the way Burt just popped up in the car at the end was what really got me. xD

  8. More animations please, they are so funny.

  9. Haha, is the animation from KYM or Reddit? :D

  10. the cover looks drastic!


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